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New to forum!

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Default New to forum!

Hi there it's so great to know there is a site where great advise and support is available. I have already had fusion and laminectomy of L5/6, my disks were degenerated beyond repair. I am three years post op and although I still have pain it's nothing like before, it got to the point where I could not walk. My cervical spine is degenerating the same as my lower spine but at an alarming rate. I recently had an updated MRI the last one being two years ago and the damage is significant since then. I have two bulging disks between c4&c5 and c6&c7 but the c6/c7 is bulging into my nerve cavity. I have spondylosis from c3 through to c7. I have bone spurs too and there's other bits showed up that I can't remember from the report! I am suffering from thoracic outlet syndrome on my right side and experiencing extreme pain that shoots down my shoulder blade, through my neck, and around my chest, sometimes suffocating pain that makes it hard to breath, migraines, chronic vertigo, tinnitis at times, I experience tingling and numbness at various levels through out my arms and sometimes face and at times shooting pain especially down my right arm that I don't know what to do with myself. Problem is I also have super ventricular tachycardia with intermittant arythmia which makes my heart highly sensitive to medications (I have landed up in the ER multiple times due to drug re actions) and can not have any anti inflamatories as I have had multiple stomach surgeries from sepsis after an appendix removal went wrong, emergency caesareans, hiatus hernia repairs, gall bladder removal and too many others to mention which has caused chronic adhesions and pain. I am highly suseptible to gastric ulcers which are not fun at all so this leaves me with very few pain control options as it is I have to take Omeprazole for stomach acid every day of my life. I am terrified to have the bulging disks operated on as I have honestly been through so much and all my medical problems have bankrupted us. My GP prescribed Gabapentin a few months ago and I'm still too scared to try it in case it affects my heart. I have tried Lyrica but my hair fell out, it made me eat too much and my eyes were blurry all the time. I take ativan for muscle spasm but only when I can't get off the bed from pain as our doctors are paranoid about addiction. The only other medication I take is Pynstop which is a combination of paracetamol, codiene and caffine. I am concerned about taking these too often because of liver damage from the paracetamol. I have started seeing a chiropractor for traction and massage but it's not helping much yet. I went this morning and have been nauseous all day from the headache. I do regular stretches and use a hot water bottle almost all the time as it is soothing. I don't know what else to do but I sure as hell can't take living in pain much more. I have chronic insomnia due to my heart problem that is worst at night and of course pain. I am prescribed Immovaine to sleep. Any suggestions anyone, I know there are people allot worse off than me it's just I'm in a bad place right now and depressed. I can't take anti depressants as they again affect my heart. I am seeing a heart specialist in two months to see about a pace maker. Thanks for your time and I hope I can be of help to you some time too!
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Thumbs up Nice to meet you!!


Hello and welcome to NeuroTalk. Happy to see you have come to be with us. Here are a great number of dear friends to listen when you are in need of ears. You will find out we are supportive and relaxing place.

Again welcome, looking forward to seeing you around. My thoughts and prayers are with you.



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"Thanks for this!" says:
blondie90210 (12-09-2012)
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Bless your heart. I'm so sorry for all your problems! Believe me, I know all about the pain. I've been a chronic painer for over 25 years, and there are times I want to tear my hair out.

When I had my first spinal surgery, my surgeon sent me to "back school" -- it was at a rehab place where they taught us the correct mechanics for the back, plus other tricks. One main thing they taught was to NEVER use HEAT on the spine when it hurt -- heat draws blood to the heated area which causes more swelling & pain. You need to use ICE, which will reduce the swelling, thus reduce the inflammation and pain. Sure, when you first put the ice on it hurts for a couple of seconds, but after that it feels GOOD. Wrap the ice in a towel -- never put the ice directly on the skin as it will damage the skin. Use the ice for 20 minutes every 2 hours. You'll find that your pain WILL be reduced!

I thought he was nuts, and I tried heat one evening and I ended up in SO MUCH PAIN that I could barely walk! So i immediately got the ice out and applied that and it was much better afterwards! I never did that again!

Have you tried the Lidoderm patches? Those are TOPICAL patches -- they don't get into the blood stream, but they CAN help some people. You might ask your doctor about them -- it's worth a try. Have you ever tried a Tens Unit or would that interfere with your heart? The Tens Unit delivers electrical stimulation to the painful area, but ONLY the painful area. Ask him about that too.

Make sure when you lay down that you have pillows under your knees so that they're elevated. Laying flat puts too much pressure on the spine. Also if you're laying on your side, put pillows between your knees to keep the spine aligned. NEVER lay on the stomach! The spine does not like that!

You probably know all these things, but thought I'd mention them anyway. I hope you find something that eases your pain. It's just awful being in pain 24/7! My prayers are with you. God bless. Hugs, Lee
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blondie90210 (12-09-2012)
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Smile Hi Blondie!

Just wanted to add my WELCOME also!

You've come to a place FULL of support, care, understanding, and alot of good information.
Make yourself right at home and post anywhere you'd like.
Even if you just need to 'vent', that's what we're here for.

You're not alone - friends are on the way!

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blondie90210 (12-09-2012)

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