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Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Concussion Syndrome For traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post concussion syndrome (PCS).

Do we catch colds more often because the brain can't work the immune system?

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If you keep your Vitamin D levels where they need to be, your immune system will work much much better.

I haven't had a cold in over 3 yrs now. It is amazing how nice that is!
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This raccoon has come out yesterday since the snow recently melted and can't decide which cherry tomato to eat first. Hubby put them on the feeding bench yesterday morning. (he doesn't like them). They were all gone by this morning.
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Klaus, you have me in stitches with your "Next time I am touching people's thongs at the salad bar I will definitely remember to wipe my hands before I eat". I read that too and was thinking the same thing.

I am also stuck on this one from Ziggo "3 year old sisters daugther". huh?

Ok, logging off for a long while. My brain is done.

p.s. wasn't poking fun at anyone, just enjoyed having something to smile about.
Head Injury 10/2011. Diagnosed with contusion/concussion....Now PCS with Tension/Migraine combo headaches.

Symptoms: focus/concentration issues, short term memory issues, nausia, dizziness, sleep problems, noise/light sensitivities, extreme fatigue, irritability, vision problems, slow processing, tingling in extremeties and a few more I can't remember.
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Soccergal (04-13-2012)
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I touch my face more because in class the only thing you can rest your head against and still appear interested is you hand, so head on hand = 3 years of pain and sickness.
I think it can also be because our bodies are working so hard at helping us heal that it does not have time to fight little bugs.

Fell off a horse in late winter of 2009 blacked out for a couple seconds, had amnesia for 10 hours (still don't remember this time), had 2 CT scans, 2 MRI's, 1 MRA all negative. Since the first concussion I have continually knocked my head into different things purely by accident or from being stupid. These many concussions over a short period of time have caused
constant migraines, nausea, and dizziness/lack of balance.
Migraine triggers are:
light sensitivity (especially to florescent or bright lights)
sound sensitivity (especially to high pitched or loud sounds)
temperature sensitivity (especially to cold or extreme heat)
activity (especially if breathing increases or head is jostled)
pressure on head (sinuses, hats, headbands, sunglasses, pony-tails)
lacks or quality (food, sleep, water)
tension (stress, tight muscles, tired eyes, sickness)
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Originally Posted by Jeffrey View Post
This has never happened to me before (I think).

Caught a mean cold from the housemates 2 months ago (family w/a three year old I nanny). Combined with my post-concussion chronic pain, it was a whole new kind of cold. Getting through it was a victory- my first PCS cold.

Now less than two months later, another cold.

From the child I nanny? Someone sneezed on my salad at Panera?

No clue. I try to live a healthy lifstyle.

Anyone else run into this?

I've been reading up on sickness. Just figured I'd come here since I only have close family to talk to (housenates sometimes).

We have had the same experience with our daughter who has post-concussion syndrome. She was rarely sick, but then after her concussion, she was getting frequent colds. It has been six months. The colds are less frequent now.
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Mark in Idaho
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Welcome to NeuroTalk. Sorry to hear more parents dealing with children with PCS. It can be an anguishing experience.

How is she doing?

Does she have any symptoms that are causing a serious struggle?

How is she doing in school?

Please introduce yourselves and tell us how we can help. There are lots of great people with scads of experience with PCS.

My best to you and yours.
Mark in Idaho

"Be still and know that I am God" Psalm 46:10
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I asked this question a couple of months ago...wondering about the same thing. In the nine years the husband and I have been together, I've rarely been sick. Since last July (accident time) I've been on antibiotic about 5/6 times. Currently taking now for sinus stuff....
2 years, 2 months, 16 days and change. Hanging in here.
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Default Hi Jeffrey

I actually have auto immune problems. Yes, when your system is on overload trying to heal, you are more suceptable to get colds etc. It seems you have to be even more careful about germs. I am not exactly a germafobic, but i do use wipes in the grocery store, and go down a different isle if someone is sneezing. Those bugger colds can live on surfaces for a long time. I live in a high tourist area, and all the northern folks come down here for the sunshine, and of course want to be outside with their lousy colds, so I am careful. Try to use those antibactial wipes on your car door, steering wheel, door knobs at home, your hands after you go someplace. Your cell phone and key pads are good wipe down too. I hope you don't get any more colds. Just be a little more careful and you won't. I did not get one this year, and there were thousands down here visiting....good luck to you. ginnie
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glad to see this post. I'm 15 months out from accident and this is about the 8+ time I've had the crud. Ear infections, bronchitis, upper resp infection. I have taken a lot of meds. I try to eat well, drink a lot of water, I do take vitamins (d included) and exercise. I wash my hands all the time (college student). My immune system is jsut shot.
2 years, 2 months, 16 days and change. Hanging in here.
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Default Amantadine

I have not posted on this site for a long time. but i have been reading the discussions regularly. Briefly, I am sixty years old and have been knocked unconscious six times and suffered numerous concussions.

I have been prescribed a number of different medications over the last fifteen years trying to combat this 'concussion syndrome'.

Reading your post has motivated me to tell others of the latest drug that i am taking that appears to be working. I am more alert, my speech is better, i am not stalling, hunting for that word that is swimming around in the brain, which is an indication of better working memory.

I have smashed that frosted glass wall that kept me from enjoying the moment. The drug is called Amantadine and is used for bird flu symptoms which will help your cold like symptoms.

Researchers have found that the drug also awakens the brain and is recommended as a treatment for brain injury's, as-well as other neurological disorders.

Please look it up and discuss trying it. with your doctor, it is not expensive and is worth trying.
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ginnie (10-05-2012)

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