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  1. China develops therapeutic apparatus for Parkinson's disease
  2. Stanford scientists create neurons with symptoms of Parkinson's disease from patient'
  3. Parkinson's: 10 years +
  4. Sinemet and Azilect Combination
  5. pdplan4life@ Parkinson's Unity Walk
  6. Patent Woes Threaten Drug Firms
  7. There's an app for that!
  8. For those with DBS
  9. To the Neurowriters - book team
  10. Speech Problems
  11. PD may be caused by microtubules
  12. PAN forum
  13. i was told while i was in the hospital - parkinsons disease is only
  14. An Etiquette Book for Patients and Caregivers
  15. Brand name Sinemet available again!
  16. move to higher ground
  17. Cheers once again for Joan Blessington Snyder
  18. ND0611, a new patch for the treatment of Parkinson's disease
  19. Rodent of the Week: Good in mice, a drug for Parkinson's moves ahead
  20. the human body is intertwined - and verses of braintalk
  21. Mirapex and Vision Problems?
  22. OT:Confessions
  23. Speech Problems
  24. Who has met Davis Phinney - cyclist?
  25. "Iron...improves...PD...same...as Ldopa"
  26. A study of Parkinson's disease in Carbidopa And Levodopa: who, when, how?
  27. Adverse Events Observed During the Premarketing Evaluation Klonopin in Panic Disorder
  28. Don't know..
  29. my philosophy
  30. IPX066 Demonstrates Efficacy and Safety in ADVANCE-PD Phase III Study in Treatment of
  31. IPX066 versus immediate-release (IR) carbidopa-levodopa (CD-LD), Phase III results
  32. Northera, Orthostatic Hypotension-LogPad® System, SitePad® Tablet in Clinical Study
  33. your voice heard
  34. Biomarkers--researcher webinar
  35. Left/Right Brain
  36. CRP (inflammation) as PD Marker?
  37. neurologix press release
  38. no one in my city in missouri will refill my PD drugs?
  39. new drastic approach
  40. Genetic Parkinson's
  41. High level phenylalanine in Turkey.
  42. Knockout rat models of Parkinson's Disease
  43. 'Bilingual' neurons may reveal the secrets of brain disease
  44. Iron Deficiency and Excess in the Brain: Implications for Cognitive Impairment and N
  45. How well will Comtan work for you...23andme knows
  46. we learn through painful conditions perhaps?
  47. Experiences with Artane or Other Anticholinergics?
  48. diabetes and risk of developing parkinson's in denmark
  49. Hi
  50. Parkinson's Study Group from Rochester NY
  51. RatCAP yields unintuitive results
  53. balance
  54. Update from Merck About Sinemet
  55. Inflammation and PD
  56. Depression / RX-10100 to Treat Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)
  57. Recovery story!!!
  58. Microglia, Inflammation and PD
  59. The other half of the picture
  60. Tip for breaking a freeze
  61. How LRRK2 mutations may cause Parkinson's
  62. A Dog Named Beatrice
  63. Green Pharmacy for Parkinson's Disease
  64. Not on meds
  65. Gene Therapy Reduces Symptoms of Parkinson's
  66. How to help my girlfriend with her PD?
  67. Sinemet Withdrawal
  68. Stanford scientists build Parkinson's disease in a dish with cells from Google founde
  69. Tears
  70. what happens?
  71. What was the last thing that we cured?
  72. Sinemet and help with tremor
  73. motrin -ibprophen cause of high blood pressure
  74. White Rat Report - Quercetin is astounding!
  75. Common pathways to PD through genomes
  76. Laugh,cry,die
  77. Development Of The Pharmaceutical Industry: How, Why, and When Corruption Came In
  78. Senior Onset and the lean and hungry look
  79. curcumin
  80. FREE Patient Symposium for Parkinson's Patients
  81. An Early Step in Parkinsons Disease: Problems With Mitochondria
  82. doctor wants to take me off benzodiazepine...in 2 weeks
  83. Parkinson's Drugs Linked to Behavior Problems in 22% of Study Subjects
  84. Tired after naps
  85. MS patients lack neurotransmitter
  86. Tales of the Sinemet shortage
  87. Addex begins phase IIa trial of dipraglurant in Parkinson's disease levodopa-induced
  88. Stabilizing proteins for treatment- NEWS of yellow dye
  89. Brainsway receives EU CE Mark for Parkinson's device
  90. My Angel, My Hero: Dancing with PD (a new film)
  91. Sensory compensation - OT Sarcasm
  92. The Restaurant Exit or....
  93. How to start an electronic petition.
  94. Movement Disorder Specialists
  95. Study provides first link between two major Parkinson’s genes
  96. Citrus flavonoids show anti-inflammatory potential: Study
  97. Gene patents arguments before US circuit court of appeals
  98. Just for fun...
  99. Problems with iPS cells
  100. In pain? Try meditation
  101. Fermented Papaya
  102. this could be duodopa
  103. deep brain stimulation?
  104. Biotie Announces Start of Phase 2b Trial of SYN115 in Parkinson's Disease
  105. Common Herbs With MAO Inhibitor Activity
  106. l-theanine interferes with sinemet? my experience
  107. Amgen CEO got $21 million in 2010 compensation
  108. Lack of biomarkers makes it tough to target Parkinson's
  109. How the poor can pay for life-saving medicines
  110. A2a receptor antagonist enters Phase 2b trials
  111. Dopamine controls formation of new brain cells in animal model
  112. Sharing what looks like informative web site
  113. Husband had DBS surgery June 2009...need help
  114. Vitamin D Deficiency - symptom or cause?
  115. Moderators - a question
  116. Why are no investigational Parkinson's drugs being "parallel tracked" with the FDA?
  117. Gene therapy reverses symptoms of Parkinson's disease
  118. Parkinson's and ALS in same family
  119. too many drugs too many silent side effects
  120. FDA considers opening files on failed drugs and devices
  121. Meet our star at Unity Walk!
  122. Testing for neurotransmitter levels
  123. Dopamine and regeneration
  124. Parkinson's Awareness Month . . .
  125. University of Maryland Study Finds Benefit of Low Intensity Exercise To Improve Walki
  126. Is Restless Leg Syndrome Real or a Means to Peddle DA Agonists s FDA approval?
  127. Blood flow to the Brain...possibly related ?
  128. UCSF neurosurgeons test new device for placing brain implants
  129. Early Indications of Parkinson's Disease Revealed in Dream Sleep
  130. Apathy Limits Executive Functioning in Nondemented Parkinson’s Patients
  131. Spring Lake woman finds bicycling controls Parkinson's
  132. Only one dose of Sinemet in a.m. needed? Opportunity to test alt. treatment in p.m.?
  133. Pharmacutical Off-label Gambits
  134. PAN - Honor a Loved One this Parkinson's Awareness Month!
  135. cyanobacteria in water sources, its by-product BMAA and neurotoxicity
  136. Anyone for Shreveport??
  137. More test-based treatment discussion - amino acid testing
  138. book with recipes specifically for Parkinson's people
  139. Melanin as a measure of progression
  140. what would you most want the lay public to know
  141. worldwide evaluations of current stem cell treatment offerings
  142. USA / More veterans and spouses could gain from Aid and Attendance pension benefit
  143. Chickens coming home to roost?
  144. Data on fermented papaya
  145. Dyskinesia
  146. stem cell conference in Southern Cal
  147. This seems important...
  148. Benzodiazepine Withdrawal:An Unfinished Story -UK
  149. the brain is shaped by bacteria in the digestive tract
  150. Toxic effects of L-DOPA on mesencephalic cell cultures: protection with antioxidants
  151. Ray Kurzweil - futurist
  152. Do you have another condition coexistant with your PD?
  153. Air pollution...the other toxin
  154. Can you feel it? Parkinson’s, the emic approach
  155. pelvic dyskinesia trying to tell us something?
  156. How 'inference' operates in neuro-imaging
  157. Improved Recovery of Motor Function After Stroke
  158. A vaccine for AD
  159. "PD & Sleep" Huffington Post
  160. davunetide
  161. Artificial Organ Regrowth
  162. Embryonic Stem Cell Tumorigenesis Solved: PNAS Study
  163. OT - In between we've got donuts.
  164. Positive Results With Extended-Release Carbidopa-Levodopa
  165. Cell Death by Dopamine, Calcium and Alpha-synuclein: Q&A with Dr. David Sulzer
  166. GDNF - Lilly and Medtronic Announce Drug-Device Collaboration for Parkinson's Disease
  167. ceregene update
  168. oral cleansing
  169. For Parkinson's Patients, Better Care Comes in Groups
  170. Rick: Skullcap chinese herb
  171. what does sinemet / levodopa carbidopa do for PD /PWP
  172. Positron Emission Tomography Scan - what it is used for?
  173. Generic mirapex?
  174. Parkinsons and B vitamins
  175. Help for New PWP - Career, friends, support
  176. Lee Silverman Voice Theraphy - Morris County, NJ
  177. US Appeals Court Opens Federal Funding for Stem Cell Research
  178. And you thought it was your body...
  179. Sabinsa weighs into curcumin bioavailability debate
  180. Success in stem cell treatment for paralysis
  181. Hormone and Neurotransmitter Deficiency and Imbalance
  182. PDF Webinar
  183. Helping New Drugs Out of Research’s ‘Valley of Death’
  184. i believe this needs to be aired
  185. Is it Parkinson's Disease.....
  186. Funding neuro
  187. US shortages of key drugs are endangering patients
  188. looking for advice on supplements to take for PD
  189. pd & pet therapy
  190. big changes at MJFF
  191. Conventional medicine finally admits MS caused by vitamin D deficiency
  192. mega dose Vit C & E
  193. Merck researcher breaks ranks
  194. Age-Related Drop In New Neurons May Be Due To 'Single Use' Or 'Disposable' Nature Of
  195. mitochondrial dysfunction in complex diseases
  196. speech
  197. PD and Sunlight Data - Part 1
  198. Chlorella
  199. Doc J
  200. Good Parkinson's doctor near Piscataway, NJ
  201. Eight days now, no end in sight.
  202. This new report sums it up and offers a solution too
  203. PD and scoliosis
  204. Do we need to spend money on this?
  205. XCell stem cell clinic shut down
  206. Exercise Improved Cognitive Function in Patients With Parkinson's
  207. DBS video
  208. Good charts of bad effects of any drug
  209. cure for balance problems
  210. The disabled stand up while others crawl
  211. i went on a date
  212. Viagra doesn't just save sex lives, it can also treat jet lag, MS and strokes.
  213. Estrogen receptors play anti-inflammatory role in the brain
  214. ot the power of smiling
  215. I can smell a weird smell all the time, is it the PD
  216. Cause for some optomism
  217. Colonoscopy Prep
  218. Checked back with 23 and me site, can anyone help me here?
  219. What Is Wrong With the CDC?
  220. Exercise shows potential for Parkinson’s patients
  221. mitochondria being damaged
  222. inside of me
  223. Abouy NAC (N-acetylcysteine) and mitochondria
  224. The Effects of N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine on Parkinson’s Disease
  225. Stem cells reverse disease in a model of Parkinson's disease
  226. Rick et al: validation at last!
  227. A Light Switch for Neurons
  228. antioxidants supplements negate exercise benifits?
  229. Pharma CEO's agree: no market discipline for Pharma prices
  230. Caution: Don't overdose on antioxidants
  231. just joined a gym, which is the best exercise regime?
  232. PDF Wegcast / Understanding Pain in Parkinson's
  233. Finally a good night's sleep
  234. Salt is not all bad
  235. Michael J. Fox In 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'
  236. PD, is it one disease? one treatment for all !
  237. Iron, copper, and curcumin
  238. Are We Going To Be Around For a Life-Saving Treatment?
  239. 54% PWP have elevated gut bacteria, only 8% non-PWP
  240. Human brain's most ubiquitous cell cultivated in lab dish
  241. Immune System’s ‘Friendly Fire’ May Trigger Parkinson’s Symptoms
  242. Duodopa pump availability
  243. Query on fava beans
  244. Oxford BioMedica Announces Presentation of New Clinical Data From ProSavin(R) Phase I
  245. Single brain injection 'can ease symptoms' of Parkinson's
  246. Recovery Inc. a self help nervous health
  247. love lines -dedications to those we love
  248. Facebook Tells Drug Companies: No More Ignoring User Comments
  249. Understand new drug efficacy claims
  250. Brain Barrier Breached in Roche Push to Deliver Potential Alzheimer’s Drug