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Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Concussion Syndrome For traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post concussion syndrome (PCS).

I would like your opinion......

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Question I would like your opinion......

I am 35 this year I have 1 child who is 2 1/2. My husband and I would like 4 in total. I feel like I am in a really good place at the moment mentally.
My energy is low but if I pace well I prevent collapses.

If my next scans are clear (MRI and EEG), we would like to have another baby this year.

However I do not want to be set back dramatically. But at the same time I do not want to leave getting pregnant too long. I have read posts about noise toleration not being great with PCS but I am also concerned about having a C-section.

Will my PCS be affected by an operation like that with possible anesthesia useage? I do not want to ever experience labour again. My last birth was 34 hrs, the epidural didn't work and 4 weeks later I nearly died because someone had left placenta inside me and I bled out at home. So a C-section is my only option.
I am a 36 yr old female who has played football, as a hobby, for 13 yrs. In July 2012, during a game I was slammed to the floor by two angry guys who hit into me so hard that one of them broke their ribs.
This knocked me back onto hard ground leaving me unconscious. I awoke to chronic head and neck pain, sickness and the inability to see or balance.
The paramedics made me walk to the ambulance, instead of placing me on a spinal board, where I was taken to the ER. I was hospitalised with suspected brain hemorrhage for 1 week, then on complete bed rest for 1 month, in a wheelchair for 2 months.

I have been left with PCS, moderate constant head pain, little short term memory, no memory of the accident, balance and sight problems, depression and exhaustion.
The worst problem is collapsing regularly. This has finally been diagnosed as Hemiplegic Migraines , these cause my brain to regularly shut down when I am tired and I then feel the full effects of a stroke (without the bleed on the brain!!) of which the symptoms last 2-4 days.
I have had 6 CT's, 2 MRI's and am under 3 specialists.

I believe everyday is one more towards improvement. Mainly I believe in the power of acceptance not the weakness of complacency or resignation.
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Brain patch
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Default You are going to have to decide this

As you are the only one who knows how hurt you are, you are going to have to decide this. I don't know how well you function but if it ends up putting more work on your spouse, you will find yourself divorced. Personally, getting pregnant would be the end of me now. The hormone changes alone would drive me to suicide. Of course, I am barely coping. No relationship has survived my disability. I can only leave the house for short time and usually end up overwhelmed and embarrassed because I need to go back home. Maybe you are recovered and this would be great for you but I am advising no. Sorry, you asked and that is my best advise girlfriend.
Brain patch.

Had MVA in 2006 resulting in post concussive syndrome manifested by cognitive impairment, chronic pain/ fatigue. Chronic pain of head, neck, back, left leg.
Other problems include REM sleep behavior disorder, nocturnal frontal lobe epilepsy, chronic migraines associated with nausea/vertigo, episodes of passing out, hypoglycemia, liver dysfunction (had accidental overdose of acetaminophen in 2009) had liver and kidney failure, hernia, degenerative disc disease with compression of nerve root, PTSD, and other problems associated with functioning problems from traumatic brain injury (light, sound sensitive, easily overloaded, easily distracted, cannot focus, anxiety problems etc.)
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peacheysncream (02-26-2013)
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I would send a private message to some of the long timers here. I have not had to have surgery since this experience, (thank goodness!). So I don't have an answer, but I know other people have had complications with anethsia.

As for whether you are ready, that is something only you know. If you are struggling with your 18 month old, think about potty training and a new baby. However, if you are handling caretaking just fine, than it might be something you would handle fine. You are the only one who would know. Perhaps talk to your doctor and your OBGYN to see what their suggestions are. That way you will have their opinions too. I do know that my nephew, who was born 6 months prior to my accident has been a Godsend for my depression when I am able to keep up with him!
What Happened: On 3/8/11 I was stopped waiting to merge into traffic when I was rear ended by someone doing 45 mph. I walked away from the accident, to fall into the pit of PCS 5 days later... (I have had 2 previous concussions, but neither developed into PCS.)

Symptoms 3 Years Post: Physical: migraines, infrequent vertigo, neck and back pain (from accident), tinnitus, visual field deficits in left eye, problematic light sensitivity, (including visual seizure activity), noise sensitivity, EXTREME fatigue, semi-frequent disrupted sleep cycles,
Cognitive: semi-frequent Brain fog after cognitive strain, limited bouts of impulsivity, unable to concentrate for more than short periods of time without fatigue, word finding problems, slowed processing speeds, impaired visual memory;
Emotional: easily overstimulated, depression, anxiety;

Treatment so far: Vestibular therapy; Physical Therapy; Vision Therapy; Vitamin Schedule; Limited caffeine; Medications; attempting to limit stress and overstimulation; Yoga; Cognitive Therapy
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peacheysncream (02-26-2013)
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Mark in Idaho
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Having been there for all three of my wife's C-Sections, you do not need general anesthesia for a C-Section. There are spinal anesthesia protocols that do not effect the brain. The worst problem is a need to lay flat on your back for 8 to 12 hours to avoid spinal head aches with some. Not a big problem.

So, get the thermometer out and have some unspontaneous activity. LOL
Mark in Idaho

"Be still and know that I am God" Psalm 46:10
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peacheysncream (02-26-2013)
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I had a quasi general anesthesia (spelling!!) six months post injury and it was fine for me. Everyone is different.

Babies give life too. Four will be hard work! Why not start with 2!

What happened: Legs pulled forward by a parent's hockey stick while resting at the side of the rink at a family skate....sent me straight back. I hit the back of my head (with helmet) on the ice, bounced a few times, unconscious for a few minutes. September 11, 2011. Off work since then…I work part-time at home when I can. It has been hell but slowly feeling better (when I am alone☺).

Current symptoms: Vision problems (but 20/20 in each eye alone!) – convergence insufficiency – horizontal and vertical (heterophoria), problems with tracking and saccades, peripheral vision problems, eyes see different colour tints; tinnitus 24/7 both ears; hyperacusis (noise filter gone!), labyrinthian (inner ear) concussion, vestibular dysfunction (dizzy, bedspins, need to look down when walking); partial loss of sense of smell; electric shocks through head when doing too much; headaches; emotional lability; memory blanks; difficulty concentrating. I still can’t go into busy, noisy places. Fatigue. Executive functioning was affected – multi-tasking, planning, motivation. Slight aphasia. Shooting pain up neck and limited mobility at neck. Otherwise lucky!

Current treatments: Vestibular therapy, Vision therapy, amantadine (100 mg a day), acupuncture and physiotherapy for neck, slow return to exercise, magnesium, resveratrol, omega 3 fish oils, vitamins D, B and multi. Optimism and perserverance.
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peacheysncream (02-26-2013)

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