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Post Concussive with depression - 9 year old

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Austin's Mom
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Default Post Concussive with depression - 9 year old

I have a 9 year old son who loves to play football. He’s a good size, but solid young man. He plays first string, left tackle. And he LOVES his position. On August 16th my son sustained a concussion during a game as a result of a head on head collision with another player. My son was in full gear at the time. Because I didn’t immediately pick up on the signs and symptoms, he sustained a second hard blow during a game on August 20th which resulted him landing on his back, hitting the back of his helmet/head on the ground. The second hit was the icing on the cake so to speak and within 24 hours there was no doubt about his injury.

I am sure everyone is wondering how I never picked up on the first signs and symptoms of a concussion. He had a headache on August 16th which Tylenol took care of. But to know my son is to know that when he is sick or injured, he looks and acts the same as if he was not. He never runs a fever, is always active and full of life. Nothing has ever gotten him down … until August 20th.

Unfortunately for my son, the concussion has been a roller coaster of headaches, migraines, numbness in his hands and feet, vision and hearing problems, sleeping problems, sharp pain in his spin, depression, agitation, and memory and concentration problems. Just as we take one foot forward, we end up taking two more back – he is still under doctor care and has not been permitted to play, run, jump … well, he has not been allowed to be a kid since diagnosed. This has been really hard on him. He loves the sport, but he is so miserable with all the symptoms.

Two weeks ago my son and I started violin lessons. I thought that perhaps getting my son to focus on the things he can do vs. the things he cannot do would help him. He loves it when I play my violin - he said it relaxes him. I was excited when he said he wanted to learn and signed him up for lessons with me. We are now taking a group lesson together. Unfortunately, my son can't always hear what is being played, said or what he plays due to his injury. Our instructor has been great and reassures Austin that music can do wonderful things for people who are recovering from an injury and in due time he will be able to hear. But in the meantime I can tell you that you are playing very well.

Yesterday his doctor released him to participate in P.E. and recess at school. My son is so excited. Even though he still has symptoms, we are hoping that gaining some of his life back will help him mentally overcome what is going on.

I wish I could say things were getting better, but they are not. Last night when my son was having a meltdown (which tends to happen when he is over-stimulated and tired), he said he was tired of the pain and wished he was dead. He said it several times and how he just wanted to see his dogs and grandma that have passed away. It was very disturbing and a HUGE red flag. Trying to keep my emotions under control I told him how sad I would be if he was not here with me. Needless to say I was up several times through the night checking on him.

His PCP has referred us this morning to go back to a neurologist we saw last month (for a second opinion to my son's condition). There is something serious going on with him and a neurologist would know what our next steps are. The follow up will be next week.

So where do we go from here?

Anyone else experiencing this with a child? Any good resources? What has or has not worked for you? I'm busy researching and getting ready for the next chapter in Austin's recovery.
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Austin's mom

You are doing very well, for him. Just keep being there for him. He is having ups and downs. I would suggest getting him some psychological help for one thing. Also there are some older teen type kids in the adult room, of Post concussion Syndrome. I would go there and look.

Also he is blowing of steam in the ways he can. Just get him all the help you can. You will be able to do this.

Just remember its hard even for us adults that have had or have Concussions.
So its hard for a child to understand. But with time they do get better.

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Austin's Mom
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Default Follow ups ...

Well we can't seem to get a follow up appointment with the neurologist until later this week. I put a call into the PCP to see if there are any recommendations to any other neurologists in the area. The PCP may have some pull to help get us moving faster.

.. as I explained on the phone to the PCP office, my only obligation is to my son to get him the best treatment and whatever it takes to make that happen.

I have also put a request in for imaging. There has not been any imaging done. At this point it needs to be done to rule out anything we can't see.

Fingers crossed & tears are flowing. I am hoping and praying to get some answers for my son.
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"Thanks for this!" says:
Dmom3005 (10-17-2011)

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