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Inconclusive MRI

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Unread 06-14-2013, 09:10 PM   #1
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Default Inconclusive MRI

Apparently my MRI looked great, but was reported as "inconclusive".
Doc said this means she can't say yes, but due to the symptoms, won't say no. She suggested it could be Lupus (I don't think I've been tested, but don't remember for sure). She gave me a referral to a new Neuro (mine is retiring), and that they'll order a LP for me to see more info.

The spot I thought I saw on the MRI was just brain, no lesions at all. I would have thought with migraines at least there would have been something. That's good!

I need to keep a notebook to track symptoms to show the new neuro. I should have done that a long time ago.
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ANNagain (06-15-2013), GladysD (06-14-2013), KittyLady (06-14-2013), SallyC (06-14-2013)
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After finally telling my parents what's going on (we don't live close and I didn't want to worry them), I found out my 2nd cousin has MS (my mom's first cousin).
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ANNagain (06-18-2013)
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Something else I was wondering about is being properly medicated. Of course I want to feel better. The last doc I saw was only the pain doc, not the neuro. We talked about if I took steroids, without knowing exactly what it is but assuming it's MS, would I feel better. She said yes, but she doesn't feel I should be treated until we know exactly what it is. So if it's Lupus (which I don't think it is, symptoms don't match) or something else, then it would be treated differently although similar.

So right now I'm treating the symptoms only. At what point would a neuro say "well, your MRI looks good, but you have so many symptoms that I want to give you XYZ drug"? Or do they wait forever and ever to treat you, and wait until one is really bad?
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I wouldn't want to take any of the DMDs for MS, unless I was
sure I had MS or the IV Steroids either. Too many side effects,
some really nasty, dangerous and some lingering sides, as well.

Even when I was positively sure of my MS, I hesitated for
a few years, then tried a couple of DMDs, not successful, and
IV steroids (3), of which only (1) was successful.

Be patient, treat the symptoms and enjoy each day as you may
be able to do. There is no cure, they are all just bandaids.

Some Peeps do ok on a DMD, but most don't.
~Love, Sally

"The best way out is always through". Robert Frost

~If The World Didn't Suck, We Would All Fall Off~
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GladysD (06-18-2013)
Unread 06-18-2013, 02:42 PM   #5
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I don't feel they wait forever and ever or until you have a really bad MS attack, they just cannot give meds without a diagnosis.

The meds, like Sally wrote, can come with some serious side effects, as it is. Even with a clear diagnosis. And they are just to slow progression, hopefully, and not halt nor reverse any damage that has formed on the myelin sheath from the illness, itself.

I didn't fare well, on the meds, either. Not that my illness, increased or anything like that, just the side effects, reactions and the rejection of interferons(I have been on Copaxone for several year, prior to interferon). I'm not going to try the tysabri, right now. Personal decision.

As far as symptom treatment, unless I am in a flare, I really am not experiencing much. Anxiety and Depression can go along with MS, sometimes, and I've been treated for that. I use yoga exercises to keep myself strong and reduce fatigue. I watch my weight, with eating rather healthy and I come to groups, such as NT, to ensure that I have a strong support system, to get feedback from others that get what this illness is all about.

Hope you are able to find some answers to the symptoms you are experiencing. My battle with MS began with optic neuritis. I am grateful, each day to wake up and be able to see clearly. And when I do have flares, I trust by virtue of past experience with this illness, it will clear up...may take a few months, but that's my MS, in a nutshell.

My neurologist once told me, that after 7 years, if this was the worst I have had, this would most likely be the worst it will get.

Just waiting for menopause so I can test his theory.
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SallyC (06-18-2013)

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