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Restless Arm Syndrome?

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Unread 02-11-2010, 06:03 PM   #1
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Default Restless Arm Syndrome?

Does anyone else get this?
If you have ever heard restless leg syndrome described, you know what I mean.
It feels as though you have to constantly move and stretch our arms. You feel creepy crawlies in them. You just can't stop moving and stretching.
It is hard to describe better than that. If any of you get this, what do you do for it?
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(Broken Wings) (02-12-2010)
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I kind of get a bit of restless leg syndrome , not real bad though - a glass of wine works for me to relax the sensations.

I get a similar thing in my shoulders when they get tight- like I need to keep moving & rotating them. Which is probably a good thing , makes me more aware of how my posture is too.

I kind of wonder if it is blood flow & lack of movement related??
could be a nerve thing too from your creepy crawly description.

I don't get that feeling , just that I need to move my legs when I get the RLS stuff. {I usually get it when I haven't been active enough...}
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(Broken Wings) (02-12-2010)
Unread 02-13-2010, 12:05 PM   #3
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Red face I get this too!!!!

Yes I get the exact same thing - I didn't know anyone else got it, too!! i get it mostly at night while lying in bed. It makes it impossible to lie still or get comfortable. When I tell my doctors about it, that is exactly what i call it - Restless Arm Syndrome - because that is exactly how it feels. Finally a Sleep Doctor confirmed that technically both are forms of "Restless Limb Syndrome", it's just that it is far more common in Legs and so hence the more common name.

I have tried Mirapex (typically prescribed for Restless Leg)...it seems like it may have worked some, but i never got up to an effective dose because of side effects (headaches). It may be worth a try for you. I have noticed that for me the Restless Arm feeling definitely seems related to times when i "overdo it" with the arms. Taking extra pain meds at night does seem to help calm them down. They have particularly been better since I switched from Fentanyl Patch and Percocet to Kadian (time release morphine) with morphine sulfate (short acting morhpine) for break-through. In fact, I'm finding my pain relief and my sleep have improved all the way around since switching to these meds.

Good Luck - i know that restless feeling makes it so hard to get any rest.
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trixlynn (02-13-2010)
Unread 02-16-2010, 11:23 PM   #4
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Default restless limbs

i have never had restless arms, but what helps my restless legs is
1. no alcohol
2. no antihistamines
3. do not sleep on back, but if it is necessary, elevate the head. i have a wedge i used when i broke my shoulder. some people use recliners.
4. no antidepressants. they don't work if they deprive u of sleep anyway
5. hug on the dog

i have heard that synthetic fabrics cause it too, so you could try cotton pjs and sheets.
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Default RLS vs RAS

O yeah...Doc & therapist says to move. Whenever I have a shut down, doc says to move so its off to the bike I go or if its really insane I mentally (vision) ride the bike until I can get up to physically move. I dont mean resistance biking or 30 minutes of sweat & cardio. 5-10 minutes to calm the spasming muscles. Balancing is key & what works one day doesnt mean it will work tomorrow.

As they have stated "Gotta keep the muscles tone so they dont atrophy & continued to spasm like all our other muscles." They are both in agreement of cardio, lower body strengthening *no upper arms except for swimming with no overhead strokes. It works for me at least. However, keeping calm is also the best thing with no repetitive exaspirations like keyboarding. hummm...
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