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  1. Loud pulse in ear
  2. Nueropsych testing
  3. "How a school got smart about concussions"
  4. The Power of Positivity
  5. Healing Power of Faith and Prayer
  6. blood cell count dropping
  7. You will get there in the end!...
  8. Some LearningRX exercises to try
  9. Anxiety and anger problems
  10. Nausea
  11. But on the bright side...
  12. Should I have one serving of alcohol?
  13. Does anybody else get bedspins?
  14. what to do
  15. Return of daytime diziness- just a few hours ago.
  16. question
  17. TBI & stairs at home (even worse, baby gate at the top)
  18. Brain Training Games
  19. How I ruined my life...
  20. working out again
  21. Need some encouraging words [before I go crazy!]
  22. NeuroPsychiatrist or NeuroPsychologist??
  23. Maybe... 50% off Lumosity for someone
  24. Personality changes with PCS
  25. Blocked or congested ear after wearing earplugs at night
  26. anger and heart palpitations
  27. Fun and interesting ways to train your brain...Check it out!
  28. I know I need to rest, but what exactly does that mean?
  29. dazed...and confused.
  30. Article on Mike Matheny
  31. 2nd year
  32. just cant seem to keep my head above water
  33. Carrick institute treatments
  34. aches and pains
  35. Dont know if this is PCS?? Has anyone experienced vision problems?
  36. question
  37. Walking question
  38. seven months later/new symptoms
  39. new to this...
  40. Crosby set to return Monday
  41. Wow.... room full of people......
  42. talk about stress..my son just had surgery..in hosp 2 weeks with him
  43. Healing well!!
  44. exerise article..from mayo clinic
  45. I'm feeling a lot better :)
  46. PCS or 'just anxiety'
  47. e-readers..nook or kindle -- anyone use them?
  48. I'm thankful...
  49. question.
  50. This seems like very good doctor tbi info.
  51. neurologist?
  52. depression and anxiety
  53. updating my postconcussion
  54. Head Injury vs. psychiatric disorder?
  55. how did your thanksgiving go... better/worse than expected
  56. Falling asleep at night
  57. healing touch
  58. Returning PCS?
  59. Can I Have Some Advice?
  60. Waking up feeling lost and confused? Very scary.
  61. So I went out last night and something terrible happened. Need some help and insight.
  62. chill like feeling thru my body ...especially when i went to bed
  63. What a horrible neurologist...
  64. What is considered large ARACHNOID CYST?
  65. Cop still relapses after 19 months
  66. Strange new symptom
  67. New here with questions..
  68. vertigo ... when laying down ..turning over
  69. Any success with Ativan?
  70. Problems waking up...
  71. drove today for hour and half in each direction to dr appt for son
  72. Carrick Institute / chiro services
  73. convergence insufficiency
  74. Intrusive Thoughts?
  75. ambien...how many of you take it?
  76. well two days of driving, dr appointments, going out a bit hit me now
  77. Concerned and frustrated
  78. Swimming seemed to help
  79. Anyone taking any meds for concentration
  80. Is dizziness concussion symptom or PCS?
  81. roseblower's post
  82. Not sure if its Post Concussion from Jan 2010
  83. Increasing amitriptyline?
  84. Harry's Law episode about concussion in sports
  85. is it really a matter of training the brain to accept the stimulation??
  86. blood sugar
  87. Exercise benefits the brain
  88. Ear plugs? Headphones? What to choose?
  89. Been having dreams - Concussion related?
  90. PCS nearly 4 months
  91. Chronic Fatigue, Pain, and TBI
  92. New combo: PCS + intestinal flu (?)= a whole new world
  93. how do you know if your symptoms are anxiety or pcs?
  94. Healing Touch helped my headaches!
  95. Is this possibly as good as it gets?
  96. First EEG today.
  97. 6 weeks with PCS, what can I do?
  98. 4 months and counting...
  99. Concussion from roller derby...neurologist appointment on Monday
  100. Dang it.
  101. Strategy for Focusing, Concentration w PCS
  102. Thomas Sorensen
  103. Good News
  104. suggestion for quick pain relief (head hurts so bad)
  105. Crosby sitting out for a couple of games as a "precautionary" measure
  106. Workmans comp's incompetence
  107. Help! Does this sound like PCS?
  108. SEVERE anxiety problems - feel like I've lost it.
  109. Forgiving family who denied me the help I needed
  110. Article on Lew Carpenter, football player
  111. Caffeine: just say no?
  112. and I overdid it...why????
  113. Discouraged today
  114. Is 'Crashing' normal?
  115. Hello -skull fractures and concussion
  116. little patience or tolerance
  117. Tinnitus
  118. Flying
  119. stutter or wrong names
  120. Daylight
  121. TBI recovery website about alternative therapies
  122. Articles on how previous concussions make future ones more likely
  123. Obsessive thoughts?
  124. 7 months later
  125. Nothing to do with PCS - just a holiday joke for some cheer...
  126. Five months
  127. Neuropsych testing commenced...well, kinda...
  128. WC Question HELP!!
  129. What are the chances that I have Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy?
  130. Neuropsych test - the experience
  131. Sinus condition from concussion as part of PCS?
  132. Article on Hockey Careers Ended due to PCS
  133. 2 month update
  134. Christmas book idea
  135. Disability questions - SSI, SSDI, etc
  136. going back to work
  137. Looking for a referral
  138. What can I do to improve my recovery?
  139. Terminated due to documented PCS?
  140. postpone wedding?
  141. Scratching an itchy scalp- big no-no?
  142. PCS and noise sensitivity
  143. US neurology care vs International neurology care?
  144. A word to others who are as stubborn as me
  145. need help im new, think i have pcs
  146. What's the point ?( in a horrible place)
  147. What are the chances of PCS being permanent?
  148. Please help, is this pcs?
  149. Immune system down
  150. Christmas Shopping Trauma
  151. People who are on Prozac or have taken it before - Help?
  152. Still PCS? Chicken and egg and frustration
  153. Sudden change in tone of tinnitus.
  154. How long did it take for your PCS symptoms to show up?
  155. Eye question
  156. Advice needed: How to get "psychosomatic" label off my medical record
  157. Prior concussions, PCS & headaches
  158. Benefits of cognitive testing
  159. Brain Power Supplement.
  160. when to take vitamin supplements, fish oil, etc..
  161. Almost lost my balance & fell this morning. Anyone else as well?
  162. Playing video games = bad news.
  163. Anxiety clinic appt
  164. TBI and Mixed Sleep Apena. Related??
  165. Juicing/Detox
  166. First day of taking Citalopram(Celexa), never again.
  167. Perfect storm warning
  168. Fell asleep walking across the bedroom
  169. Hit my head
  170. PCS similar to stroke victims?
  171. Forever/Frustration
  172. Hope
  173. Rough start to New Year
  174. BCAA's May Help People Heal Faster From mTBI**
  175. Returning symptoms
  176. Subaru Roof Bashed in 6 Inches Friday
  177. Woke up in the middle of the night with complete amnesia. Scared to go back to sleep.
  178. Result of over stimulation or something worse?
  179. concussion clinic
  180. Concussuion After Motorcycle Accidents
  181. Emotional lability strikes again!!
  182. Seizures???
  183. how far does reality slip....
  184. Media Attention
  185. Amitriptyline dosage
  186. repeat concussion, basic care
  187. ?s regarding child concussion
  188. New prescription: Mirtazapine.
  189. disorientation/new member
  190. Did anyone consult a neuropsychologist?
  191. When do you know that your symptoms are permanent?
  192. PCS opinion- 20yr old
  193. Headache management question
  194. Nortriptyline Dosage
  195. Starting to feel better, but concerned about tremors
  196. O.T. I'm freaking out!!!
  197. I`m drowning in anxiety and emotion
  198. Reading comprehension
  199. Feeling Tired / Out Of It Some Days
  200. Can I get a "Hallelujia" ????
  201. Mild but persistent tachycardia
  202. Dealing with Others
  203. Brain Fog
  204. Took an online IQ test - now I'm a space cadet!
  205. Amitriptyline?
  206. F.m.l.a
  207. Coffee?
  208. PCS - Return to work suggested guidelines?
  209. Storm Front Moving In
  210. Guess I'm not out of the woods yet!!
  211. Blogging
  212. New neurologist - Repeat MRI and blood work. Should I?
  213. Sinusitis and cognitive problems.
  214. "Keep stimulating your brain and you will eventually get better."
  215. My current predicament - Need advice.
  216. post concussion symptoms after car accident.
  217. the symptoms of pcs coming and going
  218. Anyone have jaw pain and numbess in mouth?
  219. wait for physical therapy?
  220. Post Concussion Syndrome with MAJOR Vision Problems
  221. Time flying by...
  222. Be careful what you wish for.
  223. PCS for One Year
  224. organic damage?
  225. Bumped my head
  226. Venting....
  227. is this "normal" and what works?
  228. B-Complex 50mcg with 400mcg of Folic Acid?
  229. MRI or EEG
  230. MRI or EEG.
  231. Ask the Experts?
  232. My psychiatrist and benzos.
  233. memory - medication?
  234. Back to Work!! Round 2!
  235. Moving forward
  236. snow - toomuch for my body
  237. Life goes on...
  238. PCS - Visual damage - Post Trauma Vision Syndrome?
  239. slurring words
  240. flying with PCS
  241. Unpleasant Dreams
  242. Suggestion for Newbies and those with persistent symptoms
  243. Tips for Working With Light Sensitivity
  244. One Way To Valhalla - movie
  245. Where is the best concussion care?
  246. How bad must the pain be before taking a painkiller?
  247. how can neuro spine specialist help?
  248. atlas/axis
  249. Neuro Psyc testing post concussion
  250. Thoughts that don't make sense.