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  1. curcumin and Alzheimer's
  2. A healthy appetite - foods and stem cells
  3. Living Through Wanting to Die / ECT as therapy for PD
  4. calorie restriction diet (CRD) primate study results
  5. allosteric modulators
  6. eating to improve health -hypoglycemics diet
  7. Who Loves Art
  8. Measuring small changes in PD symptoms
  9. UK: A damning report has highlighted severe inequalities in access to PD
  10. Weekly checkin...July 12, 2009
  11. book and poster
  12. neuroprotective effects of oil of bergamot which is in Earl Grey Tea
  13. Oxford Biomedica Update On Phase I/II Study Of ProSavin®
  14. There is no Parkinson Disease
  15. decreasing ability to deal with stress
  16. Memory Walk
  17. inflammation, BBB, and Alz.
  18. Novel Drug Discovery Tool Could Identify Promising New Therapies For Parkinson's Dise
  19. 570 abnormal genes in Parkinson's disease
  20. pray for a cure...
  21. Ron's study group
  22. Leaving your career behind....
  23. IPX066 for PD: who has the lastest?
  24. articles on ECT, DBS, TMS: US News & World Rept
  25. book forum membes and needs
  26. Back to Yale
  27. Potassium - I'm amazed
  28. NoCal Newbie
  29. Asking a favor
  30. Table of Contents\Topics
  31. Nutrition as Therapy - by Daniella Chace
  32. The Regulars - 10 Mountains in 10 Years
  33. Curly Toes and the Rebound Effect
  34. Weekly Upedate - Sunday, July 19, 2009
  35. In Search of a Champion on youtube!
  36. The Marshall Protocol, a Cure?
  37. GMA: New Parkinson's Treatment on Two Wheels
  38. Linus Pauling Institute: Micronutrient Research for Optimum Health-potassium
  39. OT 3 new tenors ages 14 and 15
  40. Complex Thinking
  41. First Genetic Evidence For Why Placebos Work Presented By UCLA Scientists
  42. Diagnosis thread search
  43. Rick, Ron, Girlja, RLSmi and other scientists....
  44. Paris Neurology World 2009 Conf. Tandem bike shows huge improvement
  45. Rapamycin and dyskenesias
  46. Needing to hear from someone whose had ECT
  47. It's been almost two years, why isn't this peptide in human trials yet?
  48. 23AndMe Surveys
  49. Cogane : Possible breakthrough for Huntington’s disease sufferers
  50. pdonlineresearch - links and comments
  51. 23andMe SPIT Data
  52. Cellular Phones
  53. Agent Orange linked to heart disease, Parkinson's (AP) (Yahoo)
  54. Allosteric medicine
  55. troop1750
  56. On a Happy Note: We have a winner!!!
  57. Health Care Reform - NOT for opinion!
  58. Weekly Check-in, July 26, 2009
  59. Ask your Rep to Cosponsor H.R. 1362! 150 Cosponsors before August!
  60. 10th amendment
  61. Coffee and Alz.
  62. PD pathology...
  63. Brain Talk seems to have tanked again
  64. unanswered questions/who's looking
  65. OT - Will Seattle heat record break today?
  66. OT hilarious!
  67. Out on a limb: Arm-swinging riddle is answered
  68. Why is there so little focus on epidemiology?
  69. Self Analysis of the PWP
  70. Clarity of definition re: Azilect ?
  71. What tests are done to check for PD
  72. Treating Patients as Partners, by Way of Informed Consent
  73. Dementia induced and blocked in Parkinson's fly model (Topix)
  74. Don't let your lab price-gouge you
  75. Old BrainTalk posts back to 2000 at Wayback
  76. PD and CCD
  77. Do we have an obligation to participate in biomedical research?
  78. Give the dope on how you cope - part II
  79. Frankincense and Myrrh: The Botany, Culture, and Therapeutic Uses ...
  80. When to start Requip XL
  81. Anxiety
  82. Coconut oil working for this man
  83. Sleep - dementia and curcumine !
  84. for Jeanb
  85. PD research - investor's viewpoint
  86. post on ECT
  87. High-tech drugs would get 12-yr market protection
  88. Treating Parkinson's Disease - Investment Opportunities and Challenges
  89. GDNF Selectively Induces Microglial Activation and Neuronal Survival in...
  90. Chemicals can turn genes on and off; new tests needed, scientists say.
  91. Where in the world is the DOR?
  92. Power3 Medical Products, Inc. Files for Patent on Diagnosis of Early Stage PD
  93. Parkinsons and Depression Medications
  94. Eye Movements Of Parkinson’s Disease Patients During Sentence Comprehension...
  95. Depression as a pre-motor symptom of PD
  96. Just when you think a thread can't get any better...an NIH ethicist visits our forum!
  97. Whole healthy mouse created from mice skin cells
  98. Clinical Trials - A Chance For a Cure or a Human Experiment?
  99. Alliance for Human Research Protection -
  100. THE NEW YORK TIMES &Medical Papers by Ghostwriters Pushed Therapy
  101. difficulty walking and tailor's bunion
  102. Dentures, gums, and PD
  103. reflective question #1- acceptance
  104. A written snapshot of you right before PD
  105. the gut, serotonin and intestinal neurons
  106. A Blockbuster Study IMHO
  107. Big Pharma to give 150M+ to push health care reform
  108. I had my Vitamin D level checked
  109. When to tell?
  110. GE, Brain Imaging and Diagnosing Parkinson’s Disease
  111. Uncertain PD Diagnosis? SPECT Scan Trial
  112. Requip XL or Neupro Patch
  113. Parkinson's disease & sulfur
  114. Chemical Body Burden's -California Senate Votes to Ban Bisphenol A in Baby Food ...
  115. Meteors
  116. DM-1992 / Depomed Reports Encouraging Results of its Phase I Trial
  117. TMS, better than ECT?
  118. What the heck is this about?
  119. PD as a broadband problem
  120. classification of PD as a movement disorder
  121. Fyi
  122. Different Mutations In Single Gene Suggest Parkinson's Is Primarily An Inherited Gene
  123. Flu linked to Parkinson's and other neuro disorders
  124. Stem cells into the brain without surgery
  125. Mayo Clinic Develops Potential New Therapy To Stop The Progression Of Parkinson’s Dis
  126. 75% of the physicians refuses chemotherapy themselves
  127. pesticide links
  128. To Find a Cure for Cancer We Must Discover the True Nature of the Disease!
  129. is PD a fungus? -is diabetes & hypoglycemia fungi ?
  130. Microglial inhibition - quenching a slow burn
  131. Gene therapy found to help patients with Parkinson's
  132. Whom to believe? Study: Virus injected into brain eases Parkinson’s in Japan
  133. Specific Pesticide Directly Linked to Parkinson's Disease
  134. Study Toxin Effects On Embryonic Devel...Snorting deliver [stem] cells to the brain
  135. My mini-clavichord recital...
  136. curcumin inhibits MAO enzymes
  137. swine flu shot linked to killer nerve disease\\
  138. Question
  139. Immune suppresser blocks mutant genes that cause inherited PD
  140. Big Pharma and non health -reform
  141. 23andMe is getting attention and other stuff
  142. In Debate Over Health Policy, Some Words Are Seldom Spoken
  143. End-Of-Life Counseling and Care
  144. mirapex investigation
  145. Clnical trial HERE for TMS
  146. OT- sort of - preparing for end of life & DD214
  147. Botox injections
  148. New Parkinson's drug tested at CU Denver
  149. UK: Transplant drug gives new hope to Parkinson's sufferers
  150. Watching stem cells in the brain
  151. proposed health care plan?
  152. White Rat Report
  153. I dare not ...........
  154. Who would sign up for this?
  155. infectious cause for PD - NIH study says yes...
  156. Nocardia asteroides - cause of apoptosis in PD
  157. The Truth About Record-Setting U.S. Life Expectancy
  158. CLAIM : At last! A Remarkable Breakthrough for Parkinson's Disease Freezing: The Gait
  159. Stretching - more to it?
  160. Debating How Much Weed Killer Is Safe in Your Water Glass
  161. When cells run out of fuel
  162. More about wheat - getting interesting
  163. Biosecurity -vaccines & University of Penn Medical Center website
  164. adult autologous stem cells did not cause tumors
  165. It's been a while
  166. old forum posts
  167. Shoulder pain
  168. Placebos Are Getting More Effective. Drugmakers Are Desperate to Know Why.
  169. Confused
  170. Look at that post count!!!!
  171. Thank you Andy Grove
  172. Subtypes...further proof and intrigue
  173. Gene therapies
  174. More on placebo and it's role in drug development
  175. Blogging
  176. Swine Flu
  177. Medicare / Medicare Part D...it is becoming time again to renew you plan OR change it
  178. MJFF Annual Report available online
  179. Two scientists suggest depression is not a malfunction, but rather an adaptation
  180. Another Potential Treatment for PD
  181. This might be very interesting
  182. maybe my head's not screwed on right...
  183. curcumin plus
  184. New Report on Vaccines, Autism on Dateline tonight
  185. watch mercury's effect on live neurons
  186. Need Advice and Insight - Response to Medication
  187. UF scientists construct ‘off switch’ for Parkinson therapy
  188. Here's a new one
  189. More than a few subtypes going on....
  190. Abilities Expo - Atlanta, GA - Free Admission
  191. Fiona was absolutely right
  192. Sniff Your Way to a Cure! Really!!
  193. Michael J. Fox on Oprah today
  194. reported effects for l-dopa?
  195. trial rgistries for transparency not working
  196. THE VACCINE EXPERIMENT - documentary
  197. Blood-Brain Barrier on PDOnline
  198. Super Optimized Curcumin (Longvida Curcumin)
  199. CERE-120 Neuturin
  200. [BigPharma] -Fines unlikely to end off-label drug marketing
  201. Smile as much as you can!
  202. Colloidal Silver or Colloidal Gold
  203. A Matter of Balance
  204. Important news on MSG
  205. I'm beginning to think some very positive thoughts
  206. the doctors channel -...
  207. one assessment of Max Baucus' health reform plan
  208. Healthcare:R.E.M. and MoveOn
  209. Pharma Reports...gambling on an illness
  210. autism
  211. autism and gluten
  212. 911 What were you doing ??
  213. MAO B inhibition
  214. Fava Beans
  215. Who has tried Isradipine?
  216. who has taken moclobimde???
  217. Back to college, piano lessons, etc.
  218. Michael J. Fox Wins Emmy!
  219. Need help, please
  220. Clinton Parkinson's Disease???
  221. Myths & Misconceptions of Parkinson's
  222. ..all doses of ADX10059 abolished levodopa induced dyskinesia...
  223. Europe: Lundbeck and Teva Launch Online Resource for People with Parkinson's
  224. does sinemet help relieve tremor? advise please
  225. Ginger
  226. who amongst us w/ PD has been dxd 10 yrs or over??
  227. Work use of pesticides linked with Parkinson's
  228. OT - caring for a parent with dementia
  229. True Confessions of a Long-time Lurker
  230. MJFF Commits Up to $12 Million for Targeted PD Therapeutic Development in 2010
  231. Ten Things
  232. Hello !! (and an Isradipine question)
  233. Fox's entrepreneurial science approach
  234. Interview with Dr. Russell Blaylock & swine flu shots -youtube
  235. Parkinson's Medication Linked to Heart Problems
  236. Parkinson's Discrimination?
  237. J&J acquisition
  238. more electrostimulation
  239. Placebo Problem - Wired Magazine
  240. Akineto-rigid vs. tremor syndromes in Parkinsonism
  241. Seeking a new MDS...what would you ask?
  242. just letting it all out
  243. Vitamin D is protective against H1N1 Swine Flu -watch Dr Cannell on youtube
  244. Can Over-the-counter Vitamin-like Substance -- Coenzyme Q10 -- Slow Progression Of PD
  245. Not for everyone but very interesting
  246. I believe RECOVERY from PD is possible....
  247. very exciting : Snorting Stem Cells instead of boring the brain
  248. Researchers Study OTC Med That May Slow Parkinson?s
  249. Surnames in PD
  250. CNN LARRY KING LIVE Interview with Bill Clinton