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results are in. I'm just crazy

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Default results are in. I'm just crazy

I have my written mri report in hand. Impressions: "no intracranial abnormality visualized." I know this is good news but now what? My sx continue but I just want to give up. I have had anxiety along the way and I know this will all be contributed to that. I'm not crazy but I just don't know if I can pursue this. I feel like everyone including my family is thinking I must be nuts. It's not like a fever, rash, or anything visible so it must be my imagination. Maybe it is. I think I will just suffer quietly from now on.
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Hi julie,

You are not crazy

There are numerous conditions/illnesses that can cause symptoms similar to MS. Bloodwork can rule out/in many of those conditions/illnesses. Neurologists tend to order a large amount (10 to 12 vials) of blood work to look for other conditions/illnesses.

Anxiety can cause neurological type symptoms, so if you deal with anxiety it is best to get that under control to rule it out as a possible cause of symptoms.

It's always a good idea when MS is being considered to get a MRI of the Cervical Spinal Cord (neck).
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I would suggest seeing if they can take an MRI of the whole spine. I'm sorry you didn't get the answers you were (or were not) looking for. I imagine there are people on this forum who have been limbo landers for awhile and can give you lots of support.
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So sorry that you didn't get answers, Julie.
Hang in there, it takes time to either rule MS
in or out.

Is the Neuro planning other tests for other
illnesses or not? If not, other opinions are
perhaps in order.

Prayers and good wishes to you.
~Love, Sally

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ginnie (02-20-2013)
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Thanks guys. I am just at a loss. My GP ordered the mri and it was without contrast. I don't see the neuro until March. I have started a journal that I plan to take. Hopefully she will find this helpful and not annoying. I am just praying that she is a good listener. I really just want to get to the bottom of it and not be dismissed which is my fear. I do have a question (well lots). For now, I will just ask this one. Most of my symptoms are intermittent but the tingling in my feet seems to have come to stay. What should I make of that?
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ginnie (02-20-2013)
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It does take some time to get a diagnosis of MS as well as other conditions. I would ask for an MRI with and without contrast. Additionally, I would ask for an MRI of the cervical spine as well as throacic spine. While lesions are sometimes difficult to detect in that area, if you are in a flare they more than likely will show up.

A journal of symptoms is a good idea and will certainly help in the diagnosing process.

The tingling in your feet sounds like some sort of neuropathy. Be sure to discuss that with the neuro when you see him in March.
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Just remember, you are not crazy. What is happening to your body is crazy. yes, keep the journal and hopefully your neuro will look at it and respect what you have in there. Put symptoms, what you were doing before the symptom happened and if anything helped it. Also make sure you let them know of any vitamins and supplements you are taking. Is there an MS clinic in your area? We have one and there is a nurse practitioner there, much easier to talk to. I haven't talked to her but that's what others say. Luckily I love my neuro

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ginnie (02-20-2013)
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First, take a deep breath - there are lots of things it may be, and lots of reasons why things don't show up the first time.

Don't give up, don't despair, and don't ever feel that you can't come here for support. There are lots of people in a similar situation to you - nobody thinks you are nuts, and sometimes, it just takes time, or there may be another dozen logical reasons (many of which are far more palatable and easier to fix) for all the nasty things you are experiencing.

Please take care, and keep us posted

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Julie- many fine people here were at least once deemed crazy. That might change after your March visit to the neuro.

OTOH, "crazy" is easier to fix.

Best to you,
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You? Crazy? NO! YOU! ARE! NOT!!!

You just don’t have a solid diagnosis yet. Stay pro-active. Push them along. Ask the doctor(s) to continue testing. It is not all in your head. YOU are the expert on YOU. Press them further for more diagnostic tests.

And, don’t give up. Don’t take NO for an answer.

If your doctor(s) don’t have answers for you, get another doctor(s). Don’t give up.
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