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Default novel idea for dopamine boosting therapy.

I have been thinking about this disease which I have had for 16 yrs now. Clearly it is worsened by stress and negative influences. So I am embarking on my own therapuetic regimen. First of all I am working with the love of my life who is a licensed pain management therapist and massage/rehab therapist as well.

I theorize that dopamine production can be enhanced by accentuating positive influences in our lives much like stress and negative influences produce cortisol. So my therapy consists of eliminating all negative influences from my life whether this is negative speech, the news, negative or toxic people or any other stressors. If something should arise I am dealing with it in a positive manner and I am not going to stew on what I can't control.

The second step of this therapy I am using something to boost dopamine production in my own brain. Dopamine is said to be the feel good chemical in your body. What better modality for boosting this feel good chemical other than sex. So with the help of my therapist I am having sex as often as possible. She is willing to make the effort to ensure that I give this regimen a good trial and not miss any therapy sessions.

My treatment regimen is sex, food and sleep a.o.a.p. (as often as possible)

I have 2 questions. Has anyone else tried this. I need a control group, any ideas?
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