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Nicotine's magic !!!!!!!!

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Unread 02-14-2012, 12:17 PM   #21
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Wikipedia states that Tyrosine Hydroxylase "is increased acutely (minutes) by phosphorylation and chronically (days) by protein synthesis. ... The phosphorylation can be sustained by nicotine for up to 48 hours."

"Tyrosine hydroxylase or tyrosine 3-monooxygenase is the enzyme responsible for catalyzing the conversion of the amino acid L-tyrosine to dihydroxyphenylalanine (DOPA). . . . It does so using tetrahydrobiopterin as a coenzyme. DOPA is a precursor for dopamine, "


Born 1955. Diagnosed PD 2005.
Current meds: stalevo(75 mg) x 4, ropinirole xl 16 mg, rasagiline 1 mg
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Unread 02-05-2013, 07:48 PM   #22
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Default Villers contact me

Hi Villers I hope you are doing good my friend. I was wondering if you could give me an update on how you are doing with the nicotine patch. I haven't heard from you in over a year on the subject. I'm am thinking about doing it myself but that depends on you experience to date. Please reply to your thread or send me a message. Take care my friend.
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Unread 02-05-2013, 08:53 PM   #23
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Default That's right joint,

And look up " nicotinic receptor agonists" for the whole spiel of the theory of the acetylcholine esterase story, if you are into that sorta rot.!
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Originally Posted by villiers View Post
Dear comrades

I want to share with you the meeting i had with you with Dr Gabriel Villafane 3 weeks ago.
Dr Villafane is a brilliant and passionate scientist
,he is in charge of the Neurology department at Hopital Lionel Vidart in Creteil (France )
they have develloped since 9 years a protocol treatment for Parkinson using Nicotine patches.
They are getting very amazing results .
There,they told me,straight in the eyes,that the MINIMUM BENEFITS YOU CAN EXPECT IS TO STOP THE PROGRESSION OF PD !!
but this is the minimum,as for many patient,pd is stopped and the symptoms are very softened and even for some cases the symptoms ARE 90% REVERSED !!(it shows inversion of the disease on the DAT-SCAN)
my jaw dropped when i heard this .
this was the first time during my 7 years journey with PD ,that an "official" neurologist was not telling me PD as irreversible and degenerative .
I was really & happilly shocked

to enter the protocol,you must be on levadopa drugs .
I am on sinemet 100/10 .I take 1 pill 3 times/day presently.
you must NOT TAKE THIAMIN (vitamin B1 ) supplement ,as it would interfere with the nicotine.eating red meat is also a big No-no .
the patches have to taken everyday & for the rest of your life. (so this is not a cure but a treatment)
it takes about 9 months ti get some visible improvments,for some people less than 9 months

Here is the protocol they gave.
to respect the timing and graduality is crucial
you must patch yourself on a different part every 24 h
those parts are :under your belly button ,on the right,then the following day left,then the following day in the end of your back on the right,then the following day on left
you must change your nicotine patch every 24 h
Nicopatch was the brand recommended,but just because of the dosage

first 3 months : 3,5 mg nicotine patch per day (so you cut a 7 mg patch in half )
month 3 to 5: 7mg "" "" "
month 5 to 7 :10 mg " " "
then 14 mg for 6 months
then 17 mg for next 3 months
then 20 mg " "

I know Nicotine has a bad health image because of the cigarettes but it has medical properties.


If you decide to consult Dr Villafane,there's 4 months waiting list,& you must come to your consultation with
-recent electro cardiogram
-recent blood analysis

without these,you would have to come back & wait another 4 months
I personally have started the Nico since 2 weeks,and yes i am feeling better : )
You have to go up to 60mg. Do you know if there is a brand of nicotine patch that the dosages are that big. The biggest patch I've seen is 21mg. Does that mean I'd have to put on 3 21mg patches ? Do you have a name of a brand that is used in the US.

Diag. Mar 2008 YOPD, @ age 39
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Unread 03-02-2014, 08:35 PM   #25
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Originally Posted by lurkingforacure View Post

My neuro told me out of his 500+ PD patients I was the only smoker

I figure my current pack plus a day is 20-25 mg of nicotine, so I'm debating what patch to add - smoking more is impractical !
i find that hard to believe since PD usually affects us in our 60s and 70s. that age group now was the one when almost everyone smoked. he must mean that his 499 other patients don't smoke NOW.
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Unread 03-03-2014, 03:20 AM   #26
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hi drevy

where did do you read that you have to reach 60mg ....i never wrote that
you must start at 3,5mg and add 3,5mg every 2 months......
starting at a bigger dose is counter-effective
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Unread 03-04-2014, 05:27 AM   #27
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yesterday,i had my appointment in the afternoon with Dr villafane ,i was very happy as it was my first meeting in 3 years since i started the Nicotine therapy , where i went without any Sinemet in my system...
i was functioning extremely well !
he was glad but not surprised...i asked him if there is a Dose to reach,he answered me that there is not such thing...i have currently reached the 35mg nicotine level since 2 months
he said that he has patients doing very well at lower doses and other where bigger doses are needed,every case is different...
he said also that Nicotine therapy has still a lot of problems to get recognition as the Big pharma labs are not so interested as they won't make big profits with it,and nicotine still has a very poor image as nicotine is falsely associated with cigarette diseases
but nicotine in itself is not bad, it's the other additives in cigarettes which are provoking health problems .
So for me,i should stay at 35 mg for the upcoming months .
Drevy,let me apologize about the 60 mg,i had forgotten i had given (and was given ) this info 3 yrs ago...
i am always scared if some PD comrades decide to do the Nicotine therapy by themselves and decide to start at a big dosage, which might not work .

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