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Statins cause dangerous neuropathy

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Default Statins cause dangerous neuropathy

When researching information on peripheral neuropathy I found this information:

“For susceptible individuals, the use of a statin drug can interfere with proper functioning of peripheral nerves. Researchers assume that the build-up of statins in the body causes neuropathy in some individuals. If left undiagnosed, neuropathy can lead to deterioration of the muscles and paralysis. This can lead to problems swallowing, breathing, and complications of the heart – as these all involve muscle groups. In the extreme case, severe neuropathy as a side-effect to statin use can lead to death.”

I took Lipitor/statins for two years and suffered a life-threatening adverse drug reaction last year. I was told to stop the drug after a blood test showed my cholesterol level had gone down dangerously low to 4.mmol/L. I first reported a horrendous pain and pricking sensations in the upper back, could hardly talk, felt 'nervy' and had difficulty writing. I checked these symptoms on the internet and found 'statins and ALS-like syndrome' which fitted my symptoms. But I now believe these symptoms are autonomic and peripheral neuropathies caused by the statin drug which are very similar to the 'ALS-like syndrome' description. So perhaps the label 'ALS-like syndrome' is wrong and the correct diagnosis is actually peripheral neuropathy. There is an on-line petition to the pharmaceutical companies from hundreds of people who have suffered peripheral neuropathy caused by Lipitor/statins. Dr Ralph Edwards, Director of the Drug Monitoring Centre of the World Health Organisation has been carrying out research on hundreds of serious reported cases of 'ALS-like syndrome' caused by statins but I believe the correct diagnosis is peripheral neuropathy - a very frightening, disabling disease caused by many other drugs as well. I almost died of cardiomyopathy and neuropathy as a result of the statin-induced toxic/chemical poisoning but was never admitted to hospital/intensive care for investigations and treatment and have been left with irreversible damage. The GPs and hospital doctors concerned are in denial refusing to admit that the statins have done this and have refused proper investigations and treatment that could have reversed the damage. I read my medical records recently and discovered record tampering to cover-up the medical disaster and have been struck off two GPs registers because of it. In the referral letters they said I was on the drug for three months (to deliberately mislead) when I was on it for two years. The GP who prescribed the statins refused to report the emergency ADR to the MHRA so their statistics are grossly unreliable. I was housebound and extremely ill for four months and on a home visit the GP refused to authorise an ambulance to take me to hospital. I have reported the malpractice and sub-standard healthcare to the appropriate health authorities. I have read about adult stem cell treatment that may be able to treat the muscle wasting and blood vessel damage which seems to be the only hope of a possible cure? One clinic said they hear many statin horror stories like mine and have treated patients successfully with these conditions. Lipitor/statins is an extremely dangerous drug and Pfizer should be forced to withdraw it from the market immediately. It is a fraud and those responsible are putting profit/greed before patient safety. Statins don't save lives - it severely harms and kills thousands of patients around the world. It is a 'disease' invented by the pharmaceutical companies and the medical establishment is in cahoots with this money spinning sham. I never had any heart problems before I took statins and it has been a horrific experience. It's a terrible state of affairs, and very scary indeed, when I can't trust my own doctors now to tell me the truth and care for me. No wonder people who've been on statins have suicidal thoughts.
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loretta (06-30-2009)
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hi and welcome
I moved your post to its own thread as the other is on a different topic

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Hi, Statins are an uncertain or minor risk for people who have Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT). They have not found evidence that they can worsen existing neuropathy for a CMTer. However, I would not take them. There are other things to do.

I do know of some people in the general population who take them and complain about being weaker, etc.

Thank you for your informative post.
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Hi Minnine,
Thank you for the information. I'm so sorry you have been going thru this. I have rsd so know what you are talking about. The autonomic system is deeply affected by rsd.
The swallowing part is scary isn't it. And I have personally been thru' the doctoring' of records by a Doctor. It was actually my mothers Dr. adjusted his records to try and escape from responsibility of her death. It didn't work. My mother died at age 46 because of him and he was found 100% responsible in the court. Yes, people lie to get out of responsibility. I'm going to do some research on statins and if I am talk to my Dr. about it. Thanks again, loretta
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New research is showing that statins affect the mitochondria
in the cells. Damages them.

If you search "statin" in this forum, you will find many many posts. I have been very vocal on this subject for years.

To help reverse this damage the following supplements may help.

Acetyl-l-carnitine up to 2 grams a day
CoQ-10 -- a high absorption type, up to 300mg a day.
Vitamin C
Alpha lipoic acid or the more potent r-lipoic acid

This is a very interesting paper...
"Vitamin C appears to protect the mitochondria from extensive damage, thus saving the cell," Heaney said. "And whether directly or not, all anticancer drugs work to disrupt the mitochondria to push cell death."

Heaney says that the amount of DHA used in the experiments resulted in an intracellular buildup similar to what could be seen in cancer patients using large supplemental doses of vitamin C.
The DHA refers to a type of Vit C and not the DHA which is a fatty acid derived from essential fatty acids and present in fish oil.

While this is a paper about chemo treatments, it addresses mitochondrial damage... and that is also what statins do...damage the mitochondria.

If you search here, I have other papers that were recently published showing mito damage from statins. This topic is evolving now as patents expire on the last two Brand name drugs out there (Lipitor and Crestor).
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Shelley (06-30-2009)
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I had problems with Lipitor (torso & back severe muscle aches, kidney pain, leaden legs, terrible burning in feet), and switched to Zetia (Mrs D's recommendation) about 4 yrs ago.
Symptoms improved upon stopping the statin.
Won't take them now.
Bob B
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Taking Zocor about five years ago led me to find great helpful folks that post here and on other Neuropathy forums. Right now Iam in the process of breaking in a new doctor about PN that I see at my VA clinic.
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Default zocor caused my neuropathy

Hi Minnie.
Ten years ago i also took a statin called Zocor. within 6 months i had the most severe pain i could not imagine. I have a post in the stickies telling my story and what i have done to help myself.

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The statins vary in their ability to enter fatty tissue ..
Since the brain and nerves are composed of lipids (fats), the more
lipophilic statins will have a larger impact on nervous tissue.

Zocor is very lipophilic and enters the brain.
Lipitor is a moderate lipophilic type.
aka mrsdoubtfyre
All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.-- Galileo Galilei

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I've taken statins since I was 26 when my cholesterol came in at 437. I have genetically high cholesterol as does my father and brothers. I'm now 47 and suffering from neuropathy in my legs and feet. I'm on crestor 40 mg and zetia 10mg and my cholesterol is now 205.
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