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MRI help

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Default MRI help

Hello, I am a 26 year old female with mid back pain for about 10 years. Finally had an MRI done on T area of back, I guess I am looking for anyone with common readings or who can give me more information about my MRI. I see the doctor soon and would also like any suggestions of what ask my doctor. MRI results:

Scattered Schmorl's nodes, primarily in the segment from T6 to T12, chronic in their imaging appearance. There is a small, right, posterior, paracentral disc protrusion at T7-T8, which does not contribute to spinal stenosis. Chronic right, posterior, paracentral disc extrusion of the intervertebral disc. This does not contribute to spinal stenosis. Chronic left posterior, paracentral disc extrusion where a tiny volume of contiguous disc material measuring up to approximately 4mm extends above the margin of the intervertebral disc. This effaces the ventral subarachnoid space and contributes to no more than mild central canal stenosis.

1) Chronic disc extrusions at T8-T9, and T11-T12, more pronounced at the latter, where there is up to mild associated left asymmetric central canal stenosis. With the exception of a tiny right posterior paracentral protrusion at T7-T8, the appearance of the intervertebral disc is normal.

2) Schmorl's Nodes in the mid to inferior thoracic spine, likely on a developmental Basis.
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Default Hello dorlandl

Welcome to neuro talk. I am glad you found this site. There will be others along to help you also with your MRI result. I am sorry that at a young age you have to deal with this issue of back pain. I have cervical issues, and have had several spinal fusions.
Schmorl's nodes are protrusions of the disk material that can go into the surface of the vertebre body, and make contact with the marrow inside. This can cause inflamation, and no doubt the pain you are expeiencing. Since your MRI says this is cronic, I would suggest a second opinion before you decideto do anything. Back issues like this should be reviewed with more than one specialist. Nobody likes to have any kind of back surgery that for sure. I rushed ahead, without doing the second opinion, because I wanted to get rid of the pain. The first surgery failed, and I didn't get consultation for the following 6 years. It was my pain doctor, who got me to the right kind of neuro surgeon. I would have questioned the whole proceedure had I known there were more issues with my Neck. I was not told all I needed to know to make an informed decision. My second doctor was extremely good with all explainations, and put me at ease to proceed to correct my cervical spine.I am telling you this, because I really believe in that second opinion. These spinal issues when they are cronic, do need corrections alot of time. If your MRI had said "mild" I would not have been as worried. When you can, look up each word in your MRI, so that when your doctor (s) talk to you about it, you will understand all termonology. It won't sound like greek to you, but you have that knowledge to make a good choice. I do wish you all the best, and I hope you research all proceedures offered to you. Neuro Talk will be here for you no matter what you decide to do. This is the forum I found, to get information and good support when I went though my surgery. take care, ginnie
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Thank you SO very much for the great advice! I am completely against any type of surgery at this point and want to exhaust ALL options. Thanks again for taking the time to write such a thorough response!
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"Thanks for this!" says:
ginnie (03-15-2012)
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Default update

Saw the doc today and got refered to the Spine Specialist. She gave me script for Lidocane patches and Tramadol. I wore the patch today and took the tramadol and neither worked... Kinda worried about that...
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