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8 yr old with TS

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Confused 8 yr old with TS


I'm new to this forum and have been researching TS. My son has it, he hasn't been diagnosed by a doctor, but when I read about TS it's like I'm reading about my son and myself, i've had it since I was very young. Not much was known about it back then so i have never received treatment

My son has a blinking tic and a sniffing tic, he sniffs every two seconds. It went away through the summer and school started and it's back with a vengeance. It hurts me to hear him, I know how he feels. He has had others, but this is the most recent.

I found a web site yesterday for Bonnie Grimaldi and am thinking of buy her product. I just want to make sure that its not a scam. If anyone knows about her product, please let me know what you think!!!
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Hi and welcome

my son is now almost 20yo with TS and doing great. We have had him on a supplement/diet program with acupuncture etc for 8 yrs now and it made a very positive impact. We tried meds for a year with disastrous results!
Cleaning out all junk/artificial stuff from his diet and adding supplements he needed, especially magnesium has really helped. We have recently started using the Natural Calm ionic magnesium and find it the very best for fast acting calming of tics.(I get ours at lowest cost from iherb.com) Epsom Salts (magnesium sulfate) baths also work wonderfully at night and promote calming of the tics and good sleep

altho we have never used Bonnie Grimaldi's BonTech products, I did base my son's regimin on her research, and I know many who do use her products with success. I should caution tho that a minority seem to react to the product with more tics, possibly indicating an intolerance of some ingredient(s)

also, be cautious on the fishoil for TS as some people, including my son, get more tics from it, even tho they can eat fish without problem. For those with fishoil sensitivity, flaxseed oil works best

however, the overwhelming response that I have heard to Bonnie's products is very positive

some parents I know have also reported good results with a natural remedy called Tic Tamer, from Native remedies, but again I have no personal experience with this http://www.nativeremedies.com/produc...movements.html

you may also want to consider an excellent book by Sheila Rogers on natural ways to treat TS. It has helped many many people!

as well as her informal research free article on triggers for tics

I have a sticky thread here on what treatments helped my son

hope that gives some pointers

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Hockey (08-20-2009), who moi (08-20-2009)
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Lightbulb Thnks

Thanks for the tips! I am learning more everyday!
I am going to try the Bontech supplements and will see how it works.
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hi mk,

before you try the vitamins (btw, Bonnie G vitamins been around for many years, while I, myself, have never tried it, I have heard of a lot of successful stories also)...

you've mentioned that your son has NOT been officially dx...

I don't doubt that you or your son might have TS. I don't doubt your intelligence.

But before you start trying the vitamins, please DO consider getting him officially dx.

you can then choose to use meds or not (I prefer the natural way myself, but I think it depends on the severity of the tics)...

as dear ChAugusto has said (sorry, Chemar, I just had to pick on her. LOL),
be careful with the vitamins.

here are some of the things that I'd also check before using the vitamins.

your son's sensitivity levels toward food and environment. Allergies(not just seasonal but foods such as gluten sensitivity).

his own psyche well being. Is he well adjusted, does he feel like he needs to be medicated with his tics? Some live with it and are OK with it.

since he is 8. He might want to give you some input as well.


on another topic. I can understand you being a parent, wanting to do whatever you can for your kid and wish that you can take TS from him.

And I am sure you are going through the guilt of "I gave this to him...."

Please think positive and know that they can read your negativities. Stay positive not only for him, but for yourself also....

We have Chemar here who has an awesome son due to an awesome mom that is young yet confident.

We have feeling goofy who has an awesome son, Scott, who I know and have met personally. He is someone that has an awesome mama also and exudes confidence.

Then there is Lara, another awesome mom of TSer, who is very successful with her son with TS.

While it took me a long time, over 30 years to find myself and in the past 10 years have just coming into being. I am living with my TS without meds and am enjoying a self-journey that I am thankful for because of my TS (I know it sounds unbelievable, but it's true).

I don't know a lot of the folks here because I don't frequent the TS forum (does that tell you something? LOL)

but I hope that before you jump into anything, please get him an official dx. (there are other tic disorders). There might also be co-morbids that he might have.

co-morbids most commonly associated with TS are OCD and ADHD/ADD and depression.

And sometimes, the co-morbids might be worse than the TS itself...such as ADD/ADHD or OCD....

anyways, just my two cents, nice to meet you. I wish you and your son the very best in his journey and may he turns out full of self-confidence and awareness with a dash of humbleness...


"you're entering, the



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