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Autoimmune Diseases For Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (underactive thyroid), Graves’ disease (overactive thyroid), Lupus, Crohn's disease, all types of arthritis, and all other autoimmune diseases. [Multiple sclerosis (MS) and Myasthenia Gravis (MG) have their own forums below.]

not for sure I'm doing this right but here I am!

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Default not for sure I'm doing this right but here I am!

I just had a experience yesterday where it felt like I'd grabbed ahold of a electric fence wire and couldn't let go. It was very painful and just in my arms and hands. After a while of this going on the muscles began to ache and there was pain in my forearms on top of my arm like between all the stuff inside there. My muscles were jumping etc. It settled in my left arm and hand and it just got super cold.
I have had stuff like this happen before, just not in the last few years. Usually it's in my legs and it does this strange thing where I can feel my legs ( I wish I couldn't because the pain is awful ) but I can not make my legs move when I try to I have to use crutches to get around. This causes the pins and needles feeling in my feet. Usually when this happens I get myself into very hot water like in a hot tub at the community center and I take my hands and move my left leg is usually where it settles down at. So I manually move the leg and "make" it work.
I do have a autoimmune disease but they can't pin it down as to which one. I had a baby in 1995 and spent 5 weeks in a coma in intensive care during that time all of my vital organs failed multiple times. I bleeded out. Replaced blood 18X over. Loads of stuff. I guess that's where it started. A year later these episodes started happening. One put me in a wheel chair for 4 mos, I had almost no potassium in my body. For 12 years they called it Lupus but recently they went to do more testing to find out more specifically which Lupus SLE I had, they decided that it wasn't Lupus at all. They said my blood tests show I have a autoimmune disease but my bloodwork doesn't match anything they had on file in Denver. That was in 2006.
I hit menopause in 2007 and shortly after that Hashimotos became a issue. So I take Armor 4 pills a day on a empity stomach.
I am very lucky, I go long peroids of time whith no problems, so I do get to have a life, then all H breaks loose and it gets wild.
Over the last few years I might get a day or two where it's a problem so I go to bed or go to the community center and do that thing. I have had problems in years past were they used lots of Kenelog to control it. But for the most part, it hasn't been a problem. I'd like to keep it that way. One of the biggest things is to avoid stress like the plague. Nothing is worth having a severe attack or flare up of this stuff! The other big thing that's helped me is exercise! When I started I couldn't walk around the block without pulling my left leg behind me and struggling to do it. They put me in physical therapy and treated me like a stroke victum since they'd never seen anything like me before. Once they got me just a little better they put me into the pool and that's where I got a bunch better! Now I can walk a mile. I can not thank those ladies enough who got me up and going again.
Anybody got any ideas or thoughts as to what this electricity and stinging stuff going thru my arms is all about? I'd appreciate your input. Thanks!
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