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  1. Trimming hair, saving lives / Toyama hairdressers, government join forces to prevent
  2. Psychologists needed to help implement policies. (Topix)
  3. IVF pioneer Edwards wins Nobel medicine prize (AP) (Yahoo)
  4. No laps for warm laptops; skin damage is possible (AP) (Yahoo)
  5. New survey on sex in US, biggest since 1994 (AP) (Yahoo)
  6. Indonesian minister draws fire for AIDS comment (AP) (Yahoo)
  7. New Clinical Guidelines for Major Depression
  8. New Clinical Guidelines for Major Depression (Topix)
  9. Recent winners of the Nobel Prize in medicine (AP) (Yahoo)
  10. Citation excerpts for 2010 Nobel medicine prize (AP) (Yahoo)
  11. Sanofi-Aventis launches Genzyme takeover battle (AP) (Yahoo)
  12. 700,000 sign HIV funding petition: campaign (AFP) (Yahoo)
  13. Clinical Psychologist Requirements (Topix)
  14. Some lovers break hearts, some break other things (Topix)
  15. Working after retirement has health benefits, U.S. study says (Topix)
  16. Epilepsy Advocate "Take Charge" tour (Topix)
  17. CSHL Neuroscientist Awarded 'Transformative' NIH Research Grant (Topix)
  18. Chemotherapy Affects Brains of Breast Cancer Patients
  19. Family Members Cause Most Stress for Stroke Victims? Caregivers
  20. Telemedicine for Elderly Depression
  21. Cancer Survivors Face Memory Impairments
  22. Minority Women with Cancer Need Social Support
  23. Psychiatric Experts to Decide Whether - Parental Alienation' Is a Mental Health Disor
  24. Gene test aims for better heart disease detection (AP) (Yahoo)
  25. New clue to sepsis as more aggressive care urged (AP) (Yahoo)
  26. United States Apologizes for Conducting Inhumane STD Study in Guatemala (associat
  27. Mental health courts cut re-arrest rates, jail time (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  28. 1 in 4 HIV Patients Have Neurological Diseases: Study (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  29. Ill people can cope better with psychiatric help (Topix)
  30. Nobel Prize given for test tube baby research (AP) (Yahoo)
  31. Gene test aims for better heart disease detection (AP) (Yahoo)
  32. When moms get flu shots, babies reap benefits (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  33. New vaccine boosts survival of brain tumor patients (AFP) (Yahoo)
  34. Race Doesn't Seem to Predict Lung Cancer Survival in Blacks (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  35. 1 in 4 HIV Patients Have Neurological Diseases: Study (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  36. Mimicking other's language style shows a happy relationship, study suggests (Topix)
  37. The Online Society: 50 Internet Psychology Studies (Topix)
  38. The Emergence of Dynamical Social Psychology (Topix)
  39. Loss Leaders and Human Psychology (Topix)
  40. First Stem Cell Clinical Trial Described (Topix)
  41. Early Parkinson's death clues found (Topix)
  42. Teenagers are developing symptoms of depression because they are... (Topix)
  43. Our Violent Media (Topix)
  44. New clue to sepsis as more aggressive care urged (AP) (Yahoo)
  45. Being ?Colorblind? Hinders Racial Equality
  46. Difficult for Nurses To Detect Depression?
  47. High Turnover among Women Executives
  48. Snapshot of America?s Sexual Behaviors
  49. Imitation of Language Suggests Blissful Relationship
  50. Two Jacksonville doctors chosen for leadership academy (Topix)
  51. Vibrating chair helps treat Parkinson's symptoms (Topix)
  52. Parkinsona s: Later Diagnosis, Earlier Death (Topix)
  53. In Some States, Incarcerated Kids Get Drugged to Alter Behavior, Despite Risks (Topix
  54. Parents Can Make A Difference With Anorexic Teens (Topix)
  55. Hungary sludge flood called 'ecological disaster' (AP) (Yahoo)
  56. Mom's Flu Shot May Protect Baby After Birth (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  57. New Portuguese centre seeks frontline in cancer research (AFP) (Yahoo)
  58. Vaccine Studied for Deadly Brain Cancer (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  59. Early ADHD diagnosis a risk factor for depression (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  60. HIV-positive Kan. airman faces hearing on assault (AP) (Yahoo)
  61. In Some States, Incarcerated Kids Get Drugged to Alter Behavior, Despite Risks (Topix
  62. To Catch A Cat, You Need To Fry A Chicken [The Thoughtful Animal] (Topix)
  63. Autism to be addressed at upcoming education series (Topix)
  64. Can antidepressants raise liver enzymes? (Topix)
  65. Hands-only CPR saves more lives in cardiac arrests (AP) (Yahoo)
  66. A Review of Bernstein's No Brainer and Smart Money Portfolios (Topix)
  67. Vaccine Extends Survival Time For Patients With Aggressive Brain Cancers (Topix)
  68. Neuroscience and Education (Topix)
  69. Effort offers free depression screenings (Topix)
  70. Child Mental Health Rally (Topix)
  71. Hands-only CPR saves more lives in cardiac arrests (AP) (Yahoo)
  72. Loud workplaces may increase heart problems (AP) (Yahoo)
  73. Mom's Flu Shot May Protect Baby After Birth (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  74. Hungary sludge flood called 'ecological disaster' (AP) (Yahoo)
  75. Vaccine Studied for Deadly Brain Cancer (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  76. Donors pledge $11.7 billion to fight AIDS, TB (AP) (Yahoo)
  77. Fort Wayne Psychologist: Facebook Postings Can Invite Electronic Bullying (Topix)
  78. Panel: Ed. Schools Overlook Developmental Science (Topix)
  79. Flemington-Raritan school district hires former employee as "job... (Topix)
  80. Countering Terrorism with Psychology (Topix)
  81. Virulent skin germ grates on Maine lobstering isle (AP) (Yahoo)
  82. US pledges $4 billion to a fund that fights AIDS, other global ills (The Christi
  83. Apparently my new name is "wheels" (Topix)
  84. Botox maker Allergan pleads guilty and pays $600 million (Topix)
  85. Careers in Psychology Field (Topix)
  86. Treating and preventing depression (Topix)
  87. Lead poisoning spikes in Nigeria, aid group says (AP) (Yahoo)
  88. UN report: 22 nations face protracted food crises (AP) (Yahoo)
  89. Careers in Psychology Field (Topix)
  90. Medical advances, specialization of doctors aids breast cancer care (Topix)
  91. Countering Terrorism with Psychology (Topix)
  92. Depression and Inactivity from Kidney Failure Linked to Unemployment
  93. Exercise May Ward Off Onset of Alzheimer?s
  94. Language Delays Found in Siblings of Autistic Children
  95. New Evidence of Genetic Basis for ADHD
  96. Damaged cell powerhouses linked to Parkinson's (Topix)
  97. Wenzel Spine Announces FDA 510K Clearance (Topix)
  98. Gubb is a 'diamond in the rough' (Topix)
  99. APA Announces Start Of Field Trials For DSM-5 (Topix)
  100. Colonoscopy may miss more than 7 percent of cancers (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  101. Relationships And What Mimicking One's Language Style May Mean (Topix)
  102. Stanford/Packard to test New Diagnostic Guidelines for Pediatric and Young Adult Ment
  103. NY seeks to ban sugary drinks from food stamp buys (AP) (Yahoo)
  104. Data firm sees 2011 drug sales rising 5-7 percent (AP) (Yahoo)
  105. A Little Pain, a Life Saved (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  106. Japan revels in good news: two Nobel Prize winners (The Christian Science Monitor
  107. South Florida Teacher and Activist Writes About Need for Dietary Change (Topix)
  108. Get Ready for the New Sciences of Selling (Topix)
  109. Stigma of mental illness remains (Topix)
  110. The shadow of death (Topix)
  111. Strep link to OCD suspected (Topix)
  112. Biogen Idec CEO preparing new 'blueprint' (Topix)
  113. Family founds foundation to fight disease (Topix)
  114. RCPsych Responds To NHS Information Centre Statistics On Compulsory Treatment (Topix)
  115. Hungary: Toxic red sludge has reached the Danube (AP) (Yahoo)
  116. World health agency challenges mental health neglect (AFP) (Yahoo)
  117. Stressed Out? Eat More Walnuts
  118. Advanced MRI Helps Predict Memory Decline
  119. Stimulation Aids Name Recall
  120. Combat Trauma Can Influence Long-Term Emotions
  121. Social insurance agency blamed for man's suicide (Topix)
  122. CDC: More American adults hobbled by arthritis (AP) (Yahoo)
  123. Gene Variations Appear Linked to Prostate Cancer, Study Finds (HealthDay) (Yah
  124. Poor countries neglect mentally ill: U.N. agency (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  125. Experiencing a Westboro protest firsthand (associatedcontent) (Yahoo)
  126. Psychology and juvenile delinquency in the 1920s (Topix)
  127. About Cognitive Dissonance (Topix)
  128. Cognitive Psychology (Topix)
  129. Study finds key to high blood pressure in pregnancy (Topix)
  130. Clues to early Parkinson's deaths found (Topix)
  131. $2.6 Million To Develop Alzheimer's Treatment Using Umbilical Cord Blood Cells (Topix
  132. Sights and Sounds of Nature Ease Physical Pain
  133. Tennis Players? Grunts Throw Off Opponents
  134. First ADHD Add-On Drug Approved
  135. SKMC Marks the World Mental Health Day from 8 - 14 October 2010 (Topix)
  136. Many Americans Plan to Skip Flu Shot This Year (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  137. Johnson & Johnson asks judge to toss kickback case (AP) (Yahoo)
  138. Funding Falls Short for Global Fight Against AIDS (OneWorld.net) (Yahoo)
  139. Patients With Brain Injury May Benefit From Neuroscience Research (Topix)
  140. Impulse Monitoring Named Comprehensive IONM Provider At HealthEast Care System (Topix
  141. Mistreated as a child, more inflammation in adulthood? (Topix)
  142. More (Topix)
  143. Toxic red sludge reaches the Danube River (AP) (Yahoo)
  144. Many Americans Plan to Skip Flu Shot This Year (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  145. NY seeks to ban sugary drinks from food stamp buys (AP) (Yahoo)
  146. A Little Pain, a Life Saved (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  147. Gene Variations Appear Linked to Prostate Cancer, Study Finds (HealthDay) (Yah
  148. Dollar flirts with parity (Topix)
  149. Share Your Psychology Lesson Plan Ideas (Topix)
  150. Psychologists, therapists testify Hueytown murder suspect Scott Lamar ... (Topix)
  151. Why Facebook Friends Unfriend You
  152. Thoughts of Time or Money Influence Behavior
  153. Mother?s Stress May Worsen Child?s Asthma
  154. Hardships in Childhood May Lower Resiliency
  155. Personality May Hide Depression
  156. Oliver Sacks on Empathy as a Path to Insight (Topix)
  157. International neuroscientists discuss recent progress (Topix)
  158. MSIF and MS societies of US, Canada and Italy coordinate children MS group (Topix)
  159. Abbott withdraws diet pill in US, Canada (AP) (Yahoo)
  160. Common Prostate Cancer Treatment Linked to Bone Decay (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  161. 3 or More X-Rays May Raise Leukemia Risk Among Kids: Study (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  162. Malpractice Insurance for Psychologists (Topix)
  163. A Quick Fix (Topix)
  164. Psychology Careers with a Masters Degree (Topix)
  165. Clinical Psychology Jobs (Topix)
  166. Prevention Program Improves Antisocial Behavior in Children
  167. Depression Linked to Risk for Low Birth Weight Baby
  168. The new anorexics: big increase in eating disorders among women over 30 (Topix)
  169. Abbott withdraws diet pill in US, Canada (AP) (Yahoo)
  170. Animals said to have spiritual experiences (Topix)
  171. ADHD evaluation, diagnosis and treatment available for all at Psychological Svcs Cent
  172. Common Prostate Cancer Treatment Linked to Bone Decay (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  173. 3 or More X-Rays May Raise Leukemia Risk Among Kids: Study (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  174. Cannabis Use Increases Risk for Mental Health Issues
  175. Help your teen off drug use (Topix)
  176. The Now Habit: Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play [Procrastinati
  177. Benefit to help firefighter who has ALS (Topix)
  178. Network to help pediatricians deal with mental care (Topix)
  179. Hungary sludge reservoir at risk of collapse (AP) (Yahoo)
  180. Roche drugs point to personalized lung cancer care (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  181. Is Your Neighborhood Making You Depressed?
  182. New Blood Test for Alzheimer?s
  183. State awards $8.7M to aid THINC (Topix)
  184. God Bless The Economy, sings Billie Holiday (Topix)
  185. Indescribable Negotiating Power of Passion MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology
  186. A genetic cause for ADHD won't necessarily reduce the stigma attached | Ben Goldacre
  187. Neuropathological asymmetry in argyrophilic grain disease. (Topix)
  188. Development Of A Better Way To See Molecules At Work In Living Brain... (Topix)
  189. Stem Cells Repair Damaged Spinal Cord Tissue (Topix)
  190. Early trauma influences adult behaviour, say psychiatrists (Topix)
  191. Therapies replace electroshock (Topix)
  192. Transcranial magnetic stimulation can treat depression (Topix)
  193. Hungary sludge reservoir at risk of collapse (AP) (Yahoo)
  194. Going to Graduate School in Clinical Psychology or Social Work: Using ... (Topix)
  195. The psychology of infidelity (Topix)
  196. CMH unveils stroke robot (Topix)
  197. Microglial cell activation in aging and Alzheimer disease: partial... (Topix)
  198. Eating Disorders Linked to Self Harm
  199. UHS commemorates 'World Mental Health Day' (Topix)
  200. HMC launching awareness drive on mental health (Topix)
  201. New melanoma drug may shrink brain tumors (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  202. For doctors and caregivers (Topix)
  203. Angst and apathy (Topix)
  204. Vanessa L. Adams Named to Exclusive Membership Organization (Topix)
  205. Diet not enough: Exercise, support drops more weight (Topix)
  206. World Mental Health Day (Topix)
  207. Even Grown-Ups Need Security Blankets (Topix)
  208. Over 60 percent of Afghans suffer mental health problems (AFP) (Yahoo)
  209. Paranormal / Spiritual News: Clairvoyant Napoleon, Lady Gaga Ghost Fear and Spiritual
  210. Book review: Growing Up Jung: Coming of Age as the Son of Two Shrinks, by Micah Toub
  211. Tiny East Timor declares war on leprosy (AP) (Yahoo)
  212. Hungarian factory sorry for those killed by sludge (AP) (Yahoo)
  213. Cyberbullying: Arrest or detention Part 1 of a series (Topix)
  214. "I killed that Tunnel to Somewhere" (Topix)
  215. Some animals are more equal than others (Topix)
  216. Veteran says privacy breaches left him suicidal (Topix)
  217. Autistic Children Are Sensitive to Feelings
  218. Rejected Youth May Lash Out
  219. Depression tops, anxiety next (Topix)
  220. The Emergence of a Professional Approach to Judging Personality (Topix)
  221. New drug offers hope in advanced prostate cancer (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  222. Novartis drug helps rare tumors, filing this year (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  223. Nerve stimulation eases pain for chronic headache: study (Topix)
  224. Icon_question (Topix)
  225. Doctor turns historic home into practice (Topix)
  226. Geron tests stem cell treatment on patient (AP) (Yahoo)
  227. Research aims to cut disparities in stroke care (AP) (Yahoo)
  228. Jaundice-autism study raises unanswered questions (AP) (Yahoo)
  229. J&J drug offers hope in advanced prostate cancer (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  230. Avastin helps in ovarian cancer but effects fade (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  231. FDA holds up approval of Alexza's anti-psychotic drug (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  232. Test Shows Chile Mine Rescue Shaft Works (Topix)
  233. Dogs are either optimists or pessimists, claim scientists (Topix)
  234. Lost Your Virginity? Find It Again at Area Stage's... (Topix)
  235. Chile's miners heroes, but fame can be fleeting (Topix)
  236. Roots of Racial Stigma
  237. Secondary Smoke Linked to ADHD in Children
  238. This Month in Archives of Neurology [This Month in Archives of Neurology] (Topix)
  239. Children benefit most from early intervention (Topix)
  240. Health care innovation and research (Topix)
  241. Risks vs. Benefits in Holding Alexza Through Approval of AZ-004 (Topix)
  242. Study: Students learning abroad increase drinking (AP) (Yahoo)
  243. Cancer Patients' Secondary Symptoms Need Attention: Study (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  244. HIV Patients Team Up to Make Treatment Cheaper (OneWorld.net) (Yahoo)
  245. Cancer Patients with Pain, Depression Have More Physical Symptoms
  246. The Authentic Self: How Do You Know If You're 'Really' Racist or Sexist? (Topix)
  247. Coming out is just the start of the emotional journey (Topix)
  248. Study: Too much computer time can give children psychological problems (Topix)
  249. RCPsych Joins Climate Campaign To Improve Public Mental Health, UK (Topix)
  250. Study: Students learning abroad increase drinking (AP) (Yahoo)