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Settlement Offer

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Unread 06-18-2007, 07:05 PM   #1
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Question Settlement Offer

I know it has been awhile, but I started a new job and graduated from college...alot of things of my plate. I am so lucky to be able to do it all with my Lucy.

So on Saturday, I received a settlement offer from the pet food company's insurance. The offer was WAY lower than my estimate. I was initially angry and frustrated. I suggested $15,000. I am not sure now where that amount came up from (I don't have the right papers in front of me now) but that is what I concluded for her ongoing care for the next 5 years plus the $3000 in vet bills. Well, her offer was $4000.

I couldn't believe it. All that we went through. I have already spent hundreds out of pocket on her new expensive kidney diet food required by the vet for her care. I have spent more on check-ups to make sure her levels keep going down. And who could of thought the emotional damage on me had she gone? The vet keeps telling me everytime I see him that he has never seen a dog recover from kidney failure like she did. I told many family and friends that she was dying, and must now tell them she didn't. He said she is a miracle.

Oh yea... one thing I forgot. So I called the lady today furious, asking her how they got such a low estimate. She told me the life expectancy of beagles is 13.3 years and that she has over past her age. So she says they concluded ONE YEAR left. And that is what they calculated based on her ongoing care for her special diet and check-ups. So she said I could get the vet to sign papers saying the amount/care is different. She said it may help if he signs that she may live more than a year.

So, I re-tabulated the amount of debt tonight. My new estimate is a little more than $4000, like theirs. It is about $1000 per year of care (they say only one year left!) and $3000 in previous vet bills. So unless I can get the vet to sign/say/prove she can live longer than a year, I would only get a thousand or so more. Is this worth it, I am asking myself now? Should I just sign the waiver, take the $4000 and be done with it? Of course, once i sign the release, I am required to stop talking about it and stop associating with them, etc. And what if she needs more care in the future?

I keep telling myself that all this that we have gone through and we are only getting back to zero? What about the emotional distress or the fact that this shouldn't have happened? I asked her what would have happened if she had not made it? She said they would have taken into account the VALUE of the dog! Who knows how that is determined? Well, so I am wondering, am I trying to get more money because of revenge and anger? Those are not the right reasons to be asking for more. I definitely will never trust any pet food companies again, but... is that it? What do you think? Should I settle?
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Only you can decide what to do about this.

I know that you want to get the money back. But, ...

I think it would be much more beneficial to the entire cause of poisoned pets if you created a blog and put a badge on it for donations to an animal charity. I'm sure a lot of people would be willing to donate to an animal charity and also people would like to follow your fur baby over time and see how she's doing.

This woman has a badge on her site for donations to an autism charity, since her child was just diagnosed with autism,
(you can see the badge on the lower right-hand side).

This explains how to set up a badge for donations if you decide to go that route,

The thing that struck me most about what you just said was "stop talking about it". In no way do I think you should stop talking -- but, that's just me

I do know that they consider pets as "property" in terms of valuation. And, they're trying to come up with a formula for reimbursing people. But, there should be a lot more in that calculation for the distress and heartache that was caused. This is still being severely underreported in the media (I'm really starting to wonder 'why'??).


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Default Be sure to check out NON DISCLOSURE

aspects and be absolutely clear as to what they mean! I have a friend who went the settlement route for toxic action/reaction on FDA patentented animal products a decade ago and while it did not cover all expenses, it helped a lot. One animal died, the other survived. She cannot elaborate on the details to this day. It related to two horses, a two digit number in front of the comma, and did not cover all the vet bills.....They lo-balled at first, but she had good legal help willing to do pro-bono work etc...most of us do not have that option. They usually start at a 40/60 settlement [40% they pay] but with documentation you could up to to 60-70%..These guys are pikers...They know it you know it...but how much hassle do you want/need/afford going to courts?

It's hard to deal with anywhich way whenever!

for you and your creature - scritches to the creature! - j
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(((Wish))) First of all, thank you so much for the update on dear Lucy!

I would definitely consult with your veterinarian about it before doing anything. See if he also believes that her life expectancy technically is only 1 more year. I think I would go with his advice.

When I went through a settlement of an entirely different nature, part of the deal was that I never ever speak the name of the other party involved in relation to the 'incident'. Once you settle, you're not supposed to speak in a bad way, if at all, about the other party.

Were it me, I'd go with what your vet says. I am just so very impressed with what you have accomplished!!!! It takes so much mental wear and tear to deal with stuff like this and look at how far you've gone! I'm just plain old proud that you've come this far. And so happy Lucy is still with us!







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Wish be sure and read A Small Positive for Pet Owners thread.

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