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Apple/Mac Tips & helps

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Originally Posted by ljp0782 View Post
Did that when we bought our iMac last year; we were also coming from Windows computers. For us, it was a waste of money. Buy the Missing Manual for Leopard for around $40; it'll give you all the info you'll ever need.

Same here.... Though, depending on what I do I cross over from MAC to PC. I have the mac, my mom and dad have the pc, my sister who lives in the same house has a windows based laptop. I bought my mac book last year.

I love it. It's the best thing I have ever bought! Even better than my hot tub.

PS. My niece loves the photo booth feature.
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Default Macs, Ipods and Iphones

I have had my MacBook Pro for over 3 years. I had the extended service plan and it was wonderful, it paid for itself. After the warranty was over, the hard drive started making noises. As a preemptive strike, we put in a 500 gig hard drive and that is great. I have to say to people who are trying to decide whether to buy a Mac or not, that you will save so much time just in not updating and running all the security programs all the time, or dealing with the malfunctions. Sure, you can get Mac security programs (which isn't officially encouraged by Apple) but they are so fast. I absolutely hate PCs now.

I have had 3 IPods, one I gave to my husband, I still have a newer Shuffle, and my most expensive newer one with all the features I gave to my son. I am ambidextrous but use my left hand for most everything except for writing -- I used my left hand for writing when I was younger but my mom had a fit and made me use my right hand. All of this to say that holding the Ipod in my left hand did not work for me -- this was 3 years ago so not related to the new IPhone 4 problem. I could not get it to do anything. My son has no problem with it. I really like my newer Shuffle a lot.

I have the IPhone 3GS 32 gig, with the newest upgrade software. I don't understand why people are getting the IPhone 4 when you can get this one for $200.00 less. Very little difference in features, and it works. Best Buy is one of the few places that is still selling it new. I have also used a Droid. I have to say that the Droid is an IPhone-want-to-be. They still have a lot of bugs in them, at least the one I had. The Droid apps are flakey, expensive, and you don't know who you are giving your credit card number to; at least with the IPhone, the app charges are going through the ITunes store.
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Default iPhone therefore iAM :)

Originally Posted by TalkingNeuron View Post
Any thoughts on iPhones? The only smart phones I have owned have all been Blackberries. Some of my friends have them and have let me play around with theirs. All I can say is, iPhones are sweet. Those Apple boys make fine products.
I am a Mac lover, iPhone, iPod, MacBookPro, G5, I edit film, write essays, edit my photography on Macs, have done so since 1994. I am not a technician and must say that the new OS are fool proof. I Blog, **, which I have done since 2004 and I love the internet concept. I have early symptoms of Lou Gehrig aka ALS aka MND and my extremities are what give me my biggest challenges. This is why I love the fact I can still type with my two fingers and are writing more every day.

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Just thought I would pop on and say I absolutely love my iMac! My daughter had a Macbook Pro and I loved it. So, last Christmas I was surprised when my husband gave me a new iMac. I was a bit hesitant to switch from Windows but now I wonder...what was I thinking?! Lyndarva is correct...it was so much easier that I remember thinking something was wrong. Anyway, I did purchase Norton for Mac and also Office for Mac; haven't had a single problem in over a year. As for iPhones, Shuffles, Nanos and the rest, I don't use them as I am retired. And, well, after years and years of working in IT, I just wanted something simple so I went with a Jitterbug LOL! Anyway, yes, from now on anything I decide to purchase will be an Apple product.
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Agreed. When I worked in an office, we had IT support, and could always call the help desk. When working at home, however, there's no help desk - just me! That's when I'm glad I don't have a PC any more...Macs cause so many fewer problems!
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Default Mac transparency

Macs os's are so well designed they are transparent. So in a nut shell they just work. I have an iPad, iMac and when my plan runs out I am getting an iPhone.
They are the bomb.
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Default mac book pro

Originally Posted by ljp0782 View Post
Did that when we bought our iMac last year; we were also coming from Windows computers. For us, it was a waste of money. Buy the Missing Manual for Leopard for around $40; it'll give you all the info you'll ever need.

I have a Mac book Pro and I have for about 18 months.Still very good.I take it with me all over the place.Are there any sales on them.
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Default Mac Support

Just in case ... my day job is as a mostly Mac supporter/SysAdmin here at the University of Zόrich. So if any Mac propeller-heads need some help or want to hang out, have at it.
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Originally Posted by mrsD View Post
The iPhone my son has does not have a great battery life.

Perhaps that has changed with the newer models?

The touch screen is very "touchy" ...it does not respond to all touches. You have to touch it a "certain" way. Frustrated the beejeebees out of me last summer when I tried it.

I do like the meow meow keyboard app, and the koi app.
I would use that in the doctors' office waiting for my doom, and blood pressure readings.

Hi. Just some quick questions about a Mac if anyone cares to answer. I am a PC person, windows this and windows that. Never owned a MAC. Two days ago my friend went to the Apple Store and bought a MACKBOOK AIR 13. I had to look up the tutorials on youtube to explain TextEdit and the other programs to her. When I found out what she paid I said "OH BOY". Her reason was "I don't ever want to get another virus and MAC's don't get viruses".

I believe her. So here are my questions.

What is the big difference between a MACBOOK and a LAPTOP. I know they have different operating systems but they both have their browsers and you type in the URL at the top right? I assume they have favorite places (like IE)? If I ever get rich I think I might invest in one but I'd like to know why the big price?

And here's MY question. We have a PC in the living room which my husband uses. And I have the laptop which I use. We have a wireless router/modem from Verizon. If I ever get a MAC, I assume I just turn it on, click on the wifi button and it will search for my wifi network? And once it's connected, that will be it, right? Like what my laptop does now.

I mean, I can always learn new things but I'd like to know if the price of these 13 inch macbook air is worth it?

And how on earth can a 13 inch anything be worth almost a thousand bucks?

Thanks much




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They do all the same stuff with different programs/names etc.

The virus issue is much less a concern, but they could still get one.
They do sell antivirus programs for Macs , so ..

Personally I would rather pay 69.00(for 3 pc's) per yr for a quality AV internet suite than pay the higher cost of a Mac.

Another option would be to install a Linux OS on your windows machine - that would be free and they very rarely get viruses also.
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