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What is the condition when a person is always angry at someone?

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Unread 09-19-2008, 05:44 PM   #21
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Originally Posted by Brokenfriend View Post
I have moved close to where my sister,and brother in law live. I've noticed that she is very angry at one person ,and then another. I heard some things about where she use to work,and they had some problems with her.

All I know is she had a real cold feeling for our Mother who didn't have allot of love for us. This angers her.

She has been angry at one person after another for four years. Now she's angry at me. It's been three months now.

She sort of snaps at me a little,accuses me of things,judges me,and tries to put me under her control. She makes me feel guilty,instead of supporting me,or backing me up.

She want's to be right about everything that we talk about. She wants me to sit in certain places,and she wants to direct me around the house all the time. She advises me about things that are non of her business. She doesn't like the way I work. This continually hurts my self esteem. I don't need that. I feel rejection. This hurts me deeply,and I thought that this kind of treatment was over for me.

She got angry at me on the phone 5 years ago,and literally screamed at me,and let me have it. I still remember it,and it was awful. She was angry at me for about 9 months.

I'm baffled. I don't know whats wrong with her emotions. She has MS. Her mental condition seems to be anger. I cannot help If I have different opinions about things that I think are right. There's much more then this. I'm starting to feal a little paranoid,because of her treatment to me,and I don't have paranoia.

My Dad is still alive but he doesn't want to talk about family problems. He has a very explosive temper,and I grew up being fussed at. I don't understand this.

When one problem with one person is resolved,she becomes angry at another person. I see this very clearly. She counts the number of things that she has against someone,and judges them. What is this? She won't go to a therapist.

These are personal attacks. I know the difference between constructive criticism,and personal attacks. I wonder if they did this when I was a kid. I do remember her being condescending in her jokes to me. Brokenfriend
EWWWW, that's rough. Yea, she is suffering from just being generally ****** Off at the World. She has issues she hasn't or can't resolve. If I had a sister or anyone like that, for my own mental health I just wouldn't see them. They are going to be this way no matter what about EVERYTHING. What's that they say? something about Anger turned inward is Depression? She is turning hers outward. Probably good for her but not for anyone around her. She needs to resolve her issues somehow. For myself, I have been depressed most of my life BECAUSE I was in situations I didn't want to be in doing things I didn't want to do and I had no control of anything. I got better once I extricated myself from all that. It meant divorce. And it took years after that for me to start to feel better. Is she a people pleaser?? Is she always doing for others?? Maybe she feels unappreciated? That can **** a person off. Does she take care of herself?? Does she have time for herself?? A social outlet?? A close friend or friends she can do things with? All these things are important. Can she remove herself from her situation or is she STUCK?? If she feels stuck that could account for her constant anger and fault finding.
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I'm absolutely understand you .... so sad
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To me the question is why do you put up with your sister's attitude towards you. I recommend sitting down with her and explain how you feel.
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Default My mom is like that

Hello I totally understand how you feel. My mom is like that she complains about the stupidest things and always made. esp. in the morning when she has to go to work. I feel like she's angry all the time because growing up she was fatherless & her mother & her was really poor. I think she feels like her whole life she struggle and she comes to America and she still does crappy work but still it's so annoying she try control everyone and she's always mad over the stupidiest things all the time. For an example if we clean the house and it's not clean like she wants it she'll yell, or wake up and complain, or things gotta be her way if not she'll go on and on. It's so annoying I try not to get pisst off or start a fight and just let her complain but sometimes I really can't take it. Oh just like the other day she was mad about the stove that she always have to clean it after we cook on it because it's dirty or complain about dishes we just wash and it's in the drying rack and she want it put away even though it's still wet. It's just like stupid stuff and she always put us down when she wants us to do or not do something. A few weeks ago my father got a little of his fingers chopped off from a lawn mower and she just complain bout why he put his fingers in to get it chopped off I'm just saying it's an accident you know but she made him feel guilty and didn't seem to care at all. When we bring up about the way she is she gets all mad and don't want to hear it but it's really crazy the stuff that bothers her and when she gets mad sometimes it pisst me off. Seriously it's annoying she wake up at 6am to go to work she yells about stuff before she goes to work and I'm a light sleeper so I would wake up and it pisst me off cause after I can't go back to sleep.
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