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New to NeuroTalk. Hope I Found The Right Place

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Default New to NeuroTalk. Hope I Found The Right Place

Hi I am a 32 yr old female. I was in a car accident in 2010. Originally dx with whiplash and sent for pt. All was going ok. Couple weeks into pt my right arm started to hurt a lot. Primary doc sent me to have an EMG/NCS which showed nothing. BTW I HATED that test.

My arm pain was increasing. So primary sent me to and Orthopaedic doc. He did x-rays and an MRI of my arm and elbow. He dx me wth tennis elbow due to the force of the crash and holding the stering wheel on impact. He fitted me with a wrist splint and sent me on my way with a return appt in 6 weeks when all would be better. WRONG! now the pain is in my whole arm down to my fingers so bad I cant even hold a pen.

Ortho doc put me on medrol to help with swelling. Even my pain pills werent really helping much. My sleep was decresing and the pain was getting worse I also was having convulsions in my arm that werent very pleasant felt like I was being shocked along with the feeling that my arm was being set on fire and at the same time ice cubes were being pushed thru my veins. Went back to ortho doc who at this point said nothing was wrong and seeing nothing was wrong bone wise referred me to a Muskeloskelital/Pain managment dr. He sent me for an MRI of my neck to see if I had something more than just whiplash.

Well come to find out I have a ruptured disc at my c7-t1 Went to a neuro-surgeon who said I wasnt a canidate for fusion surgery. Went back to musk dr 3 weeks later. Accident happend in Aug 2010 I went back to musk dr in 1/2011 at this time I have lost use of my right arm. He dx me with CRPS I and he presscribed Keppra for my convulsions in my arm. I had a cervical epidural in 2/2011 and that gave me relief for one day.

I was told that I would have to be on pain pills to manage the pain. Well now its present day and I have adapted to using my left hand for everything. Thank God for my awesome husband whos literally been my right hand thru all this even though he doesnt understand whats happening to me.

I saw my musk dr last week and he said my last ditch effort to try and help with the pain was SCS. Ill be honest that scares the crap outta me. So right now thats where I stand. Im trying to decided if thats the way I wanna go. Im at the point Ill do anything and I mean anything to just have a pain free day.

I dont really know why I joined this group I think it was to be able to talk to ppl who know what im dealing with and to seek advice and to maybe help someone else in the process something good has to come from this disease. Thanks for listening

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"Thanks for this!" says:
Dejibo (04-18-2012), Rrae (04-21-2012)
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Wink Nice to meet you!!


Hello and welcome to NeuroTalk. Happy to see you have come to be with us. Here are a great number of dear friends to listen when you are in need of ears. You will find out we are supportive and relaxing place.

Check into the following forum:


Again welcome, looking forward to seeing you around. My thoughts and prayers are with you.



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Rrae (04-21-2012)
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Wow, what a journey. Im sorry you continue to suffer. Pull up a chair, loads of good folks here.
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Rrae (04-21-2012)
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Did you have any type of therapy or PT for the ruptured disk??
If nothing else perhaps for pain relief at least?

Have you read more about CRPS - do the symptoms fit for you?
we have a forum for it here -

With the whiplash injury I would also suggest reading on our Thoracic Outlet Syndrome forum- the nerve /or blood flow can become compressed/irritated in the area of the neck/collarbone , many nerves and blood supply to the arms run thru that area. Since you mention swelling , I wonder if it it a vascular issue, TOS can have nerve and/or vascular compressions/impingement.
Useful sticky thread with TOS info-

I wouldn't jump to a SCS until fully exploring both CRPS/RSD & TOS, also our Spinal forum for the ruptured disk & possible therapies.
Spinal Disorders & Back Pain -

And it could be a confusing mix of the disk, CRPS & TOS, but sometimes therapies can improve/relieve some of the pain.
Check the Helpful sticky threads near the top of every forum.
site FAQ's

Use the search tool to find information posted in other NT threads & posts
Search link -

NT Guidelines - Linked @ bottom of every page


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Rrae (04-21-2012)
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Thank you all so much for the warm welcome I did go thru traction for my ruptured discs but that wasnt doing much for my arm and yes iv read the symptoms for CRPS and it fits me to a T. It hasnt gotten to the point where I have skin changes but the doctor has noticed a temperature change in my right arm which is the effected arm. I will look into the thoracic info you suggested. Its funny iv been having some weird tingly feelings in my left shoulder and arm. Freaked me out bad thought I was having a heart attack. Not a good feeling at all. I really do appreciate all the info I can get. God Bless!
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Rrae (04-21-2012)
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Smile Hello JadedOne....

I just wanted to add my 'Welcome' to NT!

I see you've really been thru alot. I'm so sorry.
You'll find many caring people here, as you've already seen.

I have an SCS - it's for my lower limbs tho. You'd be looking at a cervical implant. There's a bunch of folks with these over on the SCS forum, Darlene pointed the way if you want to correspond with others who have them. It's in the 'Medications & Treatment' forum listed as a sub-forum if you can't find it.

Like Jo*Mar says, lots of homework, which I see you've done. You might ask doc regarding possible spread of CRPS.
These units have helped many people (including me). The downside is that alot of times they require revisions and such. I'm not sure how this would do if you've lost complete use of the arm. I'm so sorry about that. One of the members at the SCS forum (Mark56) is dealing with the recent diagnosis of his deteriorating arm. It isn't CRPS tho. His SCS is for his lower limbs similar to mine.

I completely understand where you're at tho. The pain is agonizing and it sends our quality of life spinning downward. I sure hope something will turn around for you....

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i am a survivor!

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