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Dental Mishap ?

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Unread 03-18-2012, 12:46 AM   #1
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Default Dental Mishap ?

I'm looking for anyone with a similar story because everyone around me seems to be giving me different reasons for the pain Im feeling. hope you guys don't mind reading my story.

In late February, I visited the dentist to have a cavity filled and a filling replaced. Everything seemed to have gone okay, I had the typical sore mouth and tooth for a week or two. Also I was already sure that this tooth might need a root canal, so I was expecting more than the usual pain to develop. However, as time progressed the pain I began to encounter turned abnormal. I had pressure headaches on both my temples combined with sharp pains in my eye, then came a few migraines, then I felt like I had a stomach virus, always nauseous.

Everyone including myself thought this might just be some sort of infection but I had no swelling the pain that started to develop around my jaw was never centered around the tooth which was only sensitive to heat and cold but thats it. Now about 2 weeks ago the pain just stuck to the left side of my face. I started to get pain from my ear to my temple, across my cheek and down my jaw line close to my mouth. Muscle spasms in my left eye and cheek, however the pressure I feel on my temple is the worst pain Ive ever dealt with. Its beyond a pressure headache its as if the blood vessel is swollen and about to burst and it just gets heavier and sharper. It completely immobilizes me from doing anything, I get very nauseous and I start to sweat. I haven't been capable of sleeping many hours because its worse at night. The cheek pain can be just as severe but I can pretend to manage it ha. Although together the pain is unbearable. Its triggered by talking, eating, brushing my teeth.........and so on. The pain is in and out all day and without pain meds there is a dull pain inbetween the stronger episodes.

Two days ago I went back to the dentist, they xrayed my mouth and he tried to convince me that I had a sinus infection and that there was nothing wrong with my tooth. I didn't believe him about the sinus infection because Ive had one in the past and this felt like my nerves in my face came alive not congestion. So the next day I couldn't take the pain any longer, I had been taking the lortab that was prescribed back in February but the pain had surpassed it a week ago. I needed to make sure there wasn't anything more severe but the hospital did not see anything out of the ordinary on the CT scan nor did they think I had sinus infection. They gave me a referral to see a neurologist. I'm thoroughly conviced that I have TN, not even percocet can contain the pain. Ive been taking amoxicillin since my first visit just in case I have an infection but obviously nothing is getting better. I'm just worried that this pain is never going to go away.
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It sounds like the nerve got aggravated it should have calmed down a bit by now tho and your description of pain issues fit t.n. ( not the feeling sick to tum thats usually med side affect)
can i ask if the area is warm or hot to the touch dose it turn red?? if so thats more r.s.d.
dont panic you will be okay once you see the neuro they can rule out things and will know if it is t.n. or another type or neuo-pathic pain and then start you on the proper meds.
when is your apt with the neuro doc?I hope it goes well and you get some option for pain relief. Please let us know how things go . and remeber we are here for you.
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Default Dental Mishap?

I think BM has it right.
Dental work is a common trigger for TN. If you went to an Endodontist to hve the work done, he/she should have caught that. Anyway, no one has the same story for TN ( I am not as familiar with r.s.d.) it is a very individualized disorder however one of the triggers that can set it off (and a very common one) is having dental work. We are not sure why, some people believe that you already have TN but it is so minor you are not noticing it, or it's kind of dormant (for lack of a better term) and something about the dental procedure sensitizes the nerve.
As for the nausea and other symptoms you mentioned, I've heard that before. Personally I think it's a reaction to the pain not the TN itself.
I've had very similar reactions to severe pain.
See the Neuro and most likely the meds will help a great deal with your pain. Remember though, you may not find the best med for you on the first try, be open to trying as many as needed until you find one that covers your pain well and you can manage the side effects.
I encourage people to give your body time to get used to the meds, these are new to your system and most often the side effects diminish after a few months. So unless the side effects are absolutely unbearable either lower the dose? (always in conjunction with your MD) or try taking the same amount of med daily, only taking it more often (3X's a day instead of 2). These small changes can give you a much better chance of getting used to the med and still getting enough pain relief until you can get to a dosage that really covers all/most of your pain.
And lastly,,,come back here. There is a lot of info and some great people who (between all of us) have seen most everything and can offer good suggestions on how to deal with TN. Once your diagnosis is firm let us know and there are other things you can do to help with the disorder. My last suggestion to everyone...cut out from your diet..aspartame, MSG, caffeine and as much sugar as possible. Good starts in helping with the pain and even if it's not TN, it will help with most nerve related disorders.
Good Luck, we are all here for you....Beth
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