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Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Concussion Syndrome For traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post concussion syndrome (PCS).


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Unread 02-08-2013, 09:02 AM   #11
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Medical literature on the internet can be found supporting nearly every viewpoint, so your comments about me not interpreting literature correctly are disappointing and inaccurate.

I am coming from a common sense and a practical standpoint. There is no social taboo associated with not drinking. However, I am a much closer age to the original poster, and I understand how frustrating it can be not to be able to go out with friends.

It has very little to do with the actual act of drinking, and more to do with being around people you enjoy. Maybe you don't grasp this because you don't have a network of friends, but let's face it, in a 'normal' society people will go out to dinners or parties with friends and alcohol will certainly be present.

Further, I'm not sure how you can keep flip flopping with regard to one drink for 'relaxation'. Either you can drink or you can't drink according to you.

The research shows that alcohol is not good for an injured brain at any amount.
If you legitimately believe that any amount of alcohol is bad, including one drop, then why are you telling him that one drink might be okay for relaxation?

I'm sorry you don't see it this way and you weren't presented with or didn't take the social opportunities that the original poster and many of us had. Again, I feel for the original poster, because he isn't asking if he can go out and get hammered, he is asking if he can go out and enjoy the company of his friends. The answer is a simple 'yes'.

As for alcohol being a disinfectant, hate to tell you, but you can in fact get sick from drinking from a sick person's glass. There is still bacteria present, especially on the rims of the glass where the alcohol isn't sitting.


So, although I appreciate your effort to discredit my thoughts about going out and having a drink if it doesn't present too many symptoms, I think that not only was my post rational and thought out, it was accurate for someone suffering a Mild TBI. Don't overdo it, don't drink any alcohol if it brings on symptoms, and if you have to go out, use it as a decoy.

One particular poster also doesn't understand the business world. Not drinking in some areas of the business world, as sad as this may be, is considered very offensive. Losing a deal in this society means losing money, which means losing education and healthcare for your children and your family.

Some of the constant negativity is draining on this forum.
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Unread 02-08-2013, 10:30 AM   #12
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Originally Posted by swiftfoot55 View Post

One particular poster also doesn't understand the business world. Not drinking in some areas of the business world, as sad as this may be, is considered very offensive. Losing a deal in this society means losing money, which means losing education and healthcare for your children and your family.

Some of the constant negativity is draining on this forum.
I snipped all but what I wanted to address.

That particular aspect is sad but true, and also is something that is very demeaning in the "business world".

If an employer is employing someone who is brain injured, and knowingly puts them in that situation the are putting them in harms way. Period.

My attorney's wife is a business lawyer, and I have emailed that to him and her for their input to get some perspective - because I believe that is grounds for harrassment, in the least. There is more than enough literature on the detriment of alcohol and the brain injured available to show that the risks abound.

I can't see any employer in this day and age really wishing to bring on anymore risks than are already around in this modern era of our litigious society.

Sorry for the side trip on the thread.

Current: Changes of more insomnia, new reviews with findings of more Depression, tremors, vertigo, tinnitus, loss of focus, fatigue; SSDI - accepted on Depression, Cognitive Deficits; Seizures ruled out, mTBI changes including cognitive slowing/lapses.
Medication update: Topamax 200mg twice daily it seems to minimize daily headaches to a 1-2/10 quality(I still know they are there); and acute headaches erupt without warnings.
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Unread 02-08-2013, 10:56 AM   #13
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Yeah, it sucks. It's not really a legal thing though, unless the employer is hiring on the basis of their personal relationship. People want to do business (not employ, do business with) people they have personal relationships with.

You're less likely to get deals and create value in the sales world if you aren't able to relate to the people you are selling products to.
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Unread 02-08-2013, 11:33 AM   #14
Mark in Idaho
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The original poster commented about not feeling right after having a drink or two. That poster was wondering if the odd feeling was from the alcohol.

I am sorry if you believe that drinking is a business necessity. The recovering alcoholic would not drink. He may say he in in recovery and can not drink. There are plenty of acceptable explanations for not consuming alcohol.

And no, I was not double speaking. Most researchers say no alcohol at all. Those that suggest a single serving per day may be acceptable if there are no symptoms from the alcohol consider the relaxing value from a single serving as a positive health value compared to the anxiety many carry after a stressful day at work.

I have lived many 40+ years with the "No, I don't drink" situation. In college, there was an expectation to drink. That's where I learned how alcohol effects the PCS brain. I had drinking and non-drinking friends. Not a problem.

The big business deals are consummated with and without alcohol. That is a very old school system of closing a deal, just like going to a strip club to close a deal. A fancy golf course can also be a closer.

Alcohol or expensive wine may be used to close a deal with a woman but not so much in business. My son used to wait the 4star restaurant tables where BIG business deals were consummated. He observed the art of closing the deal. He now closes big deals without the aid of alcohol. He has closed over 20 million dollars worth since last June without alcohol.

There is as much socializing over a good cup of coffee or tea as over a drink. I can't understand how socializing in the bar scene or other alcohol based establishments with all the sensory overload is compatible with PCS. Alcohol tends to cause the sound level to increase.

If others can tolerate the alcohol and alcohol environments without PCS symptoms, it is their choice. Those who do notice symptoms from a drink should avoid it. But then, many will drink knowing it will leave them feeling horrible the next day. To each, his own.
Mark in Idaho

"Be still and know that I am God" Psalm 46:10
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"Thanks for this!" says:
rmschaver (02-10-2013)
Unread 02-08-2013, 12:49 PM   #15
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Great discussion on this thread!

One comment that struck me as odd was the "some of the constant negativity is draining on this forum" because the way I see it, discussion that leads to informed choices is GOOD!

We don't all have to agree, but seeing that this many posters cared about the original poster's predicament I'd say this is a very caring, positive place.

Many of us beyond the age of 30 do have friends and social networks by the way and/or close many business deals without the facade of social drinking.

My comment would be, in this day and age with healthy lifestyles and clean living being "hip" I can't imagine why quality people would care if their peer didn't drink. Quality being the key word...
About it: October 26, 2012 I fell backward on an icy parking lot at work. I was on Workers Comp for 9 months. My PCS : everyday headaches became once in a while headaches, and neck pain became manageable. Still have occasional mild dizziness, sometimes fullness in the ears, convergence insufficiency, sequencing struggles, short term memory struggles, verbal processing delays. CT neg, MRI neg. Therapies: prism glasses, acupuncture, icing neck, resting, supplementing, Elavil 20mg at bedtime.

NEW: Completed 12 weeks of physical therapy and returned to work full time.

About me: I'm a marketing manager, a mom with a blended family and wife to a heart attack survivor. I believe my brain injury taught me more than it cost me. I'm grateful to still be me!
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Mark in Idaho (02-08-2013), rmschaver (02-10-2013)
Unread 02-09-2013, 08:49 AM   #16
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Thanks everyone I am going out for someone's birthday this evening and I hope my head holds up okay. I do rely on a drink or two to help me relax in social situations (which I know is not a healthy behaviour) so it can be daunting for me to do these things!
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Since my accident a yr 1/2 ago, I have not ever had more than 2 drinks. I have tried on several occasionals to drink a beer, and would feel off right away. It is perhaps a gift of my accident that I am unable to drink because I know the devastation it can cause(through family members who can't stop).

Sure, I occasionally miss it when I'm out with friends and would be nice to enjoy a couple beers, I'm definitely much better off without it.
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Mokey (02-11-2013)

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