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a big thank you to mrsD

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Default Damned Birthdays.

Growl growl growl.

Hope yours was good, though.
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"Thanks for this!" says:
mrsD (11-30-2012)
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glenn....damned birthdays?

I personally like them....even though I have had more in my rear view mirror than I have to look forward

thank you, too, for all your expertise esp re lab results
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Originally Posted by mrsD View Post
Thanks for the nice comments.

You know I don't understand why doctors remain oblivious to
new things. It is almost as if they have been "conditioned" to only accept drug reps, and other nearby doctors as sources.

But the world is filled with medical papers on so many subjects, all one has to do is LOOK at them. Japan for example led the way on B12 testing etc because of the horrific epidemic of low B12 from oral Vioform (now called clioquinol). This drug caused thousands of disabled, blinded, and dead people in the 70's there. You'll recall oral Vioform vanished from US shelves in the mid 70's or so, taken off by our FDA at the time. Also India has a huge number of patients with B12 deficiency and there are many papers from India about treatment etc that are very useful. This is due to the vegetarian diet many follow there.

But have doctors here learned about this? Nope.

It is almost like the middle ages still, where "doctors" bled weak and sick people to death, in spite of evidence that it didn't really work.
Barbers were the surgeons then, and also patched up soldiers
in battles. But the "doctors" were useless for the most part then.
I guess bleeding patients only worked for a short time on those with iron overload disease (hemochromatosis), so they generalized it to everyone!

My post numbers don't seem like so much if you take into consideration they are for 6 yrs. Also many posts are listed in our private admin area that you cannot see. But yes, I do think we all need to learn a bit more about how our bodies work, and how the CHEMISTRY works, so we can understand how to heal.

I am glad you like our forums. All of us on the community team have a special medical interest, and we all participate with our member hats as well as our moderator hats on a daily basis.
I think NeuroTalk is unique on the web. We are where confused and suffering people end up, in frustration with medical problems that are just not being addressed properly at the doctor's offices. Our MS and PD forums have many posted threads on the biochemistry of both of those neurological problems. I read them every day. I've learned reams from our PD posters, far more than from school, or my work day.

Do you remember Ashleigh Brilliant cartoons in the papers?
This was back in 70's and 80's mostly. But I had one card I bought with the saying : "If you learn one new thing each day, at the end of the year, you will know 365 new things."
Today's pot shot from that site:
The most important thing about studying Science, is never to take it
too seriously". Because of copyright I cannot post the card itself here.

It is rather how I live today. And we must, as things are just too complex not to know a bit about autos, computers, smartphones, drugs, medical tests...etc. We have to know a bit about many things today, we never did 50 yrs ago. I remember
our family important papers filled a little metal box back then.
Now we have a ROOM full of family related papers, investments, receipts, bank statements, etc. Boy, life is getting very complex!

So now I am retired too, and have the time to share this way with others on the net. I am too lame and burned out physically from standing all those long hours, long weeks, and can't really get out much anymore. So I consider this my "community service" to give back before I pass on.

We have so many members here who are generous in this way and share, and help others. It really is a remarkable community!
It is amazing how many doctors don't want to know anything about nutrition, and the genesis of the conditions they want to medicate. But sterilizing surgical instruments became standard several years after Joseph
Lister tried to tell the medical profession about the nexus of microbes and death.
Anyway, thanks to you, and the others who care.
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"Thanks for this!" says:
mrsD (11-30-2012)

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