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Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD and CRPS) Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (Complex Regional Pain Syndromes Type I) and Causalgia (Complex Regional Pain Syndromes Type II)(RSD and CRPS)

RSD Photos and Pictures Thread

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Unread 12-10-2006, 10:54 PM   #1
In Remembrance
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Arrow RSD Photos and Pictures Thread

Have been DX with TOS and somewhere along the line CRPS, the cold make my hands burn so, that even during mid summer have to wear gloves in the frozen food section. The other day was out for a walk in the woods, when I got done with my walk, I removed gloves (they were not insulated,but fairly warm any way) and as usual my fingers were one fire, thoough I was left with bue/purple blanching almost like a bruise. Was wondering if anybody elses' fingers look like this, fro the cold???
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Unread 01-25-2007, 08:42 AM   #2
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Lightbulb RSD Photos and Pictures Thread

I do see a photo of what my lesions look like. the one on the left CLOSELY resembles them, but they aren't so close together that they look like a rash, as this picture does. They are quite far apart. If you can picture, for example, the seam of your jeans, that's about how my lesions run. Perhaps that's part of why they are there (though I do not wear tight jeans), as well as on my rear end (pretty attractive, eh?). The picture on the right resembles what they look like after they finally heal. The scars arent raised, but they turn into a discoloration....a greyed, brownish spot, almost like an "age spot" I suppose.
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right Side TOS Decompression Surgery 12/2005
RSD Exacerbated after surgery
Still have TOS on left side
RSD On right side, currently in hand, forearm (underside), shoulder, chest, to hollow of throat, and in left hand creeping up into left wrist

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Unread 02-19-2007, 01:48 PM   #3
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Default RSD Photos and Pictures Thread

HI there,

I have been going nuts with this and its only getting worse... I have this "rash" but it doesnt look or feel like a rash, and it looks like bad dry skin but its not dry at all. very soft.. but this hurts like H3^* and wondering if any of you other RSDers have this.. dont knw if its like a nerve rash or?? this Rash is every where that ihave RSD.. and thats it.. it goes up my leg in the same pattern and in to the other thigh. it avoids where i dont have RSD.... any ideas?

I am gonna post pics soo be forwarned..lol I have tried to put evrything on it , from lubriderm fragrence free and alcholol free and just plain aloe, but everthign makes it worse and it burns like somthing fierce!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!m Thanks guys !!

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Unread 03-08-2007, 10:24 PM   #4
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Default RSD Photos and Pictures Thread

Well It has now been four days since my visit to my Doc about my severe all over pain (especially in my knees along with the swelling). She too thinks that after going off the Narcotics that I was on for so long all the pain in my body reared its ugly little head all at once. Now for leg pain - ready for this -
Yuppers. Big time!. What a pain. I am not surprised though. I haven't had that yet! Go figure. The knees are ugly and my feet won't win any beauty contest soon either I can assure you! So My sister will be here tomorrow and is taking me back to Maine for a week or two for some well needed family bonding. I have not seem my family since my Mom passed over three years ago now. I miss them so and I need a break from sitting in this house alone all the time. My Doc also prescribed me a new walker on Monday to help me get around better (It's Real Fancy ) but it is just to dang cold to go anywhere. But it does have a seat so I can give all of you a ride and a removeable basket so we can go shopping!!!!!! I have attached a pic. You have to help me give it a really cool name. It is blue.

I think that while I am home I might get another opinion about a few things. It couldn't hurt could it. Plus my Doc now has me on Morphine and I am scared of what will happen to me when that no longer works. What else is there at that point but to take me out behind the shed? Right?

Well I feel so depressed and blah right now that I hope this little visit will change things but I am not one to expect to much these days. I would rather spend a week with some of you and maybe someday that might happen you never know. Anyway, I will close for now. As always, I luv ya all. Thanks as always for comfort and support. Will be talking soon. Keep ya chins up the best ya can!!! Love Mark
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suz66 (05-14-2015)
Unread 03-23-2007, 09:12 PM   #5
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Lightbulb Our RSD Photos and Pictures Thread

I wondered if we could get a picture sticky going, it would be very helpful indeed I think, for showing rashes, swelling, cyanosis, skin conditions...?

all the best

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Unread 03-24-2007, 01:10 PM   #6
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I had my husband take pictures of my RSD limb. Could someone please ABC it on how I go about posting it on the forum. Hugs, Roz
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Unread 03-24-2007, 11:41 PM   #7
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hi roz, you can either upload it dirctly from you computer. it will show as a small
thumbnail" or you can post it if you use a free hosting site, like photobucket.

here is a link to a step by step thread i made:


it might show as page 2..i have my preferances set to show the very last post on top..less scrolling.
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Unread 03-25-2007, 08:41 AM   #8
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Default RSD affected feet

RSD in both feet/ legs- worse in left

Swelling/color changes in left, slight color changes in right.

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Default Very interesting stuff

Ok I read everything and now am puzzled lol. So whats new about that? hahahaha!

Anyways, this pitting only occurs in the right leg. Weird huh? It doesnt even happen to the left leg, so maybe it is from the damage caused from hypoxia? Since edema can happen from blood flow problems, made me think that might be the culprit. Then again RSD is some pretty weird stuff in its own right lol.

I know the damage was done this coming April 7 years ago, but damage is damage right?

The photo is the actual angio, you can see the top of the femur bone in the background. I circled the clot, and this is the right leg view. Hard to believe a little thing about the size of a pencil eraser could cause sooo much trouble.

I guess it is the ER for me this week to check out this edema stuff.
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Azaila (02-09-2010)
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My husband said it is to big of a document. How do I make the photo smaller, in other words down size? Hugs, Roz
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