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Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Concussion Syndrome For traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post concussion syndrome (PCS).

Relapse after relapse...

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Default Relapse after relapse...

That seems to be the story of my recovery. You know, for a year and a half now I've been dealing with the hellish roller coaster of PCS. There will a day or two where I feel like i dont even have a brain injury. Then, literally out of nowhere, im right back to square one. It gets very exhausting and discouraging when you think for one day that you are making progress and the next thing you know, you're robbed of that great feeling and you function very poorly for 1-4 weeks. Then, its one or two days of peace and right back to poor functioning again.

Im tired of it.

Here's what made it the breaking point for me, which is why i decided to post today: The whole month of November, I was functioning like a pro. Then, at the end of the month I get hit with the quadruple whammy. I end up in the hospital after blowing my nose and being knocked to the ground with severe vertigo. Same day, I'm injected with a medication that caused a severe, psychotic reaction and causes a huge brain injury relapse. All the while, I'm in the process of quitting pain meds cold turkey (which is hell as it is).

Okay, two nights ago, I'm desperate to find out what could possibly make feel better. I went for a 4 mile walk, while praying out loud to the Lord to help me, came home and took a warm bath...and I swear it was like magic. I suddenly felt like I didn't have an injury at all. I'm healed!!! The next day, I wake up a little foggy like I always do...but it goes away. I'm feeling great as ever. I still take it easy, stay home and hang with my son and little sister. Out of nowhere last night, my brain turns off. My memory turns to complete and utter garbage, my processing speed is dropped to the ground, I cant keep a thought in my head without it disappearing and never coming back....and for what? I didnt do anything before this happened.

Im back to square one.

Theres my vent. Im done. I just want to crawl under a rock until my next one day of good functioning but cant because I have a son to take care of.

What happened: I was randomly assaulted from behind in June of 2011. I was knocked unconscious for an unknown amount of time (less than 30 minutes) and have no memory of the event. CT scan showed contusion and hematoma of the left frontal lobe. I spent 3 days in the hospital. Diagnosed with Post-Concussion Syndrome in September 2011. Currently have Medicaid, Medicare and SSI.

Current symptoms: Brain fog, mild memory issues, problems with spontaneity, occasional spacing out, word finding difficulties, tinnitus in right ear and some other things that I can't explain.

Life after the brain injury: 4 years after the injury, I'm engaged to my beautiful girlfriend of 5 years, I'm the CEO of my own business, Notorious Labs, I've taught myself how to program complex games and apps which is a feat I never thought I'd accomplish and now live a semi-normal life with very mild PCS symptoms.

Slowly but surely regaining my life back.

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Man am I ever sorry to hear of your struggles. I have followed your post for some months and was hoping you were finally on a good and positive trend. I will pray for you and hope for the best.
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