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Sanctuary for Spiritual Support This "Sanctuary" is a place for people of all spiritual beliefs and faiths to offer support and compassion to each other in the form of prayers, meditation, and expressions of spirituality. This forum is for support, not religious debate.

My family need your prayers please.

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Unread 02-19-2013, 11:51 AM   #51
Community Support Team
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another update from Koala's daughter that is sadly not so good, but thankfully our precious Koala is holding on

Mum ** asked me to give you an update on her condition and asked that you share it with those people who are waiting for updates.

Although she was doing well at my last update she crashed Sunday in the night. Her condition became critical but she rallied after treatment. Since then she's had intermittent complications.

She had emergency surgery this morning and hopefully that will fix the problem. At the moment her condition remains serious but is stable.
Please continue to pray

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"Thanks for this!" says:
Darlene (02-20-2013), ginnie (02-19-2013), Jo*mar (02-19-2013), Kitty (02-27-2013), Koala77 (02-27-2013), Lara (02-19-2013), Mark56 (02-20-2013), mrsD (02-19-2013), Pikku Myy (03-06-2013), waves (02-22-2013)
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Thanks for the update Chemar.

Oh dear. I was beginning to worry so much with not having heard more since the surgery. I wondered if something had happened.

Today is Wed. for us here so I'm hoping Koala shows much improvement today.

Sending lots and lots of positive energy ...



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Alffe (02-20-2013), Chemar (02-19-2013), Darlene (02-20-2013), ginnie (02-19-2013), Kitty (02-27-2013), Koala77 (02-27-2013), Mark56 (02-20-2013), waves (02-22-2013)
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Heart Lifting up Prayers

Without ceasing.
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"Thanks for this!" says:
Kitty (02-27-2013), Koala77 (02-27-2013), Lara (02-22-2013), waves (02-22-2013)
Unread 02-22-2013, 02:15 PM   #54
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Thumbs up good news

Our Koala has been feeling a little like this...

but it won't be long by the sound of it that she'll be feeling more like this...



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Alffe (02-22-2013), Brain patch (02-23-2013), Chemar (02-22-2013), Darlene (02-23-2013), Kitty (02-27-2013), Koala77 (02-27-2013), Mark56 (02-23-2013), waves (02-22-2013)
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Heart healing thoughts and prayers for you Koala

Dear Koala

'Thinking of you and wishing you all the strength you need for a complete and speedy recovery.

~ waves ~
Being me has its privileges. - Albus Dumbledore
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Alffe (02-22-2013), Kitty (02-27-2013), Koala77 (02-27-2013), Lara (02-27-2013), Mark56 (02-23-2013)
Unread 02-23-2013, 08:15 PM   #56
Brain patch
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Default Praying for you and your family

Hope things are looking up. Just wanted to tell you that you and your family are in my prayers. Wishing you a quick recovery. Much love is being sent your way.
Brain Patch
Brain patch.

Had MVA in 2006 resulting in post concussive syndrome manifested by cognitive impairment, chronic pain/ fatigue. Chronic pain of head, neck, back, left leg.
Other problems include REM sleep behavior disorder, nocturnal frontal lobe epilepsy, chronic migraines associated with nausea/vertigo, episodes of passing out, hypoglycemia, liver dysfunction (had accidental overdose of acetaminophen in 2009) had liver and kidney failure, hernia, degenerative disc disease with compression of nerve root, PTSD, and other problems associated with functioning problems from traumatic brain injury (light, sound sensitive, easily overloaded, easily distracted, cannot focus, anxiety problems etc.)
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"Thanks for this!" says:
Kitty (02-27-2013), Koala77 (02-27-2013), Lara (02-27-2013), Mark56 (02-23-2013)
Unread 02-26-2013, 10:05 AM   #57
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Koala we all are continuing to send prayers and healing positive thoughts . I am guessing you may be home now so just rest rest rest and take care of you . lots of love and healing hugs
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"Thanks for this!" says:
Kitty (02-27-2013), Koala77 (02-27-2013), Lara (02-27-2013), Mark56 (03-01-2013)
Unread 02-26-2013, 02:20 PM   #58
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Remembering you in my prayers my friend.... {{{HUGS}}}}

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"Thanks for this!" says:
Kitty (02-27-2013), Koala77 (02-27-2013), Lara (02-27-2013), Mark56 (03-01-2013)
Unread 02-27-2013, 04:11 AM   #59
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Thank you all so much!

Unfortunately things didn't go as planned and I have been extremely unwell, but I have your prayers to thank for pulling me through. I am now home but am still extremely weak and far too exhausted to do much at the moment.

Luckily I have wonderful support from family and friends so I am able to rest and do nothing.

I am not feeling up to typing much at the moment but I will try to come back in a few days. Hopefully by then I will be able stay up long enough to write more.

Again I thank you. Your kind words and your prayers mean such a lot to me.
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Chemar (02-27-2013), Darlene (02-28-2013), FeelinGoofy (02-27-2013), Jo*mar (02-27-2013), Kitty (02-27-2013), Lara (02-27-2013), Mark56 (03-01-2013), mrsD (02-27-2013), waves (03-25-2013)
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You are dearly loved here, Koala.

It is wonderful to have you back. Just lie back and let the healing happen!
aka mrsdoubtfyre
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Alffe (02-27-2013), Jo*mar (02-27-2013), Kitty (02-27-2013), Koala77 (03-03-2013), Lara (02-27-2013), Mark56 (03-01-2013), Pikku Myy (03-06-2013)
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