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I have a question about drinking

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Originally Posted by July63 View Post
I praise your soberness. I do disagree with some things; first, if your ex-wife sat with you every day, 24/7 and did not want you to drink... did you drink in front of her anyway? If so, then yes, other actions need to be done, but I think you didn't disrespect her, and you drank when she wasn't around. Okay, maybe you drank when she was around, did she just sit there and say 'oh wells, may as well watch him drink." Did you drink when you got 'rid' of her so she wouldn't be around? If that was the case, that is my point. She needed to stick closer to you. I can tell me, if I don't want my dog to chew rawhide, and I watch her all the time, even if rawhide is next to her, she isn't chewing rawhide. If i turn my back, she may go for it, but if I am watching, then no chew for you.

Isn't it that simple, or what do I miss. If you are going to explain, be simple and logically (I am a simple man with a TBI and memory problems, may not remember this post)... Be gentle
Well, Thank You!.. I didnt drink at home..I drank in bar rooms, and I did not care if she liked it, complained about it, threatened to leave me..etc

My point is, that we cannot get anyone sober, and we cant make them stay sober..The alcoholic has to WANT to get sober, and stay sober

There is alot more about alcoholism than drinking..I have to go to meetings..I had to take a good look at myself, the damage and hurt I caused others, I had to try to help other alcoholics find sobriety, and pass to on my experience, strength, and hope with them..I can only lead them to water, but it is their willingness..their decision to drink the water

I have to always to remember that I am sober today by the grace of God, because when I went into rehab, I didnt have any grace..I dont think I knew what the word meant

This is a suggestion, in your travels, find our AA text book "Alcoholics Anonymous"..It explains the truth of alcoholism, and offers a program of recovery..The book can explain it better than I can..It explains the problem, and offers a solution to the problem

Tying to control an alcoholic will make the people around me/you/them go crazy after a while..Alcoholics are liars, dishonest, selfish, defiant, manipulative people..

One morning, I woke up hangoover that could kill a horse, an I sat on my bed..I was 36 years old at the time..and I realized that in 36 years of my life, I was a nobody, who had not accomplished a thing, and out of nowhere, I had lost the desire to drink, and I wanted to go in rehab, and, became willing to do what ever that I had to do to get sober and stay sober
There are those who see things as they are and ask..Why?..I dream of things that never were and ask..Why not?..RFK
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Default Hi Stevem

I am happy for you that you beat the drink! My folks never could. I only knew my father, my real dad in the few months before he passed away. He didn't drink while he had his cancer. He lived his life drinking, and this is what I still remember about him. Dad has been gone now since 1990, and I am now 60. I wished I had had the opportunity to know him better in the sober mode, because I found out when he was sick, that he really was a nice guy. Any time some one quits, I cheer, because they are giving their loved ones a real gift, that of their sober selves. ginnie
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"Thanks for this!" says:
July63 (04-03-2012), stevem53 (03-17-2012)
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boy of misery
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I drink wine thrice a week. It feels good
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Default Dear better boy of misery

Glass of wine now and then is good. In sweeden they actually prescribe for lunch and dinner. I don't because I am afraid with the meds I am on. Very seldom, but I do like the wine too. I sip now and then and wish for a little more. Hope you are better today, and not stay boy of misery. ginnie
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