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Originally Posted by Soundslave View Post
I thought there was something wrong with my stereo. When it's really loud there is a buzzing sound on the left. WhenI turn around it's still on my left. OMG it's my ear???
Make sure that you are not listening to music that is too loud!
It sounds like you are suffering from Tinnitus.

I don't normally visit this forum but your post caught my eye because I actually suffer from Pulsatile Tinnitus ( a rhythmic pulsing whoosing sound in my left ear). I unfortunately got this after an op for V/ATOS. I can actually hear my blood pulsing in my ear....... horrible.
Go to your GP if it doesn't subside after a week or two. It could be from an ear infection for which you will probably need antibiotics or damage from loud noise?????If the buzzing continues after you have been checked by your doctor ask if you can be referred to a ent (ear, nose, throat )specialist.
If symptoms continue the following youtube clip may be useful?
Best wishes ( SD38, TOS forum)

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