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Confused Gluten Intolerance Help.

Hi, I am a 23 year old male and I suspect I might have Celiac disease and/or gluten sensitivity. My mom has Rheumatoid arthritis, one of my aunts has Celiac's disease, and another aunt has Crohn's disease - so autoimmune disorders run in the family.

These are my symptoms: I have had fatigue, anxiety, and indigestion since I was little. Now, I have horrible acid reflux (so bad that nexium, omeprazole, prevacid, or tums can barely keep it at bay), a nagging ache in my right upper quadrant (for about 1 year), going bald (although it looks like its probably MPB). I do not have any issues with my bowel movements - even though my aunt with Celiac's disease had diarrhea as her primary symptom. I have already had a vast array of other medical tests done including blood tests, CT scan, upper GI scope, ultrasound, etc. so a lot of other conditions have been ruled out. The upper GI scope noted a fair amount of inflammation in my stomach, but did not detect the presence of H. Pylori.

Because of these symptoms and a family history of autoimmune disorders, I've decided to try out a gluten free diet. I did try this out a while ago and did not have any relief in my acid reflux in about a week, so I decided to stop trying to avoid gluten. The nagging side pain had not started yet. However, this time, I plan on avoiding gluten for longer.

I'd like to ask a question to people with similar symptoms - If gluten sensitivity is the problem, how long after I stopped eating gluten would my heatburn/indigestion and abdominal pain subside? I guess my real question is... How long should I keep the gluten free diet up before I give up on it and move onto the next elimination diet. 2 weeks? 2 months? Right now I'm about 2 days in and I do not notice a difference in my symptoms.
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