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Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD and CRPS) Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (Complex Regional Pain Syndromes Type I) and Causalgia (Complex Regional Pain Syndromes Type II)(RSD and CRPS)

Bladder and rsd

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Default Bladder and rsd

Hi I'm Deb, I was just wondering if anyone else has rsd in their bladder. I'm 47 and have rsd in my right knee\leg. I have been having problems in the bladder area for a few years. I don't have the feeling that I have to go to the bathroom until out of the blue I feel as if I am going to wet my pants. Recently a few months ago I actually started having to use Tenas because I don't always get to the bathroom without some emptying before I get there. I went to a urologist and he said it was due to my rsd. I am now on a new pill that is supposed to help with the urgency feeling. I believe that the rsd has spread to my other leg and back as well. I get the electrical shock type pain through those areas once in a while. It is not up to the constant level of pain that I get in my rsd leg. I have had rsd since 2003. I'm curious about how long this rsd usually takes to spread completely. Anyhow, I'm thankful for this site. I hope you all have pain tolerable days. Deb
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RSD is a different beast for each of us even though we all suffer pain. spread differs btwn people as well , some don't have spread, others such as myself it spreads but i don't know if it is at a rate faster than others. what i do know is what i read here and on other sites. most people whom have spinal damage are susceptible to rapid spread. what that means i don't know. I'm still experiencing spread . it strted in right toe then ankle leg groin, surgical scars , left leg, my left arm and forehead sand suspect in back and right hand. i know others where spread happened faster an others slower. its all very personal how it acts. sorry this wasn't a black and white answer. good luck
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lyndabw1 (05-01-2012)
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While I do not have RSD, I have bladder issues due to nerve damage....L3-S1. I have diminished sensation in the predictable areas and never experience urgency, regardless of how full the bladder is. Obviously, if it gets too full, it will empty spontaneously. I don't like incontinence supplies as they break me out, regardless of how frequently they are changed. I go to the bathroom q 60-90 minutes, do relaxation exercises and my bladder will empty at that point. Perhaps some sort of similar routine might help you avoid those annoying accidents. Best wishes.
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I just discussed this with my doc. Every few months I start to feel like I'm getting a bladder infection. Our immune systems are depressed from RSD, afterall. I drink 100% cranberry with no sugar (from Trader Joes) added to sparkling water for a few days, and it always clears up for me.

If you haven't had your blood sugar checked recently, that is something important to have done as well. My mom claimed she was having bladder issues due to her age (self diagnosis) but it turned out it was Diabetes. Since her blood sugar is back in control, the problem has gone away.

Double check All your meds for possible side effects as well. One I took years ago, caused me major accident prone problems. And none of my docs connected it to the med at the time since it was a rare side effect.

Good luck!
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lyndabw1 (05-01-2012), Vrae (06-23-2013)
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I have a couple problems. It's difficult to move much urine and I need to go frequently. I don't so much get an "urge" many times but a sort of "panic attack". Part of my problem is probably prostate but most of it started with the RSD.
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Unread 05-19-2012, 01:44 PM   #6
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I tend to drink lots of liquids. and i believe i mentioned that i don't pass a bathroom with out using it. I make sure i don't have to walk any further than i must . but in the am i believe all men do the same. wake up and pee and that is when i feel the urge but i wind up waiting forever for it to start then i must force it to finish. is it the drugs? or red or both.. no way to tell whilst i need pain killers and other drugs.
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Hi, I am a 34 year old female with CRPS since July 2012 and a month ago I started having bladder issues though I am not sure if it is the CRPS or the Ketamine troches I have been using. If anyone can comment on what CRPS of the bladder feels like maybe I can use that as a comparison? Thanks...Nicole
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I have CRPS of the bladder. It spread there after an injury to my L5S1 and left foot 2nd metatarsal base fracture. After a couple surgeries and minimal physical therapy, I was left with CRPS. I did not know though. I had to wait the precursory amount of time and visit a certain number of doctors. Once the CRPS was diagnosed, my urologist said, oh yeah, all your bladder problems are connected to the neuro problems caused by the CRPS.

My symptoms include frequent infections, burning pain, fever, but I have hematurea (blood in the urine), pressure, inability to urinate/empty all the time. When i get an infection my Doctor calls in an antibiotic for me. In order to prevent the infections, I catheterize 3 times a day. Cathing is really not too bad. You can buy disposable catheters through an online pharmacy fairly inexpensively. Your nurse can describe how to insert the catheter, and in short time it becomes second nature.

Hope you feel better soon.
- CRPS Type II with migraine, Dystonia and spasticity
- Diagnosis 2010 following
- Injury 2004 L5S1; 2nd metatarsal left foot fracture; left hip fracture

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