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Depression Post-Surgery?

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Originally Posted by ginnie View Post
Yo are not alone. PM me and I will give you my home PC address. I will try to give you a little more upbeat talk that way. I will listen and so will SDfender. You are not alone. We all suffer to some degree, and some folks just get wrapped up on certain threads. I kinda make the rounds. ginnie
ok, what is PM? still learning to navigate. : )
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Default Hello Sah-PCA

Hi this morning, under where your name appears is a line that says Your notifications. This is private messaging, or PM. It allows you to talk without the whole board hearing what you have to say. It is a way to have privacy. We also can exchange some information that way, without the boards knowing. Give it a try. I am really doing alot for a retired person today, but I will be back to talk. ginnie
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Trophy Similar experience

Hi Candace, it was very interesting to hear your story and concerns. Last year I had an incident that caused a blackout followed by severe headache, vomiting, and vertigo. I went to an Urgent Care facility that said I had the worst ear infection he'd ever seen and medicated me for that. I then went to an ENT specialist who said the same but when the vertigo persisted he put me thru several hearing and balance tests that said I had lost 36% of my left vestibular function which could cause the vertigo. At this time the diagnosed me with Hydrops which is similar to Menieres and said I'd just have to live with it.

I finally consulted a neurologist I knew and told him what was happening and that I wasn't getting better I was getting worse. He said it sounded like I had an aneurysm and finally did a CAT which showed it. It was four months after the initial incident when they did a craniotomy on the left frontal communicating artery. I have thought myself crazy for things I have dealt with since then. Physically I have been cleared but ever since the surgery I have had major issues with insomnia and severe depression. I have a history of depression but after the surgery it seems to have worsened or gotten deeper.

It's been 1 year now since the initial occur acne and I'm still not working. It's frustrating that everyone thinks I look ok and why am I not back yet and it's hard to tell them that yes, I look good now but I've been in bed two weeks crying, lethargic, fatigued, and in complete despair. It comes and goes. And is more frequent than I had dealt with before and longer lasting. It seems you and I aren't alone but hearing your story at least helped me know its not all in my head!! (No pun intended)!!
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Default Hi Lisa and Candace

I think that sometimes when the body undergoes a major shock, depression can follow. I don't have all the right answers for how to lift yourselves up. I do know that distraction helps. If I do just one small thing that is active, paint a shelf, walk a block, it seems to help me. Reading can take you away from the depression too. I hope you both feel better soon. Speaking of painting, I am painting fence pieces today.... no time to be depressed for awhile. You both are in my thoughts and prayers. ginnie
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Originally Posted by Ashika1 View Post
Hi everyone. I'm new and my name is Candice. I'm 52 years old. I had surgery to repair an unruptured aneurism on September 11th, after they found it in an MRI while trying to determine the cause of vertigo. It turned out my vertigo was caused by permanent damage to my inner ear from an ear infection. I feel blessed that the aneurism was found, and could be repaired. It went well, and my physical healing seems to be going well, too. I have a wonderful circle of support from friends and family, and co-workers. I've been off work and won't return until the end of November.

I want to know if anyone else has experienced depression and anxiety after coming through surgery? I can't make sense of this. For a few weeks right after surgery, I was elated and happy, and was laughing alot, just happy to be alive.

NOW, for the past few weeks (maybe 3), I am in such a depressed state, my sleep is all over the map, insomnia, and generally just feeling hopeless, useless and yet, I know intellectually that these things aren't true. My family doctor wants to put me on Ceprilex, for my depression, but I am unsure of taking them, as there are numerous side effects. I am feeling sad, and cry at the drop of a hat, for no reason. I find myself spending a lot of time alone.

I started seeing a counsellor this week, because I can not deal with feeling so low, all the time!

What I want to know is, do others experience this after brain surgery and is this normal? I want it to pass. I try doing one or two productive things/day, however my energy level and motivation is low. I manage to get to the gym about 4-5 times per week. This makes me feel marginally better, but the effects don't last.

Anyone out there who has had these post-surgery symptoms?

Candice (Ashika)
Hi. My name is Chris and I suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm 16 months ago that resulted in, first coiling, then clipping and ultimately placing a shunt in my head to drain the fluid off my brain. I recovered for the most part and returned back to work 3 months later. I too, suffer from depression that feels dehabilitating. I am on anti depressants and under the care of a therapist. I would love to find someone else who has been through this as I feel no one understands. I know I am loved but feel it is hard for anyone to understand me anymore. I feel like I am a burden to people as I still talk a lot about what happened to me. I have tried to find a support group in my area but I am from a small town and have not been able to find any. I have also been diagnosed with a rare disease called fibro muscular displyasia which means I will be very vulnerable to future aneurysms. I have not been able to find a dr that knows about this disease. At the time of my aneurysm, I was airlifted to a hospital 6 hours away and had my surgeries there. I hope you are beginning to feel better Candice. I will be praying for you.
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Confused depression after ruptured anuerysm

I had always had anxiety and depression till I found a drug called Lamoctal...It worked wonders for me and I felt like a new person re-born. After I had a brain ruptured brain aneurysm, My depression returned with a vengeance. I don't know what to do...I don't enjoy life anymore...I have no feelings of joy, happiness, excitement or looking forward to being with friends or family events. Sometimes I ask myself,, what's the use. I'm just existing. If I don't get the help I need, I fear I will take my life. I just don't want to leave my children, knowing I'll never see them again and for being selfish to creating their pain of never seeing their mom again. I don't' know what to do...Some drug experimenting can be worse then better and I've been down that road before this. When we found the miracle drug Lamoctal, I thought it was my guardian angel..now it no longer works. I'm at wits ends here, can anyone make any suggestions??
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Welcome smartmove5.
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aneurism, depression, post-surgery

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