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Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Concussion Syndrome For traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post concussion syndrome (PCS).

Post-Concussive Hot Flashes??

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Default Post-Concussive Hot Flashes??

I am new here, and come after an interesting 3 months.

In January I was rear-ended by a semi-truck. In addition to having whiplash, after about 3 weeks I was finally diagnosed as having suffered a concussion. I'm not quite sure how they did not notice this for the first 3 weeks as I seemed to have every symptom, but I digress.

Things are slowly starting to improve - my body is moving better for sure. I still notice that it takes me quite a while to recall information to have an intelligent conversation and that I am forgetting things often. However, I've been having a very strange thing happen that I am now starting to wonder if it is linked to the PCS. I am 30 years old and have always been cold, but now I find myself having what I can only term hot flashes. Has anyone else experienced temperature sensitivity such as this following a concussion? I'm going for a CT scan in a week, related to the concussion but not related to these hot flashes as I didn't mention them to my doctor.
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Mark in Idaho
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Welcome to NeuroTalk> Sorry to hear of your injury. Whiplash and concussion often have many overlapping symptoms.

Your hot flashes as you call them may actually be hot flashes. Both injuries can cause a disruption is hormone regulation. It would be worthwhile to get a full hormone panel starting with Thyroid and including sex hormones, etc. Your blood sugar is also worth getting checked. The metabolic disruptions that can follow your injury can be difficult to diagnose.

If you are interested in finding a women's hormone specialist, there is a good referral system at https://www.womensinternational.com/..._referral.html. It is best to avoid hormone replacement that uses the Brand name synthetic hormone look-alikes. There are too many side effects for someone in your condition. It could make it hard to tell what is due to your injury and what is due to the hormone look-alikes.

You will also need a good attorney who specializes in mild Traumatic Brain Injuries. You have suffered an injury that requires very special knowledge to protect your rights.

A CT scan will likely be normal except for maybe a cervical injury. A functional MRI or Diffusion Tensor Image MRI may show some abnormalities.

You will benefit from a few online resources. The TBI Survival Guide atwww.tbiguide.com can be downloaded and printed out. It is very good information.There is a YouTube video series by John Byler called "You Look Great" at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9Xso...ature=youtu.be. John Byler was rear ended,too. There are 6 segments that take about an hour to watch.

This should get you started. Let us know how else we can help you. There are plenty of people here who understand the symptoms you are experiencing.

My best to you.
Mark in Idaho

60 years old, retired due to disability, married 34 years, father of three, grandfather of four, Suffered a serious concussion at 10 years old (1965) stopped most driving after concussion at 46 years old (2001), Post Concussion Syndrome/Multiple Concussion/Impact Syndrome with PTSD, immediate/short term visual and auditory memory problems, slowed processing speed, visual/auditory processing difficulties, insomnia, absence seizures, OCD, 14 concussions since first concussion at 8 years old, Taking paroxetine for 14 years and gabapentin for 12 years. Added L-Tryptophan and stopped paroxetine after 3 months of tapering. I currently take 100 mgs of 5-HTP AM, 500 mgs of L-Tryptophan at noon.

As of Nov 15th, Due to high stress issues resulting in PTSD, docs put me on 3 meds. Clonazepam but only for 30 days ) .125 mgs twice daily (Doc presc. .25 mgs 2x daily but half a tablet is good) , citalopram (Celexa), an SSRI , and olanzapine (Zyprexa), an atypical anti-psychotic that usually causes weight gain before bed. I lost over 30 pounds since mid July. It just stopped the weight loss. Took me off the gabapentin.

May 2014, I am off the olanzapine due to a 6 fold price increase. Back on 600 mgs of gabapentin before bed.
Oct 2014, off the Celexa. The 5-HTP is doing much better and leaves me feeling normal as compared to being on an SSRI.

I am also taking L-Theanine to help with GABA regulation

"Be Still and Know That I am God" Psalm 46:10
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My son also has hot flashes and cold ones too. (I am always cold) When the rest of the family is fine to warm, he's wearing flannel pants and needs a blanket. The opposite is true too: all winter in the snow, he wore flip flops and sticks his head out the car window bc he's hot. That's our new normal.

Oh, and there's no in between, no just right, only hot or cold.
mother of 14 y/o son, Concussion from football 10-7-2011.

current symptoms: still out of school, constant headache, migrating severe headaches, vision changes, startles easily, issues w/thermal regulation, delayed pain response, trouble sleeping, struggles for words/concepts/ideas, emotional about accepting what is, behavior issues esp when mentally fatigued.

currently on no meds (except sinus meds and vitamins) and goes to vestibular therapy.
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I've had a lot of weird temperature changes including hot flashes too. I never had them before the injury I sustained. But my blood panels are within normal ranges according to my wonderful and supportive PCP.
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I wonder myself ? At times, along with all the noise, ringing going on in my head
I have severe, throbbing ear pain and at times it is warm, hot feeling that accompys
the pain.
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hot flashes, post-concussion, temperature sensitive

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