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Originally Posted by rabmckean View Post
hey guys im a newbie looking for some support. On monday my wife had a colloid cyst removed from her brain. im just wondering how the recovery goes? im told her chances are real good?
I find it annoying,as she ahd been at local gp's and hospitals several times over the past 3 years about her blinding headaches,and a scan was not until she lost conciousness in my local A+E.
We have two kids,one 10 wks old,and im just wondering how we are gonna deal with it all when she leaves hospital.
all help and encouragement appreciated!
Hi, I am a relative newbie aswell, but received surgery to remove my colloid cyst nearly two years ago at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, UK. To begin with I had a major memory defecit, which meant I couldn't even recognise close family members, that slowly improved however and now, even though I haven't returned to work yet, I am absolutely desperate to do so and looking forward to a long and successful, though briefly interupted, career. I have done a lot of reading since my operation and am convinced that in most cases a Colloid Cyst is something we can all recover from. With patience, understanding and encouragement, I'm sure your wife will make a full recovery; - I quickly re-passed my Driving Test (a UK requirement after brain injury) and I feel fully fit now and eager to get back to my job. I hope your wife makes as complete a recovery as I have. andyh
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