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Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Concussion Syndrome For traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post concussion syndrome (PCS).

phrasing your symptoms right

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Default phrasing your symptoms right


One small piece of advice I learned the hard way when going to see doctors.
I did not have the most concerned, personable doctors. Usually during the assessment they will ask about your daily routine to see how much you can do.

Because of the headaches and fatigue I could not do much and would always start off along the lines of "Well, I always have a headache and I get up and do the dishes and then have to rest after 10 minutes.. blah blah blah". Their eyes usually glass over.

Then I learned to say " I do as much as I can do each day! ... until the headaches becomes severe enough or the fatigue". Even if that is only half an hour or so.

These small things make a difference to doctors. I noticed that their attitude toward me changed. It is discouraging to hear people posting that their doctor's have given them these wrong diagnoses that hurt their ability to get help with their PCS.

This may seem silly but I hope it helped a little.
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Margarite (11-27-2012)
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No it is not silly. A GOOD dr will be able to interpret what they are told. I.E. if a patient starts out negatively and focus's on aspects of daily struggles then the Dr should clue in that the patient is not being responded to. It all boils down to bedside manner.

But having a Dr with great bedside manner does not mean you have an effective one either. He/she might make feel that you are being heard and understood but does nothing to help you recover. So finding one that is both is rare.

I for one don't care if the bedside manner is good but I refuse to accept one that won't do me justice. I may have to tolerate them for the short term but I will vote with my feet or wallet. FYI I am still dealing with a neurologist that I do not work well with.

No choice as he is the work comp Dr. But when he refused to refer me I involved my GP. He became a whole lot less stubborn with the referrals after that. It may mean that it will cost more but if one can go that route it can make the difference. I truely hate that the medical system is this messed up.
49, Male Married, PCS since June 2012, headaches, Back pain, neck pain, attention deficit, concentration deficit, processing speed deficit, verbal memory deficit, PTSD, fatigue, tinutitus, tremors.

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Cool Good point

I think you have a great point. I have an apt with my Neuro next week and I have been trying to prepare what I will say. I find PCS symptoms strange and hard to explain. Before this injury I hardly ever visited a doctor! I think before I go to the doctor I will have a great big whine session with my husband so I can be crisp and to the point with the Neuro. Just the facts mam!
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Theta Z (11-25-2012)
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Theta Z
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concussed lawyer wrote: "I have an appt with my Neuro next week and I have been trying to prepare what I will say. I find PCS symptoms strange and hard to explain."

I also have an upcoming regular 6 mos. appt. this week with my primary care physician.
I have nothing new in concerns, no complaints to report for this appt, btw.
And nothing to present other than what has become my "now normal", for now ... which is fine with me, am okay with my current status.

Despite the fact that she has been my PCP for the entire 4 years since the auto collision/TBI, and that she confirmed PCS thereafter, and nonetheless that we know one other socially ... I typically have to "jog her memory" about the tbi-pcs.

Don't get me wrong: I like my PCP and have no problem with her as my medical provider. These days with the changeover to Electronic Medical Records, they rarely have time to review their own digital Patient Notes, which is at best cumbersome, time consuming, and awkward, in computerized format. Arrghhh.

It's just the way it is, unfortunately.

[ For more info on the mandated EMR, see: http://www.medicalrecords.com/physic...cords-deadline ]

50s Babyboomer; 2008 high-impact rear-ended/totalled-MVC, closed-head injury->pcs ... "Still dealing with it."
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sospan (11-25-2012)
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Much like the rest of us, doctors like to see progress. Once they can see that there is some forward movement, it is easy to get across the things that are holding you back.
January 2012 tripped over a power cable and life has changed - memory, mood, balance and puzzled. Now how do I fix it ?
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