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Optical Neurolgia - Feel Lost

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Frown Optical Neurolgia - Feel Lost

I started having problems with my vision in August 2012, I woke up one day with a “camera flash effect”, like someone had taken my picture with a flash and I was left with a “spot” in my vision. I was also having flashes and floaters in my eye. It only affected one eye, but unfortunately several years ago I had to have a corneal graft which left me with not so great vision in one of my eyes – and the eye affected was my “good” eye.

When I first noticed the problems, I would wake up feeling like I had been rolling my eyes up too far in my head. I was worried that this moight have caused the problem but I’m told it hasn’t.

I saw my GP, my optician (checked prescription as I am very short-sighted and checked for retinal detachment, asked for computer glasses but was told I don’t need them), I was seen at the hospital several times by an ophthalmologist (dilated pupils, couldn’t see anything wrong), saw my ophthalmologist who did the corneal graft (checked for loss of colour in vision, that was fine, and also did a field vision test, fine), saw a neurologist who sent me for an MRI scan, came back clear, and finally saw an optical neurologist who came to the conclusion that I have optical neuritis.

He told me that if it was going to clear up, it would have by now. I am a white 30 year old female which is apparently the common factors for getting this condition (lucky me!).

My problem now is that I am really struggling at work. I work in accounting so my day consists of sitting at a computer looking at spreadsheets etc 8 hours a day. Obviously I do take breaks, but it’s really getting me down as I struggle to see the text on the screen unless my nose is nearly touching the screen! I have constant headaches and tenderness around my eyes; the words on the screen seem to “fade” if I look straight at them, although if I look around them I can make them out.

I have been on allergy medication since I was 16, a nasal spray and eye drops. I use a steroid eye drop (Maxidex) in the eye that had the graft, and for about 9 months I was on Citalopram for post natal depression. I was concerned that perhaps any of these meds might have caused this?

Upon Googling this condition, I have discovered it can be linked to MS. This terrifies me, but I would have thought that if I had signs of MS it would have shown up on the MRI brain scan?

I just feel really isolated in this, I’ve never heard of it before, I don’t know anyone who has it, there’s no family history. I have spoken to HR about this and they are going to do a little research and see how they can help me.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can make my work life a bit easier?
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Hi, this sounds horrid and rather scarry. I'm sorry that I don't have any advice to share ref. making your work life easier, but please be sure to research the ADA laws on your own or find someone to look out for your interests. Employers sometimes use medical problems as a reason to terminate you and that will only make things worse. I'm assuming that you're in the US, so if not, then disregard. Best wishes, ee
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I have very bad eye problems too. I have very poor vision in my left eye and now problems in my right eye, that one doc says might be neuralgia related. (But my symptoms are different). I'm scared too. However, I'm not working. I have heard that when reading|using the computer, if you have any eye concerns, to use eye drops for dryness and push yourself to blink frequently. Also, it is good that you are taking frequent breaks. I'm also using an eye drop that is non steroid, that my eye doc says is almost like tylenol for the eye. It helps a little when the discomfort is over the top. It is prescription only.

I too would recommend you familiarize yourself with the ADA laws, if you are in the US.

Try to keep yourself away from stress. Stress always tends to worsen health issues. Blessings.
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