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Thank heaven for the good days

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Unread 01-31-2013, 03:00 PM   #1
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Default Thank heaven for the good days

Ezri had a stellar day yesterday. She ate about as much as she usually does and than asked my husband to let her go outside. He let her out and after awhile brought her back in. She walked in the kitchen and ate as much as she had already eaten. He decided to go out and check some things on the house. She ran out when he opened the door. He figured she would stay on the porch but she followed him when he went into the yard. So, he ended up taking her for a walk. When I got home last night she was sitting in the kitchen eating 7 pieces of cat treats from my husband's hand! I couldn't believe it. I wonder if cats get seasonal affective disorder?

Ezri is a 14 year old American short hair female cat. She is tortoishell and exude personality. She is the happiest little critter I have ever seen. I'm so glad she felt good yesterday and am anxious to hear how she did today.
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This sounds wonderful KnittenKitten!

As I think I mentioned before, other creatures can get depressed. Cats brains have been studied as models of human neurology because of their similarity, and both cats as well as dogs have been treated successfully with SSRIs, for anxiety and depression. (Not suggesting you should treat Ezri, but i do think her illbeing could be a mood thing, either seasonal, or related to a recent stress factor that might not be obvious to.)

As a tortoiseshell, Ezri is getting on in years. I don't know if, like humans, cats produce less melatonin as they age due to pineal atrophy (vet will know).

If that were the case, it could explain a seasonal depression as of this year, but not in previous years. Also a tentative treatment could be tried - adding sources of full-spectrum (white) light around the house. Alternatively her vet could prescribe a feline dose of melatonin for wintertime. Neither would hurt her - at worst, there would be no effect.

Anyway i'm glad Ezri was active, sociable, and hungry yesterday! Hope it keeps up!

~ waves ~
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Red face

I am glad that she had a good day!
happy for you!


This is harriet, my sweet baby girl.....
heavy sigh.....

one day at a time....
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Please remember to take the moments the kitty is doing well and keep them
in your heart. Don't please keep tthe negative moments, in your thinking as much if possible. This kitty can pick up on how you feel. If you can just continue to give kitty as much love, and continue to give it the things she/he
wants. Sorry I keep forgetting whether its boy/ or girl. Then I believe it
will pick up on the feelings.

I am wondering if its picking up on your anxiety too. And if maybe your
husband is giving it less anxiety. And its able to be less stressed. And
relax with him.

So maybe when kitty feels more ready to eat it does. So maybe just take a cue from hubbies book. And relax, for the kitty. Even with your need to
stress for it.

Easier said, than done I know.
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Good days are great for all of us, even kitties.
Hope for many more!

Pocono area, PA



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So glad to hear your kitty is doing better

Pets are great friends and it is always hard to see them get sick or suffer
And it can really makes me anxious the fact that they cant tell me what is going on...

And waves, like always, very interesting info you are posting !

ADD ME !!!



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