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Constant headache and ringing in my right ear....UGGGGH!!!

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Unread 10-21-2011, 08:49 PM   #1
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Shocked Constant headache and ringing in my right ear....UGGGGH!!!

It won't go away!!

So, since I've been taking Gabapentin, I've actually been doing a lot better. The horrible anxiety/panic attacks have almost gone completely away and I'm having less neurological problems than I was before. The only problem I'm having now is HORRIBLE and I mean HORRIBLE headaches that show up in the same spot every time, everyday. I think they are constant because they only seem to show up when I'm late taking my Ibuprofen 800. Is this normal, or could there be something wrong? I've got a bad tooth on the same side it's hurting and when I bite down on something that disturbs the tooth, it triggers the headache. Also, at times (like right now) it seems to go right through the Ibuprofen and still hurt like hell.

I've also got this very loud, high pitched ringing in just my right ear. I don't know if it's constant or I just don't notice it sometimes but it's really annoying. I've read some other threads about people complaining about ringing ears so I'm guessing it's normal? I'd like to add that when I was injured, I had a bruise and some kind of damage/swelling right below the same ear... Has anyone here had the ringing in the ears problem and had it go away ? I'm hoping it's not permanent and I hope it doesn't get worse.. I can barely stand it the way it is now, it's hard to sleep at night.

Thanks everyone in advance for hearing me out. I just needed to get on here and vent and see what other people say. I hope everyone is doing well on their recovery and I'll keep you in my prayers.
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How long are you away from your injury?

Both are normal. I would be that the tooth is really exacerbating your headache pain. Can you get that taken care of? Maybe that would take the edge off.

As for ringing, I had it really bad in the beginning in both ears. I still have a long way to go, but after 7 months I can tell you it's at a very low volume now, that I rarely notice, unless I over do it in terms of activity, and then its back full force for a day or two. It's become a good sign of what things I can and can't handle along the way.

Best to you. It's a rough road, but know that the things you are experiencing have happened to many of us and you are not alone
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"Thanks for this!" says:
SpaceCadet (10-21-2011)
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It's been 4 months now and yes, the tooth really sets it off.

I'm making plans to get it taken care of in the next week or two, just a lot going on right now that's making it hard to take care of.

I'm glad to hear that the ringing in your ears are starting to get better, that's a sign that there is some hope for me and well, everyone else that is going through it.

Thanks for the reply, and I wish you the best on your road to recovery.
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Unread 10-22-2011, 02:06 AM   #4
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I had really bad ringing in my ears for the first few months. Sometimes it was a siren sound, sometimes it sounded like popcorn popping, other times its a whooshing sound. Very annoying, very common for a lot of us. I didnt know of anything that helped it, just kind of came and gone with no warning. Im 6 months out and it occasionally happens still, but not as often as in the beginning.
Suffered a TBI with PCS on April 25th 2011 from multiple blows to the head from falling, unconscious for 12 hours with no memory of event. Hit the back of my head, and above right eye. MRI and CT negative. Symptoms included constant headaches (migraine, pressure, tension, icepicks), dizziness, tinnitus, visual changes, photophobia, fatigue, "spacing out", word finding difficulties, depression, and emotional lability.
Began Healing in November 2011 after starting acupuncture and Healing Touch (a nurturing energy therapy that promotes relaxation and pain relief). I went back to work in February 2012. Ive been symptom free since July 2012. Very happy, positive, energetic and working out every day, doing yoga, and living a normal life again!
I also began taking Healing Touch classes in November 2011 and completed 5 Levels of Healing Touch Certificate Program that included a 1 year mentorship to become a Healing Touch International Practitioner in June 2013. I am so pleased to offer this wonderful healing therapy to my patients, friends, and clients.
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my ringing is constant as well. What tooth is it? I've read a lot about tmj and sometimes you can get pain in one tooth during headache etc with tmj.

Did you hit the back of your head or the jaw area? Do you click when opening your mouth? Are you clenching your teeth at night or during the day?

google tmj and read a bit...see if it fits.
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