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  1. Abdominal bloating sign of PN?
  2. Gene Mutation for Neuropathy
  3. End of pain tolerance
  4. meds affect neuropathy?
  5. Blood vessels.....
  6. Lyrica for Peripheral Neuropathy
  7. Bruise below left ankle
  8. New to me: Mother Delores Hart has PN
  9. Shingles leading to neuropathy:
  10. Shingles pain vs Neuropathic Pain
  11. Question about Epsom Salts
  12. Oh oh -- PN getting worse!
  13. Burning mouth/tongue
  14. Question regarding obtaining the Shingles Vaccine
  15. Question for Mrs. D and other experts regarding eyesight and neuropathy
  16. Benzodiazapines and Peripheral Neuropathy
  17. Methylcobalamin
  18. Seat belt uncomfortable
  19. New member PN Predominately Motor
  20. Yes, But.....I'm Different , you see.....
  21. My Story Please Read may help some
  22. Has any one tried Rebuilder the socks ?
  23. The "Cane" Mutiny (Good News)
  24. Impatient
  25. Tuning Fork
  26. Question about medicines and updates
  27. OT--thyroid nodules?
  28. Vitamin B Questions for Mrs D
  29. B6 elevated, ferritin low, take Nexium
  30. Neuropathy assessment Question
  31. Trigminial neuropathy
  32. PN introduction and question
  33. Feel so bad and no answers
  34. Question for mrsd re: superfood supplements
  35. My Dear Mrs. D,
  36. Exercise for motor neuropathy
  37. arms falling asleep and disabilty question
  38. alka seltzer ( Mrs D )
  39. Grrr.... Don't do this!
  40. nerve support????
  41. PN RLS and Tendonitis
  42. ? on hereditary peripheral neuropathy
  43. What?
  44. DESPERATE RN diagnosed with MS but what else is it???
  45. Diagnosed with PN
  46. questions re: peripheral neuropathy
  47. no releif of pain
  48. skin punch
  49. Knee Replacement with PN
  50. Foot Swelling from Neuropathy?
  51. Leg Waxing & PN what can happen
  52. Vitamin b1... mrs D
  53. walking/standing with pn
  54. is mrn better to view at peripheral nerves than a mri?
  55. supplement question for experts
  56. the vibration and pin prick test doc does.
  57. Nortriptyline dosage
  58. cause of widespread PN
  59. Dietary Supplement Fact Sheet: Magnesium
  60. Dr. Russsell Blaylock recommends
  61. Symptom question?
  62. Does monoclonal gamampathy igG with kappa lights cause pain in feet
  63. mrsD's Vacation 2011~
  64. I need help
  65. What is this thing??
  66. Neuropathy
  67. Does Neuropathy cause swelling?
  68. Feet over the side of the bed...
  69. Epsom Lotion
  70. At least I know my diagnostic codes now
  71. pn & low back
  72. Gabapentin Side Effects Coming back??
  73. Difference between fibromyalgia and PN
  74. experiencing symptom but Dr says No neuropathy
  75. hair and liver problems
  76. Sodium and
  77. Really confused? Kind of long...
  78. Anyone else experiencing...
  79. This darn heatwave
  80. Severe burning in face, hands and feet
  81. scar tissue encasing a nerve
  82. fINALLY...The Results Are In (EMG MRI BLOOD)
  83. KMEB/Bglet
  84. Do you work or have worked with PN?
  85. No Neureurologist
  86. A possibility?
  87. EM vs PN
  88. At my last neuro visit...
  89. ? about nerve condition hands and feet curl up
  90. Alan's sister was just diagnosed with Neuropathy
  91. foot pain of unknown origin
  92. SCS for pain in feet due to neuropathy
  93. DMSO and PN
  94. Small fiber neuropathy not getting better or worse - advice?
  95. Cortisone injections and PN
  96. Bio-Chelat worth trying ?
  97. I have SFN..SCS work?? How so I have another baby?
  98. Just popping in to say hello and catch up
  99. Alan's sister has been diagnosed with Neuropathy
  100. In case you need an answer from me....
  101. Good and Bad Days
  102. I was on a Neuropathy Facebook page
  103. Beware laser pointer sellers !!
  104. When I got out of the pool, I couldn't walk!
  105. Medical Device
  106. They say im complex so frustrated
  107. anyone else have these symptoms?
  108. Anyone else out there have EM?
  109. No one can figure out whats wrong with me :(
  110. My sister who has MS thinks I might have MS also!
  111. large fiber vs. small fiber
  112. Cyber Knife cancer treatment
  113. This STUPID disease is making me move far away from my babies!
  114. Tramadol
  115. New member with a few questions
  116. Need help in understanding how to open a full article on PubMed from the abstract
  117. Using both Folate and L-methylfolate together could be a concern
  118. Question to the forum regarding "R-Lipoic Acid"
  119. NEW guy.. Burning skin feelings
  120. Dr. Blaylock answers questions about
  121. Hypothyroidism
  122. Magnetic Mattress?
  123. can someone give me a little insight here please?
  124. Rebuilder?
  125. When to take Gabapentin
  126. Exciting Life
  127. Lyrica and bladder....
  128. Power chairs
  129. Gabapentin
  130. Welcome back Mrs D
  131. Mayo?
  132. Still no real answers
  133. WideSpreadNeuropathy
  134. Vit D and B12 surprise!
  135. Hearing Loss from cervical spine issues?
  136. Tingly feet...
  137. Sharing some good news
  138. Benedryl
  139. Ssep
  140. Neuropathy Support Network
  141. Pain worse on left side of body
  142. Supplements... what can be taken with what?
  143. marijuana oil
  144. A question for Mrs. D about B12
  145. Needle EMG Studies in the US- who does this?
  146. Is weight gain when using Lyrica primarily due to Edema (water retention)?
  147. Dry cleaning solvents can cause PN
  148. Is this typical PN?
  149. Constipation & Enimas
  150. sjorgens ss-b came back positive along with ana screen
  151. Which doctor should I use for Possible Sjogrens and neuropathy
  152. Cotton Tights/ socks
  153. Nine year old child suddently cannot walk!!
  154. Phosphatidylserine? can anyone enlighten me on this supplement?
  155. Hand controls
  156. New to this forum - looking for advise on Small Fiber Peripheral Neuropathy
  157. Before Testing . . . ?
  158. Why is it so many supplements only to seem to work initially ?
  159. All Natural diet with Neuropathy
  160. Beginner with PN
  161. Well...here it is
  162. Idiopathic PN - high arches
  163. I'm not sure where my post went
  164. Alpha-Glycerolphosphocholine (Alpha-GPC) vs CDP Choline ?
  165. new pn sufferer. please help!
  166. Stress
  167. Is my PN diabetes related or from Miller Fisher Syndrome
  168. Magnesium and D3
  169. Newbie here....with lots of questions!
  170. Really scared part 2
  171. neuropathy back pain
  172. No Idea What is Going On - Any Input Will be Appreciated
  173. Virus on top of neuropathy
  174. non length or length dependent
  175. NP - typically worse when lying down?
  176. question for any experts out there about alcohol and nerve repair
  177. PN Pain and burning toes
  178. Question regarding get an accurate heavy metals test
  179. CIPD is the diagnosis
  180. Question regarding R-Lipoic Acid for Small Fiber Neuropathy
  181. Calcium, Magnesium, Vit. D
  182. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy
  183. Question regarding small-fiber burning primarily in both palms
  184. Comments please!
  185. It's always something..MrsD. PN. hyperthyroidism
  186. Pain in inner thigh
  187. magnesium oil...Mrs.D
  188. 2nd EMG Test Tomorrow - Scared
  189. The ReBuilder
  190. ? for Ms.D:Pain from food even w/ normal bs.
  191. Really need help! dx now idiopathic neuropathy
  192. question re: Metanx alternatives
  193. Kefir
  194. gabapentin does it help
  195. burning all over
  196. Hair Analysis and Food Sensitivity Testing
  197. Why does my neuropathic pain seem to flair when I get a cold or sinus infections?
  198. Comfrey.. is it safe to use? (Mrs. D)???
  199. A patient's feedback on using Lyrica
  200. Should R-Liopic Acid be taken on an empty stomach?
  201. PN pain in abdomen?
  202. Joint Pain
  203. ALC for spinal cord injuries
  204. Off disability and back to work
  205. Update
  206. Positive ANA
  207. PN and Bunions?
  208. Update...comorbidity
  209. Lidoderm patch
  210. PN possibly caused by hepatitis c?
  211. Question regarding the use of R-Lipoic Acid for lousey blood sugar numbers
  212. Slowly Progressive Neuropathy?
  213. Lidocaine Infusion Therapy
  214. Doctor scr*wed up big time!
  215. neurapraxia
  216. B12 deficiency & back pain
  217. Drop Foot
  218. My brother was just diagnosed with celiac disese
  219. cymbalta
  220. Pain is a 10
  221. Getting worse
  222. Very new - could this be small fiber neuropathy?
  223. Pain in knees, is this PN?
  224. More interesting info from Dr. Blaylock (lipoic acid information)
  225. questions about Sjogrens
  226. Nerve Problem? Can't figure this out. HELP
  227. Thank you
  228. Feet Going Numb While Working Out
  229. Red/purple Feet and now Knees
  230. new here, looking for a diagnosis
  231. Pain meds worse than condition
  232. peripheral neuropathy ?gluten
  233. l-theanine, ALA, R-lipoic????
  234. Pain worse at " that time of the month"?
  235. Astaxanthin question
  236. shooting pains/neurontin question
  237. Antibiotic nerve damage
  238. PN and Hair Loss
  239. Lyrica, again
  240. Confused
  241. I am developing a very disturbing new neuropathy on the top of my tongue - help!
  242. Alan's podiatrist gave him a compound cream
  243. I'm a big mess!
  244. Weak knees - will i become crippled?
  245. when two doctors do not agree
  246. Is there an effective time-release Alpha Lipoic Acid?
  247. Thinking of changing from Gabapentin to Lyrica
  248. R-lipoic acid must be making a difference
  249. Laboratory Diagnosis
  250. Foot neuropathy