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Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Fibromyalgia syndrome is a widespread musculoskeletal pain and fatigue disorder which generally occurs in the muscles, ligaments, and tendons the soft fibrous tissues in the body. This forum is for fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome (CFS/CFIDS).

Chronic fatigue? Rule out Candida first!

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Celiac disease, triggered by gluten proteins from wheat in susceptible people, can damage the central nervous system. The cell walls of Candida, the yeast responsible for oral thrush, vaginal infections and intestinal Candidiasis, contain the same protein sequence as wheat gluten and may trigger or stimulate Celiac Disease.....
The surface proteins which wheat and candida fungus have in common is hyphal wall protein 1 (HWP1). HWP1 uses oligosaccharide sugars to cross link with the tissue transglutaminase which holds cells together on the surfaces of our small intestines.

However, this study does not reach far enough. Everyone's immune systems start identifying harmful antigens like candida by the protein sequence in HWP1. In celiac patients the immune system creates antibodies which attack anything associated with HWP1. In celiac patients and everyone else the immune system releases zonulin in the presence of HWP1. Zonulin causes the intestine walls to become porous, and passes the intestinal contents into the bloodstream undigested.

Because both candida and wheat gluten contain HWP1, BOTH the celiac reaction AND the permeability reaction are triggered by either candida or wheat gluten.

This website shows that about 90% of candida and gluten symptoms are identical.

Why? Because the above "zonulin dump" places candida, gluten, bacteria, viruses, complex sugars, large proteins and metals into the bloodstream. From the bloodstream candida and gluten continue attaching to tissue, and become the objects of further immune responses.

What can we do? Obviously quit eating gluten. But candida? Candida thrives on anything which tastes sweet. So you know the rest.
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Dmom3005 (10-19-2013)
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Secret agent man did an excellent job answering this post!! Make sure if you treat the yeast(possibly with diflucan or nystatin, you also take a great probiotic supplement to re-establish the good bacteria in the gut!
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Dmom3005 (10-19-2013)
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Hello all, just checking in to let everyone know that I'm still 100% over the neurological problems I had back in 2009~2010 after treating the candida/leaky gut syndrome. I honestly don't get on these forums much now because, well, I'm busy living my life to the fullest. I still like to come back and offer my perspective to others who might be struggling with what I struggled with. If not for some random post on the internet I may have never been aware of the existence of the candida/leaky gut syndrome connection to the immune and nervous systems. Anyway, I hope all are doing well.
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Dmom3005 (10-19-2013), mrsD (10-17-2013), rachel's daugther (10-19-2013), RGBREC (04-29-2014)
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Thank you Secretagentman and Chemar

For talking on this thread. Its very informative. And I will
work on looking into this.

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Originally Posted by Chemar View Post
ps for anyone interested, a good book to start with IMO is The Yeast Syndrome by Walker & Trowbridge. In addition to discussion of Candida overgrowth and related ailments, it also has really good recipes to make the yeast buster diet easier to handle. Takes one through stages of food ie an elimination diet.

We (my family) have consistently found Candida Clear by NOW to be our best acting anti Candida supplement.

anyone who has ever used a lot of antibiotics, or is an alcoholic or binge/heavy drinker, as well as people who eat a lot of refined carbs & sugars really could have candida overgrowth in their GIT., but often the triggers are not so clearly defined.

I was very surprised when my Candida overgrowth was so high, and amazed at the ailments that disappeared when I had gone though the initial elimination and recovery period. I was otherwise relatively healthy for my age, and with an organic and very healthy, balanced diet.

I try to keep an open mind when I begin to hear enough anecdotal evidence of things come in. Conventional medicine and scientific research has it's value, but it does not know everything and often things are discovered "by anecdote" that modern medicine then catches up to later.

I had candidiasis. I was treated for it and got better from an assortment of "ailments" that I had no idea (nor did my PCP , gynie & co ) could be related to candida "yeast" infection.
If any of those things reappear (eg for me they include: IBS, fog-brain headaches,foot pain, back ache) I do a short course of Candida Clear and eliminate any food that candida likes from my diet for about a month, and voila! I begin to feel a lot better!

My son has Tourette Syndrome (with ADD, OCD etc) and Crohn's Disease and he KNOWS when he may have a problem with candida as well because his symptoms ramp up. Again, we treat for candida and things get better........

The proof of the accuracy of diagnosis of an illness & efficiency of a treatment is in the healing IMHO

It is not scientifically accurate, but here is an old time home remedy "spit test" that *may* indicate one has candida "yeast" infection. I have been intrigued though in hearing how frequently showing a +ve spit test seems to corelate with subsequent positive conventional testing. Again, it is not "scientific" or "FDA Approved" but hey! if it can help one feel better, what is a bit of spit in a glass of water

Thanks for the info, Chemar. I've heard of Candida too, but never really looked into it. I've had CFS and fibro for 30 years now, and it just sucks. I think I'll try that spit test, and ask my PM doc about Candida (I'm going to see him next week).

If something works, then it's great, and I'm glad to hear it works for you.
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