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Originally Posted by rabmckean View Post
hey guys im a newbie looking for some support. On monday my wife had a colloid cyst removed from her brain. im just wondering how the recovery goes? im told her chances are real good?
I find it annoying,as she ahd been at local gp's and hospitals several times over the past 3 years about her blinding headaches,and a scan was not until she lost conciousness in my local A+E.
We have two kids,one 10 wks old,and im just wondering how we are gonna deal with it all when she leaves hospital.
all help and encouragement appreciated!
Hi, I hope this note finds your wife doing great....
I am writing to you because I had cc removal (emergency) surgury on May 14 of this year and just wondered if 2 months post op is as good as it gets in the recovery process....I am told that I am "better" as the cyst was removed - - however, I just don't feel like the same person....I am still forgetting alot and I hate to go out and see people and my thoughts are STILL jumbled...what was your wifes' recovery like?
Thank you so much IL
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