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Foot changes per.Neuropathy ? (Picture attached)

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Default Foot changes per.Neuropathy ? (Picture attached)

Hello dear community.I was diagnosed with a per.neuropathy some years ago.My feet are most affected (mild case of foot drop on the right foot,numbness...).My toes especially on the right foot started to change their shape about five years ago (as you can see on the pic.) and it s really not easy to find shoes now that fit.
Could it be that the neuropathy is the reason for my foot problem? Anyone has a similar experience?

Thank you.
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Welcome to NeuroTalk:

The toes are flexed and relaxed by muscles in the calf.

If you have constant flexed (contracted muscles) this can lead
to hammer toes.

A common cause is low magnesium levels from poor food intake.
Magnesium helps muscles relax after contraction. Too much
calcium with low magnesium can lead to inability to relax those muscles.

If the nerves to those muscles are damaged or die, then this contracture may become permanent.

This website has lots of information on foot problems...mechanical ones:

You should tell us more about yourself. Your lifestyle, medications (all of them), etc. Seeing a good foot doctor, is also very important.
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Foot drop, hammer toes, contracted leg muscles, with a diagnosis of PN all sound like hereditary neuropathy to me. Have you discussed the possibility of CMT with your neurologist? Research the condition on this site and others and see what you think,but PN that causes changes to the physiology of the foot is often CMT.

I should add, in answer to your question, my toes look a lot like yours, my calf muscles are tightly contracted as Mrs. D mentioned, my feet are also contracted with high arches and muscles thinning and I do have CMT.
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Here is a good site:


As you can tell lots of times it's your feet being crammed into shoes or heels and over time your toes can stay that way.

Another site:


As you can tell there are many causes.

This site mentions CMT, arthritis, etc.

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"Thanks for this!" says:
Susanne C. (02-10-2013)
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Default foot changes per.neuropathy

Hello, Tamy. I was viewing this site for the first time when I saw your post. I can definitely relate to you. Have had PN for over 10yrs and have several toes that resemble yours and know all about the difficulty with shoes. Yes, those changes can be related to PN - and it can getworse.
Both my neurologist and podiatrist have explained this to me. By 'can get worse', I'm referring to Charcot Arthropathy. Basically, part of what keeps the small bones in our feet in proper position, is the nerves. When nerves are impaired, these bones can begin to shift out of place and can actually begin to fracture. In it's mildest form, one can develop flat feet (fallen arches). It can go much farther until you have a badly deformed foot that will require shoes made specifically for that foot. I developed 'Charcot' about 6 yrs ago and spent the next 4-5 months in a removable, full contact cast from foot to knee. Only time it came off was when I was 'off my feet' (read from wake up to go to sleep).
I hope that someone is keeping close watch on your feet. I would suggest a good podiatrist - preferably one who is up on current treatments.
As for finding shoes, I would suggest 2 web sites that I know about. 1)** and 2) **. Both of these carry shoes designed for problem feet. The shoes with stretchy fabric on the forefoot work well for me. There are also shoes made by 'Drew' that have really deep toe boxes and extra widths.
Hope this helps some. And get thee to a podiatrist - quickly.
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Default Charcot's foot

Not to be confused with Charcot Marie Tooth disease (CMT) which Jean Martin Charcot discovered and many other diseases. Jean Martin Charcot was the first to "describe" Charcot's foot. Good article explaining it.

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Default Hi Tamy

Welcome to Neuro Talk. You found a great place to find some help and compassion. I also have PN in my feet ankles and calfs. However what showed on the picture I think requires further investigation. If it were me, I would see an orthopedic specialist, and see if there is some other condition going on as well as the PN. Arthritis can also do this to joints in the feet. There are also some very special mail order catalogs that make shoes for orthopedic problems. I wish you all the best, and hope you find some resolution, so this doesn't get any worse. ginnie
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Default Hello again Tamy

The prior post is correct in that Charcot Arthropathy is not to be confused with Charcot Marie Tooth. I made a second post that somehow didn't get posted. I attempted to point you to two sites about shoes, but I haven't posted enough to be allowed that privilege. The podiatrist that I went to at that time was a member of one of the most prestigious orthopaedic groups in NC so he may have had some extra input in dealing with my situations. You sounded as if you needed a better pair of shoes NOW, which is why I recommended the Dr's Comfort shoes. They are a supplier of ortho and diabetic shoes to many medical professionals and (to my knowledge) the only one from whom you might be able to find something that fits the bill for now and that you can purchase as an individual.
Wishing you the best -
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