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  1. Mouse Study Ties Substance Abuse to Depression
  2. Exercise as Proxy for Depression Medication
  3. Brain Scans Detect Alzheimer?s Risk
  4. Successful Aging Includes Sexual Satisfaction
  5. Calgary MS patients defend controversial liberation therapy (Topix)
  6. Ailing sea lion treated at Vancouver Aquarium after rescue off Ucluelet (Topix)
  7. MS patients defend controversial surgery (Topix)
  8. Ammeter (Topix)
  9. College Student Anxiety, Depression Levels Show Sharp Rise (Topix)
  10. Mormons More Passive-Aggressive (Topix)
  11. Is Qadhafi Self-Delusional? (Topix)
  12. Report: Vaccines generally safe, some side effects (AP) (Yahoo)
  13. Teen vaccinations against cervical cancer lagging (AP) (Yahoo)
  14. Steve Jobs Faces Uphill Battle Against Cancer: Experts (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  15. From Sept. 11 Skydiving to Cancer, How I Found Humor in Tragedy (ContributorNetwo
  16. New imaging test gives physicians better tool to diagnose Parkinson's disease (Topix)
  17. In early Alzheimer's, work is possible with support (Topix)
  18. Gay marriage opponents need to get the facts about homosexuality (Topix)
  19. UK warns on painkiller, anti-psychotic drug mix-up (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  20. Suicide numbers drop after quake (Topix)
  21. this story a-o (Topix)
  22. Gay marriage opponents need to get the facts about homosexuality (Topix)
  23. Nonfiction Review: "Ethical Wisdom: What Makes Us Good" by Mark Matousek (Topix)
  24. Steve Jobs Faces Uphill Battle Against Cancer: Experts (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  25. High School Mental Health Screens Are Effective
  26. Facebook Page Helping Teens Cope With Fragile X (Topix)
  27. Patient and clinician's ratings of improvement in... (Topix)
  28. UK health warning after painkiller mixup (AP) (Yahoo)
  29. J'lem district psychologist Nahum Itzkovich dies age 62 (Topix)
  30. Experts diverge over sanity (Topix)
  31. Featured Story: 0825 cover story (Topix)
  32. New, Better Tool to Diagnose Parkinson?s Disease
  33. With Age Comes Wisdom
  34. Reduction in Workplace Stress Could Curb Health Care Costs
  35. How the Brain Responds to Sadness & Rumination (Topix)
  36. "Abysmal" participation in cancer trials (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  37. Derek Grabast's Chinese journey (Topix)
  38. Don't Forget the Brain! Physical Health is Key to Treating Depression (Topix)
  39. Response to sad movies linked to depression relapse (Topix)
  40. Genetic cancer test often urged for wrong women (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  41. Doctors misuse scans in prostate cancer: study (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  42. Moms' smoking linked to psychiatric meds in kids (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  43. Quitting Even Tougher When Smokers Battle Other Addictions (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  44. Judge allows Loughner's forcible medication (Topix)
  45. COTS can change lives (Topix)
  46. 'Baby fever' is real - and not just in women, study claims (Topix)
  47. A Major Discovery: Protein Causing ALS Found (Topix)
  48. Parkinson's Disease Foundation Requests Proposals For Conferences... (Topix)
  49. Quitting Even Tougher When Smokers Battle Other Addictions (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  50. Trial-and-Error Learning Best for Older Adults
  51. Project Nim reminds us of our responsibility to the great apes | Peter Singer (Topix)
  52. Your pet: A help or a hazard? (Topix)
  53. Facebook and Kids: An unhealthy habit? (Topix)
  54. FDA approves gene-targeting lung cancer drug (AP) (Yahoo)
  55. UK painkiller recalled due to suspected sabotage (AP) (Yahoo)
  56. Student gets into master's programupdated 33 minutes ago (Topix)
  57. If you are laid off, cheated on or in worse ways wronged, a real... (Topix)
  58. The future is in your hands (Topix)
  59. 'How Can I Become More Resilient?' (Topix)
  60. Have you had your brain workout today? (From Topix Neurology)
  61. Not just another headache (Topix)
  62. Magnetic stimulation shown to alleviate PTSD (Topix)
  63. Slice of Life: Chance Encounters (Topix)
  64. Psychotic drugs trial cancelled (Topix)
  65. Wedding officiation is an impetus to parent and infant relationship (Topix)
  66. Early-Onset Parkinson?s Possibly Linked to Fat Metabolism
  67. Can I fast-track a psychiatric evaluation? (Topix)
  68. Genetic cancer test often urged for wrong women (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  69. Moms' smoking tied to psychiatric meds in kids (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  70. Science: Monkeys with Money (Topix)
  71. Outreach for veterans on campus (Topix)
  72. What makes people feel pleasure? (Topix)
  73. UN warns of bird flu resurgence, new Asian strain (AP) (Yahoo)
  74. Taiwan hospital transplants 5 HIV-infected organs (AP) (Yahoo)
  75. Computer Game Therapy Combats Stress, Anxiety
  76. Ghana's new mental health bill aims to address stigma (Topix)
  77. The Psychology of LinkedIn (Topix)
  78. For kids, natural disasters can whip up worries (Topix)
  79. Special Treatment Movie Review (Topix)
  80. Unconscious Mind Aids Pursuit of Long-Term Goals
  81. Laughter Improves Vascular Health
  82. Medication Studies Often Designed to Mislead
  83. Test For Movement Disorders Gives Physicians Better Tool To Diagnose Parkinson's Dise
  84. Need a C-section? Protection from blood clot urged (AP) (Yahoo)
  85. Xalkori Approved for Advanced Lung Cancer (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  86. Troubled Teens Spotted in Routine School Screenings: Study (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  87. Wisconsin clinic may have exposed patients to bloodborne disease (Reuters) (Yah
  88. Hilo pharmacy school to offer new degree (Topix)
  89. New breast cancer gene may help predict risk: study (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  90. Parents can ease back-to-school stress (Topix)
  91. The "Cute Dog Effect" On Sex, Money, and Justice (Topix)
  92. Think You're An Auditory Or Visual Learner? Scientists Say It's Unlikely (Topix)
  93. Siblings of disabled turn to Facebook page (Topix)
  94. Synergistic Memory Impairment Through the Interaction of Chronic... (Topix)
  95. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease Commences Series of Historical Papers (Topix)
  96. Need a C-section? Protection from blood clot urged (AP) (Yahoo)
  97. Xalkori Approved for Advanced Lung Cancer (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  98. Troubled Teens Spotted in Routine School Screenings: Study (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  99. Will Students Take a Mental Health Test? (Topix)
  100. Partner Can Aid Memory
  101. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease Commences Series of Historical Papers (Topix)
  102. New laboratory test to aid MS suffers treatment (Topix)
  103. Qualitative Market Research is Bunk (Topix)
  104. Catching up with Patrick J. Coffey of Thirsting for Wholeness Counseling Services (To
  105. Berlin Indian backers under fire, fire back (Topix)
  106. Has your mind gone blank? (Topix)
  107. Brain Fitness Training Improves Memory in Seniors
  108. Competitive Video Games May Lead to Aggression
  109. Attention Problems Limit School Success
  110. Mind the gap (Topix)
  111. Women Married Before Age 18 at Higher Risk of Mental Woes: Study (HealthDay) (
  112. U.S. child brides have more mental illness (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  113. Pre-chewed food may pose HIV threat to infants (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  114. Mind the gap (Topix)
  115. Women Married Before Age 18 at Higher Risk of Mental Woes: Study (HealthDay) (
  116. Playing Highly Competitive Video Games May Lead To Aggressive Behavior (Topix)
  117. Johnson City fifth in state when it comes to same-sex couples (Topix)
  118. What came before psychotherapy? (Topix)
  119. Hernando County's only free clinic sees sharp increase in patients (Topix)
  120. Dad?s Involvement Improves Child Outcomes
  121. Partying Not Essential for Happiness in College
  122. Partner Violence Can Damage Victim?s Mental Health
  123. Anxiety Can Hinder Friendship Development
  124. State tries to rein in psychiatric drugs (Topix)
  125. Frailty May Threaten Melanoma Survival More Than Age (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  126. Repackaged Avastin caused eye infections in Florida (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  127. Like mama bears, nursing mothers defend babies with a vengeance (Topix)
  128. Happiness: All in who you know, goals (Topix)
  129. Seminar focuses on bereavement (Topix)
  130. Child brides have more mental illness (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  131. Trial of Cancer-Fighting Virus Shows Promise (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  132. CDC: Half of Americans have a sugary drink daily (AP) (Yahoo)
  133. Mount St. Mary's to host free stroke education program (Topix)
  134. Positivity: Doctor, Facing Death, Races to Finish His Last Research... (Topix)
  135. Women who have abortions 'face double the risk of mental health problems' (Topix)
  136. Trial of Cancer-Fighting Virus Shows Promise (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  137. Abortion and mental health 'linked'Updated 1:20am Thursday 1st... (Topix)
  138. Frailty May Threaten Melanoma Survival More Than Age (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  139. Surviving Hurricane Irene's Agricultural Destruction (Topix)
  140. To Dodge Blame, Officials Prepare Public For Worst (Topix)
  141. How Couples' Collaborative Dialogue May Assist in a Spouse's Memory (Topix)
  142. People on the Move (Topix)
  143. Choice of seizure drug for brain tumor patients may affect survival (Topix)
  144. MDA: Alma Man Living with Type 3 Spinal Muscular Atrophy (Topix)
  145. People on the Move (Topix)
  146. Post-Traumatic Stress Expert Who Treated 9/11 Survivors, Responders... (Topix)
  147. Combining routine outcomes measurement and 'Payment by Results': will ... (Topix)
  148. Delcath says colorectal cancer treatment not effective (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  149. Cancer-fighting virus shown to target tumors alone (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  150. Matching Brain Activity to Words and Thoughts
  151. Returning Vets at Risk for Depression, Relationship Stress
  152. Trusting Neighbor Linked to Health Satisfaction
  153. Desire for Instant Gratification May Be Hard-wired
  154. Struggling with loss doesn't have to be losing proposition (Topix)
  155. Mariana Caplan, Ph.D.: Psychology and Spirituality: One Path or Two? (Topix)
  156. Ulster families fight flab in new television series (Topix)
  157. Homesickness infects CU freshmen (Topix)
  158. Concussion Expert Kevin Crutchfield, M.D., from LifeBridge Health in... (Topix)
  159. New AAN Tools Teach High School Coaches And Athletes How To Spot A Sports Concussion
  160. Stanley Milgram taught us we have more to fear from zealots than zombies (Topix)
  161. CDC: Doctors prescribing fewer antibiotics to kids (AP) (Yahoo)
  162. Vitamin D levels tied to colon cancer risk (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  163. Half of Americans Will Suffer From Mental Health Woes, CDC Says (HealthDay) (Y
  164. FDA warns of allergy risk with Merck antipsychotic (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  165. The Middle East Channel: The mad dog's madhouse (Topix)
  166. Bala Cynwyd Psychiatrist Recalls Post-9/11 N.Y. Sessions With Victims' Families (Topi
  167. WTC studies find no big jump in cancer, deaths (AP) (Yahoo)
  168. 9/11 firefighters have higher cancer risk: study (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  169. Half of Americans Will Suffer From Mental Health Woes, CDC Says (HealthDay) (Yaho
  170. StoneCrest Medical Welcomes New Doctor (Topix)
  171. Study: Boys don't like sharing feelings (Topix)
  172. College student anxiety, depression levels show sharp rise More... (Topix)
  173. 'A Dangerous Method' Trailer: Mortensen and Fassbender's Battle of Wits (Topix)
  174. Leading Experts on Trauma, Eating Disorders and Addiction Host Conference (Topix)
  175. Kids' activities not always cash well spent (Topix)
  176. FDA warns of allergy risk with Merck antipsychotic (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  177. Taiwan prosecutors probe HIV blunder (AP) (Yahoo)
  178. Career Choice Influenced by Sex Hormones
  179. Insomnia Exhausts US Productivity
  180. Making Stupid Mistakes When Drunk: Here?s How
  181. Dr. Francisco Vazquez Earns Membership With Stanford Who's Who (Topix)
  182. Telestroke-Guided Intravenous Tissue-Type Plasminogen Activator... (Topix)
  183. The Difference Between Jesus and All the Other Giants of Science and... (Topix)
  184. Half of US Adults Due for Mental Illness, Study Says (LiveScience.com) (Yahoo)
  185. Paradigms, Praxis, Problems, and Promise: Grounded Theory in Counseling Psychology Re
  186. Therapy offered for Irene trauma (Topix)
  187. Onset, Pace of Puberty Tied to Behavior Problems
  188. CDC: 2 children sickened by novel swine flu strain (AP) (Yahoo)
  189. Folate tied to lower colon cancer risk (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  190. Viruses Could Target Hard-to-Kill Cancer Cells (LiveScience.com) (Yahoo)
  191. Tropical Storm Lee's Heavy Rain: Blessing or Curse for Gulf Coast? (LiveScience.c
  192. David Perlmutter, M.D.: Breast Cancer Treatment for ALS? (Topix)
  193. Yale MS center fo host first conference on MS (Topix)
  194. Rebecca Leighton Still Vilified By Stepping Hill Hospital And The Nursing And Midwife
  195. Psychiatry in Indiana: The First 175 Years [Book Forum] (Topix)
  196. LaFlamme's more than ready for her close-up (Topix)
  197. The art and psychology of home staging (Topix)
  198. Like Mama Bears, Nursing Mothers Defend Babies With A Vengeance (Topix)
  199. Keira Knightley - Keira Knightley Talks About Her New Costume Drama (Topix)
  200. Newsmaker: Dr. James Valeriano (Topix)
  201. Psychiatry in Indiana: The First 175 Years [Book Forum] (Topix)
  202. Newsmaker: Dr. James Valeriano (Topix)
  203. Online Course Reduces Dangerous College Drinking
  204. Smokers with Mental Disorders May Need Counseling to Quit
  205. Medical director chosen for Department of Mental Health (Topix)
  206. Hospital frustrated mentally ill daughters (Topix)
  207. Tropical Storm Lee's Heavy Rain: Blessing or Curse for Gulf Coast? (LiveScience.c
  208. Power of Art to Animate the World (Topix)
  209. Psychological Study Finds That One In Four Bosses Are Secretly Psychopaths (Topix)
  210. Mount St. Mary's to host free stroke education program (Topix)
  211. More women suffer mental illness than men (Topix)
  212. My 11year old son: Therapist or Psychiatrist? (Topix)
  213. Courage to be free (Topix)
  214. Portland Mercury (Topix)
  215. Victor Davis Hanson: Zero Jobs 101 - the Psychology of Alienating... (Topix)
  216. What Is Knowledge? (Topix)
  217. Many Autistic Teens Use School Mental-Health Services (HealthDay) (Yahoo)
  218. Perception of Facial Expressions Differs Across Cultures (Topix)
  219. 'A Dangerous Method' Trailer: Mortensen and... (Topix)
  220. a Secret Life of Pronounsa prompts laughs, anxiety (Topix)
  221. Psychologist shuns couch for table (Topix)
  222. Nearly 40 percent of Europeans suffer mental illness (Reuters) (Yahoo)
  223. WorkWise: Staying on track, minimizing distractions (Topix)
  224. Nick Clegg says that modern Britain expects too much from teachers (Topix)
  225. Study: 38 percent of Europeans suffer mental illness (Topix)
  226. 9/11 coverage: How much is too much? (Topix)
  227. French judge to rule whether Chirac ... (Topix)
  228. Sept. 11, 2001, anniversary key to healing (Topix)
  229. Why The Trip Home Seems To Go By Faster (Topix)
  230. Sex Hormones Impact Career Choices, Psychologists Find in New Study (Topix)
  231. What Type of Therapy Is Right for Me? (Topix)
  232. Dark side of the system (Topix)
  233. UK officials may take 4 obese kids into custody (AP) (Yahoo)
  234. Non-epileptic seizures may be misdiagnosed longer in veterans (Topix)
  235. For those who can't stop grieving, there's hope (Topix)
  236. Studying minds of criminals (Topix)
  237. The Post-Labor Day Letdown (Topix)
  238. Living with 9/11: the therapist (Topix)
  239. Obscurity Vs. Clarity in Writing (Topix)
  240. Study links babya s behavior and adult brain function (Topix)
  241. Common Cause of ALS Discovered (Topix)
  242. American psychiatrists have created a lucrative industry of torture and death (Topix)
  243. Study Suggests Sexual Orientation Unconsciously Affects Our Impressions Of Others (To
  244. Novartis fights patent rejection in Indian court (AP) (Yahoo)
  245. Study: Many Europeans have mental disorders (AP) (Yahoo)
  246. UK Study Probes Over-The-Counter Addicts
  247. Smoking Bans Prompt ?Spur of the Moment? Quitting
  248. Study Finds Nearly 2 in 5 Europeans Suffer from Mental Disorders
  249. Talk on Thursday to help whites build their 'non-racist identity' (Topix)
  250. 40% of All Europeans Mad as Hatters (Topix)