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Neprinol AFD-Reduce scar tissue buildup, fibrosis

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Unread 12-06-2006, 11:47 AM   #1
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Default Neprinol AFD-Reduce scar tissue buildup, fibrosis

has anyone tried this - or what do you think of it

Reduce scar tissue buildup, fibrosis, arthritic conditions, pain swelling inflammation and hundreds of other ailments. NEPRINOL's product formulation is more complete and essential than a daily vitamin.

Neprinol Supports:

* Normal Immune Function
* Normal Blood Clotting
* Blood Cleansing
* Viral Cleansing
* Fibrinolytic Activity
* Normal Blood Viscisity
* Circulatory Health
* Normal Blood Pressure
* CRP (inflammatory markers)

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I have not used that product but have used some of the ingredients in that product.

NEPRINOL® is a proprietary combination of Nattokinase, Serratiopeptidase, rutin, alma and other proteolytic enzymes specially formulated to assist and defend your body from the damaging effects of fibrin. As fibrin builds up in our bodies, it may cause many unhealthy conditions. NEPRINOL® can help keep fibrin and its harmful results under control. NEPRINOL® can be used with other dietary supplements.

I use serrapeptase and nattokinase which both have fibronolytic properties.

I have tried rutin but don't understand it's role in this product. (I am aware that rutin is known, for one thing, to chelate copper from the body.)

Alma is used a lot in ayurvedic medicine. I have tried triphalia briefly, but don't know much about it except it is high in vitamin C.

I think some enzymes like serra. and natto. are useful for some problems like the build up fibrin in the body. I notice an injury I have that seems to get better or worse at times depending on how consistently I take my fibronolytic enzymes. I would say that the serra and natto ingredients are useful for this but can be purchased for a lot less than $70 for 90 capsules.

Of course if I had purchased Neprinol and found it helped me I would probably then go out and try the ingredients separately. I'm not big on buying those formulas, be it enzymes or herbs or whatever. Part of the reason being I think you do pay more for the convenience of having all of those ingredients in one product; and I am the type to pay less and take more pills if I have too. I am a purist and a cheapskate.

I have seen some enzymes that are rather expensive. There was one enzyme product I found surfing that cost something like $90 a bottle. I don't know what could be that expensive, honestly. You might try getting some natto which is usually more than the serra and see if that does anything for your health concerns (start small). I pay $40 for 90 capsules of natto (smaller capsules than the serra by the same company Doctor's Best), so I don't see why having some natto and some serra would need to cost $65 (or $70) a bottle.

But the enzymes can help with the build up of fibrin which can contribute to feeling stiff (among other things) as we get on in years.
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Lightbulb I don't believe

enough is known or understood about these serrapeptase products.

If you use serrapeptase as a keyword in PubMed, you find some reports,
that it is helpful. Injected.
I found one report that oral "may" work.

And this report that it caused pneumonitis: (Japan uses this alot, so some reports come from there).
Nihon Kokyuki Gakkai Zasshi. 2000 Jul;38(7):540-4. Links
[Serrapeptase-induced lung injury manifesting as acute eosiniphilic pneumonia]
[Article in Japanese]

* Sasaki S,
* Kawanami R,
* Motizuki Y,
* Nakahara Y,
* Kawamura T,
* Tanaka A,
* Watanabe S.

Department of Internal Medicine, National Himeji Hospital, Hyogo, Japan.

An 84-year-old man was referred to our hospital because of fever, cough, and hemoptysis. The patient had acute respiratory failure (PaO2 < 40 mmHg) on admission, with diffuse interstitial infiltration and bilateral pleural effusion. The bronchoalveolar lavage fluid was bloody, and contained a high percentage of eosinophils (32%). A diagnosis of acute eosinophilic pneumonia was established, and the patient made a rapid recovery after corticosteroids were administered. When the DLST (drug lymphocyte stimulation test) was performed after the corticosteroid therapy was stopped, it was positive for serrapeptase, which had been prescribed for chronic cystitis for 3 months before the onset of the pneumonia. This was a case of drug (serrapeptase)-induced pneumonitis manifesting as acute eosinophilic pneumonia.

PMID: 11019569 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
This paper states in rats, oral absorption did occur:

This paper says it works... it is from 1990... and I wonder why this is not being used more frequently?

I think the product you linked here is quite expensive. And I think the most likely side effect to watch for would be allergic responses to the enzyme.
I don't think this product is free from the potential for harm in some cases.
So be careful if you try it.
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